Uncle Kracker Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Uncle Kracker Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Smile
2 Good To Be Me
3 Hot Mess
4 Heaven (Featuring Kid Rock and Paradime)
5 Follow Me
6 Who's Your Uncle?
7 Whiskey and Water
8 Another Love Song
9 Whiskey & Water
10 Heaven
11 Hey Hey Hey
12 Steaks And Shrimp
13 Baby Don't Cry
14 I Don't Know
15 In a Little While
16 Celebrate
17 Keep It Coming
18 Please Come Home
19 Let Me Love You
20 Memphis Soul Song
21 You're Not Free
22 Thunderhead Hawkins
23 My Girlfriend
24 To Think I Used to Love You
25 X-Factor
26 Me Again
27 Some Things You Can't Take Back
28 (I'm Gonna) Split This Room In Half
29 I Hate California
30 Time After Time
31 Songs About Me, Songs About You
32 Aces & Eights
33 Aces & 8's
34 Mainstreet
35 Better Days
36 Drift Away
37 I Dont Know How (Not to Love you)
38 Writing It Down
39 Josephine
40 Letter to My Daughters
41 Steaks 'N Shrimp
42 After School Special
43 I'd Be There
44 Don't Know How (Not to Love You)
45 My Hometown
46 Four Letter Word
47 Livin' The Dream
48 Corner Bar
49 When The Sun Goes Down
50 Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
51 Blue Skies
52 A Place At My Table
53 You Can't Take Me
54 Detroit To Texas
55 When I Close My Eyes
56 Intro
57 In Between Disasters
58 To Think I Used To Love You (DJ Homicide Remix)
59 Happy
60 What You Lookin' At?
61 Nobody's Sad On a Saturday Night
62 Heaven (Featuring Kid Rock & Paradime)
63 Nuthin' Changes
64 I'm Not Leaving
65 I Do
66 Who We Are
67 Last Night Again
68 Ace's & 8's
69 Ace's And 8's
70 Further Down The Road
71 This Time
72 What Do We Want
73 I Wish I Had a Dollar
74 Rescue
75 Blues Man
76 Keep It Comin'
77 Steak 'n' Shrimp
78 In A Little While (radio)
79 Intro (Featuring Kid Rock)
80 What'chu Looking At
81 name
82 Heaven (Featuring Kid Rock)
83 Drift Away (feat. Dobie Gray)
84 It Is What It Is
85 Aces and 8's
86 Break U Off
87 What Chu Lookin At?
88 No Stranger to Shame
89 You Got That Thang

Uncle Kracker Bio

Matthew Shafer (born June 6, 1974) is an American rock musician known as Uncle Kracker. His singles include "Follow Me", "Smile", and "Drift Away". His music was more rap rock-based at the start of his career before turning in a more country rock influenced direction on later releases.

Shafer was born in Mount Clemens, Michigan. With his brother Mike Shafer, he visited a nightclub in Clawson, Michigan where a turntables competition was occurring. His older brother was competing against a then-unknown musician, Kid Rock. Shafer then spent a lot of time with Kid Rock, and they became "best friends". In those times, he was mainly rapping. He went to L'Anse Creuse High School.

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