Van Halen Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Van Halen Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Van Halen / Unchained
2 I'm the One
3 I'll Wait
4 And the Cradle Will Rock...
5 Summer Nights
6 Panama
7 Dirty Movies
8 Runnin' with the Devil
9 Hot for Teacher
10 Woman In Love
11 Ice Cream Man
12 Cabo Wabo
13 Could This Be Magic?
14 Drop Dead Legs
15 Amsterdam
16 Little Guitars
17 Secrets
18 Top Jimmy
19 You Really Got Me
20 Sunday Afternoon In The Park
21 Why Can't This Be Love
22 Everybody Wants Some!!
23 Ain't Talking 'Bout Love
24 Without You
25 Crossing Over
26 Loss Of Control
27 Romeo Delight
28 Eruption
29 Take Your Whiskey Home
30 Runaround
31 Black and Blue
32 Little Dreamer
33 One Foot Out The Door
34 Top of the World
35 Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
36 Women In Love
37 Beautiful Girls
38 Push Come To Shove
39 Happy Trails
40 Unchained
41 Aftershock
42 Fools
43 Where Have All The Good Times
44 Can't Get This Stuff No More
45 In a Simple Rhyme
46 In 'n' Out
47 Jamie's Crying
48 Light Up the Sky
49 Year to the Day
50 Learning to See
51 Judgement Day
52 Humans Being
53 Somebody Get Me a Doctor
54 Jump
55 Feel Your Love Tonight
56 Can't Stop Lovin' You
57 Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do)
58 Dancing in the Street
59 Mean Street
60 Right Now
61 All Apolitical Blues
62 "5150"
63 Edlewise
64 One Way to Rock
65 Best of Both Worlds
66 Jamie's Cryin'
67 Panama (Live)
68 Fire in the Hole
69 On Fire
70 Take Me Back (Deja Vu)
71 Josephina
72 Finish What Ya Started
73 Sucker in a 3 Piece
74 Neworld
75 Love Walks In
76 Feels So Good (Single Version)
77 Pleasure Dome / Drum Solo
78 Give to Live
79 Bottoms Up!
80 Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
81 One I Want
82 Tattoo
83 Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now)
84 When It's Love
85 She's The Woman
86 Dance the Night Away
87 Girl Gone Bad
88 Me & You
89 Primary
90 Everybody Wants Some!!
91 Intruder
92 Girl, You Really Got Me Now
93 316
94 You And Your Blues
95 D.O.A.
96 Jamie's Cryin'
97 Somebody Get Me a Doctor
98 It's About Time
99 China Town
100 House of Pain
101 Atomic Punk
102 Baluchitherium
103 China Town
104 Little Guitars (intro)
105 Up for Breakfast
106 Blood & Fire
107 Outta Love Again
108 Feel Your Love Tonight
109 Atomic Punk
110 Big Fat Money
111 Hear About It Later
112 Pretty Woman
113 Running With The Devil
114 Man on a Mission
115 Jump (Live)
116 Me Wise Magic
117 Bullethead
118 Spanish Fly
119 Little Dreamer
120 Can't Stop Loving You
121 (Oh) Pretty Woman
122 Pleasure Dome
123 So This Love?
124 A Apolitical Blues
125 As Is
126 On Fire
127 Doin' Time
128 The Full Bug
129 Love Comes Walking In
130 Poundcake!
131 You Really Got Me Now
132 A.F.U. (Naturally Wired)
133 Honeybabysweetiedoll
134 You're No Good
135 1984
136 Where Have All the Good Times Gone!
137 Van Halen - Right Now
138 The Trouble with Never
139 Outta Space
140 Ballot or the Bullet
141 Top Jimmy
142 Feelin'
143 Ain't Talking About Love
144 Stay Frosty
145 Dirty Water Dog
146 Drop Dead Legs
147 Not Enough
148 Hey Baby
149 Hear About It Later
150 Spanked
151 Van Halen - Panama
152 Big River
153 Dreams
154 Girl Gone Bad
155 Strung Out
156 (Oh) Pretty Woman
157 Meanstreet
158 Standing On Top Of The World
159 The Dream Is Over
160 Van Halen - Dreams
161 Feels So Good
162 Beats Workin'
163 From Afar
164 Get Up
165 House Of Pain
166 Say It Don't Spray It
167 Can't Get That Stuff No More
168 I'll Wait (Single Edit)
169 Mine All Mine
170 She’s The Woman
171 How Many Say I
172 Good Enough
173 Unchained
174 The Seventh Seal
175 Tattoo (Single)
176 Push Comes to Shove
177 Tora! Tora!
178 Won't Get Fooled Again
179 Source of Infection
180 I’m The One
181 Inside
182 Runnin' With The Devil
183 Cathedral
184 Ultra Bass
185 Sinner's Swing
186 Poundcake
187 Drum Struck
188 Shes The Woman
189 Dancing In The Streets
190 Growth
191 So This Is Love?
192 Sinner's Swing!
193 I’ll Wait
194 Once
195 I'm The One
196 Hang 'Em High
197 Top Off The World
198 Tattoo
199 1984

Van Halen Bio

Van Halen is an American hard rock band formed in Pasadena, California, in 1972. From 1974 until 1985 the band was composed of virtuoso guitarist Eddie Van Halen, vocalist David Lee Roth, drummer Alex Van Halen and bassist Michael Anthony. This line-up was changed when David Lee Roth was replaced as vocalist by Sammy Hagar. Critics and fans alike consider its 1978 debut album, Van Halen one of the most "original and revolutionary albums to change rock and roll." The band went on to further success, and by the early 1980s they were one of the most successful rock acts of the time. 1984, released in the same year as the name of the album, was their most successful. With the lead single, "Jump", becoming an international hit, and their only single to reach number one on the Hot 100, and the following singles, "Panama" and "I'll Wait", both hitting number 13 on the US charts. The album went on to sell over 12 million copies in the US alone. In 1985, the band replaced current lead singer David Lee Roth with ex-Montrose lead vocalist, Sammy Hagar. Under Sammy Hagar, the group released four US number one albums over the course of 11 years. Hagar left the band in 1996 shortly before the release of the band's first greatest hits collection, Best Of, Volume I. Ex-Extreme frontman Gary Cherone was quickly recruited as lead singer to replace Hagar, and Van Halen III was released in 1998. Cherone left the band in frustration in 1999 after the tour due to the poor commercial performance of the album. Van Halen went on hiatus until 2003 when they reunited with Hagar for a worldwide tour. The reunited band released a second greatest hits collection the following year, The Best of Both Worlds. Like Volume I before it, The Best of Both Worlds included material from both the Roth and Hagar eras but curiously omitted any Cherone era tracks. The album featured three brand new tracks recorded by the reunited band, two of which were released as singles.

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