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Genre: Rock

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Vain are a glam metal band formed in the San Francisco bay area in 1986, during the last wave of the Glam Metal era, when the area's main musical export was thrash metal. Formed by vocalist and main songwriter Davy Vain, Vain were signed to Island Records, who released their debut album No Respect in 1989. The band also embarked on a European Tour in support of Skid Row.

Vain was formed in Santa Rosa, California  in the mid-late 1980s. The band relocated to San Francisco and began playing local clubs, opening for other hard rock bands like Guns N' Roses. They signed with Island Records, who released their debut, No Respect in 1989. The record was produced by Paul Northfield, who had previously worked with progressive rock band Rush. Davy Vain co-produced. The debut single and accompanying video Beat the Bullet was a minor hit, providing the band the opportunity to support Skid Row on a European tour.

In 1991, Island Records released Vain from their contract before the band could release their second studio album All Those Strangers.


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