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Genre: Rock

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Undertones Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Listening In
2 My Perfect Cousin
3 You've Got My Number
4 I Know A Girl
5 Jimmy Jimmy
6 Top Twenty
7 Last Time Around
8 I Gotta Getta
9 There Goes Norman
10 Wednesday Week
11 Love Parade
12 Billy's Third
13 Bittersweet
14 The Way Girls Talk
15 Boy Wonder
16 Chain Of Love
17 Hard Luck (Again)
18 Save Me
19 Cher O'Bowlies
20 His Good Looking Girlfriend
21 She's A Runaround
22 Emergency Cases
23 I Can Only Dream
24 Love Before Romance
25 Sigh And Explode
26 What's With Terry?
27 Fairly In The Money Now
28 I Can Only Give You Everything
29 I Don't Know
30 Smarter Than You
31 When Saturday Comes
32 Family Entertainment
33 I Don't Wanna See You Again
34 Luxury
35 Soul Seven
36 White Heat
37 Fascination
38 Male Model
39 Tearproof
40 Whizz Kids
41 Forever Paradise
42 Mars Bars
43 Teenage Kicks
44 Window Shopping For New Clothes
45 Beautiful Friend
46 Get It On
47 I Told You So
48 More Songs About Chocolate And Girls
49 The Positive Touch
50 Wrong Way
51 Get Over You
52 It's Going To Happen
53 You're Welcome
54 Girls Don't Like It
55 Nine Times Out Of Ten
56 The Sin Of Pride
57 You Stand So Close
58 Boys Will Be Boys
59 Girls That Don't Talk
60 Julie Ocean
61 No Fun
62 Got To Have You Back
63 Jump Boys
64 One Way Love
65 Bye Bye Baby Blue
66 Hannah Doot
67 Kiss In The Dark
68 Really Really
69 True Confessions
70 Casbah Rock
71 Hard Luck
72 Rock And Roll
73 Turning Blue
74 Let's Talk About Girls
75 Under The Boardwalk
76 Here Comes The Summer
77 Life's Too Easy
78 See That Girl
79 Untouchable
80 Conscious
81 Like That
82 She Can Only Say No
83 Valentine's Treatment
84 Crisis Of Mine
85 Hypnotised

Undertones Bio

The Undertones are a punk rock/New Wave band formed in Derry, Northern Ireland, in 1975. From 1975 to 1983, the Undertones consisted of Feargal Sharkey (vocals), John O'Neill (rhythm guitar, vocals), Damian O'Neill (lead guitar, vocals), Michael Bradley (bass, vocals) and Billy Doherty (drums). Although much of the earlier Undertones material drew influence from punk rock and new wave, the Undertones also incorporated elements of rock, glam rock and post-punk into material released after 1979, before citing soul and Motown as the influence for the material released upon their final album. The Undertones released thirteen singles and four studio albums between 1978 and 1983 before Sharkey announced his intention to leave the band in May 1983, citing musical differences as the reason for the break up.

Despite the political climate in which the band had lived, the vast majority (though not all) of the material the band released focused not upon The Troubles, but upon issues such as adolescence, teenage angst and heartbreak.

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