Toby Keith Lyrics

Genre: Country

Toby Keith Lyrics - by Popularity

1 I Love This Bar
2 Clancy's Tavern
3 Only God Could Stop Me Loving You
4 Bullets In The Gun
5 Love Me If You Can
6 God Love Her
7 American Ride
8 New Orleans
9 Live Introduction By Toby Keith Of "Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue (The Angry American)"
10 Stays In Mexico
11 Lost You Anyway
12 Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine On You
13 As Good As I Once Was
14 A Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action
15 Beer For My Horses (With Willie Nelson)
16 Do I Know You
17 Good to Go to Mexico
18 Brand New Bow
19 I Need To Hear A Country Song
20 Cabo San Lucas
21 Angry American
22 Sweet
23 American Soldier
24 She Never Cried In Front Of Me
25 The Lonely
26 Country Comes to Town
27 Should've Been a Cowboy
28 You Can't Read My Mind
29 You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This
30 Think About You All Of The Time
31 Hold You, Kiss You, Love You
32 I'll Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again
33 Who's That Man
34 Are You Feelin' Me?
35 She Ain't Hooked On Me No More
36 Big Ol' Truck
37 Go With Her
38 Ballad Of Balad
39 Tryin' to Matter
40 Rodeo Moon
41 Victoria's Secret
42 Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya
43 Big Dog Daddy
44 That's Not How It Is
45 You Ain't Much Fun
46 The Sha La La Song
47 Who's Your Daddy?
48 Boomtown
49 A Little Too Late
50 What Do You Think About That
51 Strangers Again
52 Don't Leave, I Think I Love You
53 We Were in Love
54 Hit It
55 Can't Buy You Money
56 The First Noel
57 High Maintenance Woman
58 Cryin' For Me
59 You Didn't Have As Much To Lose
60 Beers Ago
61 Only God Could Stop Me Loving You"(feat. Lari White
62 Get My Drink On
63 Mary, It's Christmas
64 Just Another Sundown
65 Away In A Manger
66 The Taliban Song
67 If You're Tryin' You Ain't
68 What Made The Baby Cry?
69 Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American)
70 Weed With Willie
71 All I Want for Christmas
72 That Don't Make Me A Bad Guy
73 I Wanna Talk About Me
74 Tender As I Wanna Be
75 Heart To Heart
76 Whiskey Girl
77 Creole Woman
78 She Only Gets That Way With Me
79 Huckleberry
80 Die With Your Boots On
81 If I Was Jesus
82 She's A Hottie
83 He Ain't Worth Missing
84 Loaded
85 Lucky Me
86 Do I Know You (Bottom of My Heart)
87 Some Kinda Good Kinda Hold on Me
88 Gimme 8 Seconds
89 South Of You
90 Yet
91 Missing Me Some You
92 Woke Up On My Own
93 Heart to Heart (Stelen's Song)
94 Haven't Seen the Last of You
95 Just the Guy to Do It
96 Losing My Touch
97 A Woman's Touch
98 Beer For My Horses
99 Under the Fall
100 Note To Self
101 Hurt A Lot Worse When You Go
102 Somewhere Else
103 Me Too
104 Shut Up and Hold On
105 Jacky Don Tucker (Play by the Rules Miss All the Fun)
106 I Know a Wall When I See One
107 Cold Beer Country
108 Rock You Baby
109 We Three Kings
110 Ain't No Thang
111 Old Toy Trains
112 Time That It Would Take
113 No Honor among Thieves
114 In A Couple Of Days
115 Hello
116 Before We Knew They Were Good
117 I'm Just Talkin' About Tonight
118 You Leave Me Weak
119 Missed You Just Right
120 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
121 Valentine
122 You Ain't Leavin' (Thank God Are Ya)
123 You Already Love Me
124 Upstairs Downtown
125 Kissin' In The Rain
126 Where You Gonna Go
127 You Don't Anymore
128 The Other Side Of Him
129 Pull My Chain
130 Life Was A Play (The World Was A Stage)
131 Red Solo Cup (Johnny Mac Remix)
132 Joy To The World
133 Big Blue Note
134 Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again
135 Drive It On Home
136 Time for Me to Ride
137 Tired
138 Whole Lot More Than That
139 Burnin' Moonlight
140 Hope on the Rocks
141 Beers Ago (Jason Nevins Remix)
142 Please Come Home For Christmas
143 I Got It Bad
144 Get Drunk and Be Somebody
145 Mama Come Quick
146 Hell No
147 I Got It For You Girl
148 In Other Words
149 Ain't Breakin' Nothin'
150 Pump Jack
151 She Ran away with a Rodeo Clown
152 I'll Probably Be Out Fishin'
