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Genre: Rock

Urge Overkill Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Monopoly
2 Touched To A Cut
3 (Now That's) The Barclords
4 Out on the Airstrip
5 Vacation in Tokyo
6 And You'll Say
7 Tequila Sundae
8 Crown of Laffs
9 The Candidate
10 Heaven 90210
11 What Is Artane?
12 Last Night / Tomorrow
13 Woman 2 Woman
14 Bionic Revolution
15 Take Me
16 Dump Dump Dump
17 Today Is Blackie's Birthday
18 Sister Havana
19 Empire Builder
20 Crackbabies
21 Wichita Lineman
22 Last Train to Heaven
23 Last Night/Tomorrow
24 Emmaline
25 Stull, Part 1
26 Stitches
27 Head On
28 God Flinstone
29 Girl, You will Be A Woman Soon
30 Somebody Else's Body
31 Ticket to LA
32 Goodbye to Guyville
33 Girl, You’ll Be a Women Soon
34 Stull (Part I)
35 Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon
36 The Break
37 Blow Chopper
38 The Stalker
39 Positive Bleeding
40 Rock & Roll Submarine
41 Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon
42 Crackbabies (live)
43 76 Ball
44 Erica Kane
45 PositiveBleeding
46 Poison Flower
47 Mason Dixon
48 Nite and Grey (live)
49 Faroutski
50 Henhough - The Greatest Story Ever Told
51 Little Vice
52 Effigy
53 Witchita Lineman
54 Viceroyce
55 Digital Black / Epilogue
56 Thought Balloon
57 Mason/Dixon
58 Eggs
59 Smokehouse
60 Jaywalkin'
61 Quiet Person
62 Bottle Of Fur
63 Quality Love (Hong Kong demo)
64 God Flintstone
65 Need Some Air
66 She's My Ride
67 Dropout
68 Honesty Files
69 Very Sad Trousers
70 This Is No Place
71 End Of Story
72 Nite And Grey
73 Back on Me
74 Your Friend Is Insane
75 The Mistake
76 The Valiant
77 Take a Walk
78 Ticket to L.A.
79 The Polaroid Doll
80 View of the Rain
81 Niteliner
82 What's This Generation Coming To?
83 The Kids Are Insane
84 Dubbledead
85 Tin Foil

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Urge Overkill Bio

Urge Overkill is an alternative rock band, formed in Chicago, United States, consisting of Nathan Katruud, who took the stage name Nash Kato (vocals/guitar), and Eddie "King" Roeser (vocals/guitar/bass guitar). They are widely known for their song "Sister Havana" and their cover of Neil Diamond's "Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon," which was notably used in Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. Their first album since 1995, Rock & Roll Submarine, was released in 2011.

Kato and Roeser met at Northwestern University in 1985. They formed Urge Overkill (getting the name from a phrase in the lyrics of the Parliament song "Funkentelechy") in Chicago, with drummer Pat Byrne, and released an EP, Strange, I..., on Ruthless Records. The EP was recorded by Kato's friend, Steve Albini. A full length album, Jesus Urge Superstar, soon followed, again produced by Albini, and with Kriss Bataille taking over the drums. These two releases showcased a noise-rock sound common to other mainstream rock acts of the period.

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