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Ty Baynton is an interesting mix of good ole boy, philosopher and mischief. His tongue in cheek sense of humour sometimes masks his deep appreciation for living life on purpose. Ty seizes the moment, the day and life. As a prolific songwriter, his lyrics reveal his love of country living, friends, family and a rocking good time. As a performer, his real pleasure comes from having “the crowd singing back to” him as one of his songs says. Ty is serious about the quality of his music, but never takes himself too seriously. He picked up a guitar at 14, wrote his first song and began performing at 15. Now at age 22, he performs in venues around Southern Ontario and has refined his writing style which he says has been influenced by a diverse group of writers including Jeffrey Steele and Rhett Atkins and draws inspiration from a wide range of artists including Robert Johnson, Eric Church, Oasis and Hank Williams Sr. to name a few. Ty would rather play music than just about anything else. That others love to listen has been an added bonus and a pleasure

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