Ugly Kid Joe Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Ugly Kid Joe Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Everything About You
2 Madman
3 Too Bad
4 Cats In The Craddle
5 Whiplash Liquor
6 Edelweiss
7 So Long, Farewell
8 Shine
9 Oompa
10 Funky Fresh Country Club
11 Heavy Metal
12 Cat's in the Cradle
13 I’m Alright
14 Slower Than Nowhere
15 She's Already Gone
16 Make Me Sick
17 Love Ain’t True!
18 It's A Lie
19 My Old Man
20 Would You Like to Be There (Acoustic)
21 No One Survives (Acoustic)
22 Neighbor
23 Dialogue
24 Let the Record Play
25 Master of Puppets
26 V.I.P.
27 Goddamn Devil
28 Rage Against the Answering Machine
29 Bad Seed
30 Cat's In the Cradle (Acoustic)
31 Come Tomorrow
32 Would You Like To Be There
33 Nothing Ever Changes
34 I’ll Keep Tryin’
35 Sandwich
36 Busy Bee
37 Little Red Man
38 Under the Bottom
39 Madman (’92 remix)
40 So Damn Cool
41 Bicycle Wheels
42 Ace of Spades
43 I'll Keep Tryin'
44 God
45 Same Side
46 Father
47 Sweet Leaf / Funky Fresh Country Club
48 Madman ('92 Re-Mix)
49 12 Cents
50 Clover
51 Undertow
52 Neighbor (Full-Length Version)
53 Don't Go
54 Cats in the Cradle
55 C.U.S.T.
56 Hell Ain’t Hard to Find
57 Sweet Leaf/Funky Fresh Country Club
58 Panhandlin' Prince
59 I'm Allright
60 Milkman's Son
61 She’s Already Gone
62 Love Ain't True
63 Don’t Go
64 Cats in the Cradle (Acoustic)
65 Suckerpath
66 Papa Was a Rolling Stone (Rare Earth cover)
67 Devil's Paradise
68 Devil's Paradise (Live At Wacken 2013)
69 Strange
70 Cloudy Skies
71 Mirror of the Man
72 You Make Me Sick
73 Mr. Recordman
74 Jesus Rode a Harley
75 The Enemy
76 No One Survives
77 Tomorrow's World
78 10/10
79 Papa was a Rolling Stone
80 Another Beer
81 Devil’s Paradise
82 Candle Song
83 Hell Ain't Hard To Find
84 I'm Alright

Ugly Kid Joe Bio

Ugly Kid Joe are an American rock band from Isla Vista, California, formed in 1987. The band's name spoofs that of another band, Pretty Boy Floyd. Ugly Kid Joe's sound includes a range of styles, including rock, hard rock, funk metal and heavy metal.

To date, Ugly Kid Joe have released three full-length albums, two compilation albums and two EPs. Their best selling records are As Ugly as They Wanna Be (1991) and America's Least Wanted (1992), which were both certified double platinum by the RIAA; the former is notable for being the first EP to go platinum. The band broke up in 1997, but announced a reunion in 2010.

Childhood friends Whitfield Crane and Klaus Eichstadt took an interest in music while growing up in Palo Alto, CA. In 1989 Eichstadt joined Crane's band in Isla Vista, CA. after the two recorded a demo with another Palo Alto native, record producer Eric Valentine.

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