Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

TRICK DADDY Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Tonight [Feat. Jaheim And Trina]
2 Sugar(on my tongue)
3 In da Wind
4 Nann Nigga"(feat. Trina
5 Chevy
6 Suckin Fuckin You
7 Dro In Da Wind (Ride Out Mix)
8 Shut Yo Face (Uncle Fucka)"(feat. Trina
9 Straight Up [Feat. Youngbuck]
10 Shut Up"(feat. Co, Deuce Poppito, Trina
11 Shut Up
12 Where U From"(feat. Trina, Deuce Poppito
13 Tonight
14 Take It To Da House
15 Why They Jock
16 Could It Be
17 Kill Your Ass
18 Tears Of A Grown Man
19 Thug Holiday
20 Tryin' to Stop Smokin'"(feat. Mystikal
21 Let's Go
22 Thug Life Again
23 Can't Fuck With The South"(feat. JV
24 I'll Be Your Player
25 Pimp"(feat. Buddy Roe, J.T. Money
26 Have My Cheese"(feat. J.V., Money Mark
27 N Word
28 Pimp
29 That How We Do It
30 Gangsta
31 Back in the Days
32 'Dro In The Wind"(feat. Big Boi, Cee-Lo
33 Bout My Money
34 Homie Song
35 Let Me Ride
36 Boy
37 Play No Games
38 Get On Up
39 Skit: The Pick Up
40 Hold On
41 This Tha Shit That I Live
42 Living in a World
43 J.O.D.D. Ft.Khia Tampa Tony
44 Nann Nigga
45 Everyday Struggle
46 Thug for Life
47 Smoke Song
48 Ain't A Thug - (featuring Trey Songz)
49 Run Nigga
50 Hold On - Featuring J. Shin
51 Fantasy
52 Count My Money
53 Can't Fuck With The South
54 Noodle"(feat. Tre+6
55 Shut Yo Face (Uncle Fucka)
56 I'm a Thug
57 Bout Mine (feat. Money Mark Of Tre+6)
58 I Can Tell
59 Thug Money
60 Bout Mine
61 Lights Off
62 Thump In The Trunk
63 God's Been Good (feat. Betty Wright's Children's Choir)
64 Thug Life Again"(feat. Money Mark of Tre+6
65 4 Eva - (featuring Jazze Pha)
66 Gangsta"(feat. Baby, Scarface
67 Hoe Skit
68 K*ll Your A**
69 They Don't Live Long
70 Skit: The Mayor's Office
71 In Da Wind (Ride Out Mix)
72 Where U From
73 Wanna Sang
74 America"(feat. Society
75 "Based on a True Story, Pt. 1"
76 Thug Holiday"(feat. LaTocha Scott
77 Rock & Roll Nigga
78 Trick Daddy
79 America
80 Pull Over
81 Baby Cuz I'm A Thug
82 Boy"(feat. The Lost Tribe, JV
83 Gotta Let You Have It - Featuring Buddy Roe
84 SNS / Roland (skit)
85 Booty Do
86 Change My Life
87 Thug Niggas Don't Live That Long
88 Could it Be"(feat. Twista
89 Hoe But Can't Help It - Featuring Buddy Roe
90 Get That Feeling
91 All I Need
92 Strong Woman
93 Ain't a Thug
94 For The Thugs
95 Nann Nigga (Featuring Trena)
96 Thug for Life"(feat. Kase, Mystic
97 Nann
98 'Dro In The Wind
99 Money & Drugs
100 Intro Skit: Only 1 Mayor
101 Rags To Riches
102 Represent
103 Gotta Let You Have It"(feat. Buddy Roe
104 Gangsta Livin'
105 Fuckin' Around
106 Ain't No Santa (Bonus Mix)
107 Gotta Let You Have It
108 Ghetto Supa Star
109 Rain It Pours
110 Bet That [Feat. Chamillionaire And Goldrush]
111 I'll Be Your Player (Remix)
112 J.O.D.D.
113 Let's Go (2004)
114 Pull Over (Remix)
115 Da Realist
116 Down wit da South
117 The Children's Song
118 I Cry
119 For All My Ladies
120 Gangsta Music
121 You Ain't A Goon
122 Who's Selling (Skit)
123 I Wanna Sang
124 Living in a World"(feat. Society
125 Thugs About
126 The Hotness
127 Skit: The Collection Call
128 99 Problems
129 Breaka Breaka
130 Sugar (Gimme Some)
131 Somebody Shoulda Told Ya
132 What Dey Do
133 Bricks & Marijuana
134 Thugs About - (featuring Dirt Bag)
135 Booty Doo
136 God's Been Good
137 We Got
138 Duece Poppi Snippet (Duece Poppi)
139 Tryin To Stop Smokin
140 I Luv
141 I Cry - (featuring Ron Isley)
142 Dro In The Wind
143 Born A Thug
144 Bet That [Clean]
145 U Neva Know
146 Intro (Thugs Are Us album)
147 Bitch Azz Niggaz
148 Walkin' Like A Hoe
149 I'll Be Your Other Man
150 Have My Cheese
151 J.O.D.D. - (featuring Khia/Tampa Tony)
152 Ho But You Can't Help It"(feat. Buddy Roe
153 Rags To Riches (feat. Tre+6)
154 Take It To Da House"(feat. Slip-N-Slide Express
155 Survivin' the Drought
156 Ho but You Can't Help It
157 Skit: Macking Jean
158 Suckin' Fuckin'
159 Gangsta (feat. Baby from Cash Money & Scarface)
160 Kill-a-Head"(feat. Buddy Roe
161 She's Fiendin' (Skit)
162 Skit
163 Hoe But Cant Help It
164 Noodle
165 Who's Selling?
166 Sugar
167 God's Been Good - Featuring Betty Wright's Children's Choir
168 Outro
169 Kill-A-Head
170 Ain't No Santa
171 Amerika
172 All I Need (feat. Infa Red Of Unda Presha)
173 They Don't Live Long"(feat. Ayo Ware
174 Bet That [Explicit]
175 Bricks & Marijuana"(feat. Kase of Lost Tribe
176 Intro


