Trouble Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Trouble Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Arthur Brown's Whiskey Bar
2 Run to the Light
3 The Skull
4 Opium - Eater
5 Requiem
6 Wickedness Of Man
7 Victim Of The Insane (5:08)
8 Born In A Prison
9 On Borrowed Time
10 Rain
11 Picture Of Lifes
12 Thinking of the Past
13 Bastards Will Pay (3:42)
14 Ride The Sky
15 Bastards Will Pay
16 All Is Forgiven
17 When the Sky Comes Down
18 J Hudson Prod By B Weezy
19 You Are New
20 Tragedy Man
21 Assassin
22 R.I.P.
23 Butterflies
24 Another Day
25 She Need It Feat Tyree Prod By Vybe Beatz
26 Soldiers
27 The Sleeper
28 Psalm 9
29 The Misery Shows
30 Your Reflections
31 Below Me
32 Nobody Knows
33 Glue
34 A Sinner's Fame
35 'Scuse Me
36 Have I Told You
37 Flowers
38 All Day Long Feat Skool Boy 36 Prod By Greater Beats
39 Peace Of Mind
40 Lint
41 Goin' Home
42 Fear
43 The Wolf
44 Heaven on My Mind
45 Hunters of Doom
46 Hear The Earth
47 Homie Feat B Green Tyree
48 Climate
49 E.N.D.
50 Memory's Garden
51 Hello Strawberry Skies
52 Sucker
53 Long Shadows Fall
54 Hold On Prod By Charles Jefferson
55 The Beginning
56 I Recorded You
57 The Tempter
58 Breathe
59 The Broken Have Spoken
60 Materialistic Power Feat CyHi The Prynce Prod By The Union
61 The Misery Shows (Act I)
62 Flowers in Bloom
63 Secret Pastures
64 After The Rain
65 Revelation (Life Or Death)
66 The Fall Of Lucifer
67 Intro Prod By Zaytoven
68 Plastic Green Head
69 Help Me Feat Alley Boy Trae The Truth Prod By Grade A
70 Six Months in a Cast
71 Mindbender
72 Come Touch The Sky
73 Porpoise Song
74 I Keep It On Me Prod By Seth Barmash
75 Don t Worry Bout It Feat Eastside Jody Veli Sosa
76 Tuesday's Child
77 Bleeding Alone
78 Seven
79 Black Shapes Of Doom
80 Tomorrow Never Knows
81 Live By Die By Feat Bloody Jay
82 The Eye
83 In The Ghetto Feat Big Bank Black
84 Fear No Evil
85 One Life
86 Troublemaker
87 Victim Of The Insane
88 Till the End of Time
89 For The Hustlaz Prod By Steezy
90 Assassin (3:12)
91 Thank U Lord Feat Pusha T Prod By Fresh Beats
92 Gideon
93 The Truth Is What Is
94 Getting It
95 You Got Da Right Prod By Jay Beatz
96 Would U Forget About Me Feat Donkey Prod By Jesse Menges
97 Pray For The Dead
98 Simple Mind Condition
99 Psychotic Reaction
100 Sink or Swim
101 Streetz Dry Feat Cash Out Yung Ralph Prod By B Dot
102 Psalm 9 (4:49)
103 Where Did The Time Go Prod By At Em Ant
104 Mr. White
105 Paranoid Conspiracy
106 Extendo Feat Dah Dah OG Boo Dirty Prod By Raac Cartel
107 Revelation (Life Or Death) (5:05)
108 Heavy Lifting
109 The Wish
110 If I Only Have A Reason
111 Manic Frustration
112 Glass of Lies
113 Pessy Feat KK Kirkwood Nukie Prod By Slow Meezy
114 The Fall Of Lucifer (5:43)
115 Like a Kid
116 Truth Is -- What Is
117 The Beginning Of Sorrow
118 At The End Of My Daze
119 The Grey Chill of Autumn
120 Day N Night Feat Big Bank Black Prod By Slow Meezy
121 The Tempter (6:35)
122 Whimpering Child

Trouble Bio

Trouble is an American doom metal band noted as one of the pioneers of their genre, alongside bands such as Candlemass and Saint Vitus. The band created a distinct style taking influences of the British heavy metal bands Black Sabbath and Judas Priest, and psychedelic rock of the 1970s. A critically acclaimed group, their first two albums, Psalm 9 and The Skull are cited as landmarks of doom metal. To date, Trouble has released eight studio albums. Although the band never officially broke up, Trouble was plagued by extended inactivity after their original singer Eric Wagner left in 1997. He eventually rejoined in 2000 before leaving again eight years later.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trouble_(band)