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Genre: Rock

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1 A Balance to All Things
2 Time of My Life
3 Colour Me In
4 Closure
5 Never Stop Wondering
6 Achilles Heal
7 Lady Let Me Shine
8 Weight Of The World
9 Only Human
10 Dancin in the Moonlight (Stargate remix)
11 High Flying Bird
12 Shifting Sands
13 She Said
14 Let the People Know
15 Cloud 9
16 Numb
17 Never Stop Wondering (radio edit)
18 This Is Our Home
19 Dancing in the Moonlight (Stargate Radio)
20 Dancing In the Moonlight (2001 Remix)
21 Never Stop Wondering (full length)
22 The Heat Within
23 Never Forgotten
24 A Balance to All Things (Live Mix)
25 Achilles Heel (Acoustic Version)
26 Dancing In the Moonlight (Acoustic Version)
27 Only for a While
28 Leave Me Be
29 Only for a While (Live Session 2013)
30 Some Kind of Wonderful (New Version)
31 You Keep Me Hanging On
32 Stupid Games
33 A Balance to All Things (Live Session 2013)
34 Only for a While (George Drakoulias)
35 Alien
36 Following the Sun
37 Breathe (Live Session 2013)
38 Breathe
39 Lucy
40 Only Desire
41 Just About Living
42 Dancing in the Moonlight (single version)
43 Jack
44 Promised Tide
45 Do You Know What Your Future Will Be?
46 Dancing in the Moonlight (Stargate Radio mix)
47 Higher State
48 The Midas Touch
49 Floating Away (In The Bath Tub)
50 Summer Cycle**
51 Dancing in the Moonlight (Alliance DC Vocal remix)
52 Dancin in the Moonlight
53 Just Hold On
54 Dancing In 4he Moonlight (Bonus Track)
55 Dancing in the Moonlight (live)
56 Dancing in the Moonlight (Stargate remix)
57 Marrakech
58 Some Kind of Wonderful
59 Dancing in the Moonlight
60 Have & To Hold
61 Sound Of Your Soul
62 A Balance to All Things (Ash Howes Radio Edit)
63 Achilles Heel
64 Hero Underground
65 Paradise

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Toploader are an English alternative rock band from Eastbourne who formed in 1997, with over two million album sales to their name and a string of top 20 hits both home and abroad. Their debut album, Onka's Big Moka, sold over one million units and remained in the Top 5 of the UK Albums Chart for over six months. However, they are recognised most of all for their cover of King Harvest's US hit "Dancing in the Moonlight" written by Sherman Kelly, which became a global hit for the band. Their second album, Magic Hotel, reached number 3 in the UK Albums Chart. Their third album was released in 2012, their comeback single "Turn It Around" was released in 2013.

Toploader's live career began playing with Coldplay and Muse in small venues across the UK. They later went on to back Paul Weller, Robbie Williams and Bon Jovi, becoming the last British band to play the original Wembley Stadium.

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