Maurice Young, better known as Trick Daddy, is an American rapper. Originally billed as Trick Daddy Dollars, and sometimes known as T-Double-D.

Young began rapping in the 1990s under the alias "Trick Daddy Dollars" and appeared on the track "Scarred" by former 2 Live Crew member Luther "Luke" Campbell from Luke's 1996 album Uncle Luke. The song became a hit and immediately caught the attention of fans and record producers alike. Ted Lucas, a former concert promoter and then-CEO of Slip-n-Slide Records, signed the rapper to the newly former record label. Slip-n-Slide released Trick Daddy Dollars's debut album Based on a True Story in 1997; the album was popular in the Miami area.

Thugs Are Us, released in 2001, featured the hit single "I'm a Thug", which reached #17 on the Billboard Hot 100. His fifth album Thug Holiday boasted "In da Wind", which Birchmeier believed was Trick Daddy's most creative single. In 2004, Thug Matrimony: Married To The Streets was released, with hit single "Let's Go", produced by Lil Jon, featuring Twista, and sampling the guitar riffs from the Ozzy Osbourne hit "Crazy Train". That year, Trick Daddy guest-performed on the Ying Yang Twins' "What's Happnin!", which reached #30 on the Hot 100, #7 on the Rhythmic Top 40, and #9 on the Hot Rap Singles. "Let's Go" peaked on #7 on the Hot 100, #4 on the Rhythmic Top 40, and #4 on Hot Rap Tracks. Back By Thug Demand followed in 2006, with singles "Bet That" and "Tuck Ya Ice" charting at the bottom of the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart.

Following Back By Thug Demand, Trick Daddy appeared on several singles by DJ Khaled: "Born-N-Raised" in 2006 from Listennn... the Album in 2006, "I'm So Hood" from We the Best, and "Out Here Grindin'" from We Global in 2008, all among numerous other rappers. "Born-N-Raised" peaked at #83 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles, and "I'm So Hood" peaked at #19 on the Hot 100 and #5 on the Hot Rap Tracks. He appeared on Pitbull's 2007 album The Boatlift. Trick Daddy left Slip-n-Slide in 2008 and has stated that his upcoming album Finally Famous: Born a Thug, Die a Thug will be released under his own Dunk Ryders Records.

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