153 Walk it Off
154 I Know She Hung the Moon
155 Pick 'Em Up and Lay 'Em Down
156 You Ain't Alone
157 Whiskey Girl (Live)
158 Little Drummer Boy
159 Chug-A-Lug [Live]
160 Bethlehem In Birmingham
161 Runnin' Block
162 Close But No Guitar
163 Too Far This Time
164 Woman behind the Man
165 Is That All You Got
166 Grain Of Salt
167 Hard Way To Make An Easy Living
168 Forever Hasn't Got Here Yet
169 Jacky Don Tucker
170 Get Out of My Car (Live)
171 Go Tell It On The Mountain
172 Christmas Rock
173 Crash Here Tonight
174 Live Intro
175 Tryin' To Fall In Love
176 Get Out Of My Car
177 I Don't Understand My Girlfriend
178 Call A Marine
179 My List
180 Drinks After Work
181 Blame It On the Mistletoe
182 Baddest Boots
183 I've Been A Long Time Leaving (But I'll Be A Long Time Gone) [Live]
184 Nights I Can't Remember, Friends I'll Never Forget
185 The Night Before Christmas
186 11 Months & 29 Days [Live]
187 Club Zydeco Moon
188 Getcha Some
189 Chuckie s Gone
190 Bottom Of My Heart
191 I'm Just Talkin' 'Bout Tonight
192 Little Miss Tear Stain
193 O Come All Ye Faithful
194 Santa's Gonna Take It All Back
195 Ain't It Just Like You
196 Gotta Getcha Some
197 Gypsy Driftin'
198 Hot Rod Sleigh
199 Sundown [Live]
200 Red Solo Cup
201 If a Man Answers
202 Margaritaville
203 I Like Girls That Drink Beer (Single)
204 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
205 Last Living Cowboy
206 Silent Night
207 Christmas to Christmas
208 Your Smile
209 I Can't Take You Anywhere
210 Does The Blue Moon Ever Shine On You
211 If I Had One
212 I'm so Happy I Can't Stop Crying
213 Chill-Axin'
214 When Love Fades
215 White Rose
216 Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
217 Santa, I'm Right Here
218 Show Me What You re Workin' With
219 Jesus Gets Jealous of Santa Claus
220 Knock Yourself Out
221 Yesterday's Rain
222 I Ain't Already There
223 Life Was A Play (The World A Stage)
224 High Time (You Quit Your Low Down Ways)
225 The Size I Wear
226 Winter Wonderland
227 Blue Bedroom
228 O Little Town Of Bethlehem
229 She Left Me
230 Mockingbird
231 Life Was A Play
232 Truck Drivin' Man
233 Scat Cat
234 Silver Bells
235 You Caught Me At a Bad Time
236 Dream Walkin'
237 Can't Take You Anywhere
238 Honkytonk U
239 Every Night
240 How Do You Like Me Now?!
241 Shambala
242 I Like Girls That Drink Beer
243 I'll Be Home For Christmas
244 Every Dog Has Its Day
245 Made In America
246 Memphis
247 Get Got
248 The Christmas Song
249 It's All Good
250 When Country Comes To Town
251 Double Wide Paradise
252 Ain't No Right Way
253 White Christmas
254 She's Perfect
255 I Won't Let You Down
256 Haven't Had a Drink All Day
257 Frosty The Snowman
258 It Works for Me
259 Closin' Time at Home
260 I Wish I Didn't Know Now What I Didn't Know Then
261 The Critic
262 Wish I Didn't Know Now
263 Trailerhood
264 She's Gonna Get It
265 Made In America (Single)

Toby Keith Bio

Toby Keith Covel (born July 8, 1961) is an American country music singer-songwriter, record producer, and actor. Keith released his first four studio albums — 1993's Toby Keith, 1994's Boomtown, 1996's Blue Moon and 1997's Dream Walkin', plus a Greatest Hits package "Noogies for Liberals!" — for various divisions of Mercury Records before exiting in 1998. These albums all earned gold or higher certification, and produced several chart singles, including his debut "Should've Been a Cowboy", which topped the country charts.

Signed to Dreamworks Records in 1999, Keith released his breakthrough single "How Do You Like Me Now?!" that year. This song, the title track to his 2000 album of the same name, was the Number One country song of 2000, and one of several chart-toppers during his tenure on Dreamworks. His next three albums, Pull My Chain, Unleashed, and Shock'n Y'all, produced three more Number Ones each, and all of the albums were certified multi-platinum by the RIAA. A second Greatest Hits package followed in 2004, and after that, he released Honkytonk University.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toby_keith