Unleashed Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Unleashed Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Unleashed
2 Helljoy
3 This Day Belongs To Me
4 For They Shall Be Slain
5 Into Glory Ride
6 Bloodbath
7 Crush The Skull
8 Where Life Ends
9 Onward Into Countless Battles
10 Against The World
11 And The Laughter Has Died
12 Entering The Hall Of The Slain
13 This Time We Fight
14 Rise of the Maya Warriors
15 Dead Forever
16 Carved In Stone
17 Master Of The Ancient Art
18 By Celtic and British Shores
19 Warriors Of Midgard
20 Chief Einherjar
21 The Soil of Our Fathers
22 If They Had Eyes
23 Midsummer Solstice
24 Return Fire
25 Germania
26 Home Of The Brave
27 Far Beyond Hell
28 The Great Battle of Odalheim
29 A Life Beyond
30 The Dark One
31 I Want You Dead
32 Dead To Me
33 Where No Life Dwells
34 Triggerman
35 Yahweh And The Chosen Ones
36 A New Day Will Rise
37 Countess Bathory
38 Violent Ecstasy
39 The One Insane
40 Cannibalistic Epidemic Continues
41 They Came To Die
42 I Am God
43 Evil Dead
44 Defenders Of Midgard
45 Land Of Ice
46 The Greatest Of All Lies
47 The General
48 Where Is Your God Now
49 Never Ending Hate
50 Long Before Winter's Call
51 Demoneater
52 Fimbulwinter
53 The Bolt Thrower
54 Your Children Will Burn
55 Burnt Alive
56 Odalheim
57 Let The Hammer Fly
58 Shadows In The Deep
59 Hammer Battalion
60 White Christ
61 Where Churches Once Burned
62 The Final Silence
63 Courage Today, Victory Tomorrow!
64 So It Begins
65 The Hour of Defeat
66 Land Of The Thousand Lakes
67 The Immortals
68 Marching Off To War
69 As Yggdrasil Trembles
70 Gathering the Battalions
71 Dawn Of The Nine
72 Wir Kapitulieren Niemals
73 Vinland
74 Welcome The Son Of Thor!
75 Before The Creation Of Time
76 Black Horizon

Unleashed Bio

Unleashed is a Swedish death metal band that was formed in 1989 by Johnny Hedlund in Stockholm, Sweden. Viking culture, recollection of a pre-Christian world, and Norse folklore are common themes found in the band's songs. A number of their recent songs also contain references to J. R. R. Tolkien.

Unleashed was founded in 1989 by vocalist and bassist Johnny Hedlund. Unleashed recorded demos "Revenge" and "Utter Dark", which got them a record deal with the German label Century Media Records. In 1991, the band released their debut studio album, Where No Life Dwells, and toured with Morbid Angel in Europe and the United States.

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