Tracy Lawrence Lyrics

Genre: Country

Tracy Lawrence Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Tender Enough
2 Find Out Who Your Friends Are
3 Paint Me a Birmingham
4 Lonely
5 The Cards
6 Cloud of Dust (The Singer 'album')
7 Pills
8 Lessons Learned
9 Sawdust on Her Halo
10 Any Minute Now
11 I Threw the Rest Away
12 From What We Give
13 How a Cowgirl Says Goodbye
14 Long Wet Kiss
15 I Know Where Heaven Is
16 Up To Him
17 Texas Tornado
18 Renegades, Rebels and Rogues
19 Every Prayer
20 I Know That Hurt by Heart
21 The Holes That He Dug
22 Is That a Tear
23 Runnin' Behind
24 Her Old Stompin' Ground
25 My Second Home
26 Between Us
27 Bobby Darwin's Daughter
28 Used to the Pain
29 Hard Times
30 What the Flames Feel Like
31 As Any Fool Can See
32 Don't Talk to Me That Way
33 What A Memory
34 Guilt Trip
35 From Here To Kingdom Come
36 Jealousy
37 Think of Me
38 If You Loved Me
39 It's All How You Look at It
40 Unforgiven
41 If the World Had a Front Porch
42 Book You Never Read
43 From The Inside Out
44 Heaven For A While
45 Til I Was A Daddy Too
46 If the Good Die Young
47 God Made Woman On A Good Day
48 Rock
49 That Was Us
50 Paint Me A Birmingham*
51 Whole Lotta Me
52 I See It Now
53 I Got A Feelin'
54 Somebody Who Would Die For You
55 Somewhere Between The Moon And You
56 Find Out Who Your Friends Are*
57 Strong
58 Jesus Come Talk To Your Children
59 Getting Back Up
60 Saving Savannah (The Singer 'album')
61 Footprints on the Moon
62 Everywhere but Hollywood
63 Life Don't Have to Be So Hard
64 I'd Give Anything To Be Your Everything Again
65 The Singer
66 Stop Drop and Roll
67 Better Man, Better Off
68 Crying Ain't Dying
69 As Lonesome As It Gets
70 Just You and Me
71 Sticks and Stones
72 Stones
73 Where I Used To Live
74 The Coast Is Clear
75 In a Moment of Weakness
76 Can't Break It to My Heart
77 God's Green Earth
78 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
79 Say A Prayer
80 April's Fool
81 Lie
82 It's Hard to Be an Outlaw
83 I Hit the Ground Crawlin'
84 While You Sleep
85 Cloud of Dust
86 Alibis
87 You're Why God Made Me
88 Dear Lord
89 Black Top
90 Speed of a Fool
91 If I Don't Make It Back
92 Just Like Her
93 Good Girl
94 She Loved The Devil Out Of Me
95 Excitable Boy
96 I Won All the Battles
97 I'm Done
98 Cecil's Palace
99 Other Side of 35
100 Up All Night
101 Crawlin' Again
102 One Step Ahead Of The Storm
103 When Daddy Was A Strong Man
104 Today's Lonely Fool
105 Steps
106 Butterfly
107 Meant to Be
108 Different Man
109 It Only Takes One Bar (To Make a Prison)
110 The Questionnaire
111 You Can't Hide Redneck
112 Saving Savannah
113 It's Got You All Over It
114 Somebody Paints the Wall
115 Hillbilly With A Heartache (With John Anderson)
116 The Man I Was
117 Roswell and Marilyn Monroe
118 We Don't Love Here Anymore
119 Time Marches On
120 Livin' in Black and White
121 "Paris, Tennessee"
122 A Far Cry from You
123 Whole Lot Of Lettin' Go
124 As Easy As Our Blessings
125 Stars over Texas

Tracy Lawrence Bio

Tracy Lee Lawrence (born January 27, 1968) is an American country music artist. He started at a country music restaurant called "Live At Libby's" where owner Libby Knight would help local talent find their way into country music. Lawrence signed to Atlantic Records in 1991, Lawrence debuted that year with the album Sticks and Stones, which produced his first chart single and first Number One hit in its title track. Five more studio albums, as well as a live album and a compilation album, followed throughout the 1990s and into 2000 on Atlantic before the label's country division was closed in 2001. Afterward, he recorded for Warner Bros. Records, DreamWorks Records, Mercury Records Nashville and his own label, Rocky Comfort Records.

Lawrence has released nine studio albums, three compilations, a live album, and a Christmas album. His studio albums have accounted for more than forty singles on the Billboard country music charts. Of these, eight have reached number one: "Sticks and Stones" (1991), "Alibis", "Can't Break It to My Heart", "My Second Home" (all 1993), "If the Good Die Young" (1994), "Texas Tornado" (1995), "Time Marches On" (1996) and "Find Out Who Your Friends Are" (2007).

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