Toadies Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Toadies Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Suck Magic
2 What We Have We Steal
3 I Come From The Water
4 Plane Crash
5 I Burn
6 Quitter
7 Backslider
8 Motivational
9 Tyler
10 One More
11 Pressed Against The Sky
12 Possum Kingdom
13 Happy Face (Live)
14 The Appeal
15 Resist Her
16 Queen of Scars
17 Unattractive (Live)
18 Down by the Water (with Sarah Jaffe)
19 Velvet
20 Away
21 My Bones
22 Rattler’s Revival
23 Tyler (Live)
24 Possum Kingdom / I Burn
25 Got A Heart
26 So Long Lovey Eyes
27 I'm Away
28 Heart of Glass
29 Paper Dress (Live)
30 Ruth
31 Nothing To Cry About
32 Flash Ram
33 Send You to Heaven
34 Cut Me Out (Live)
35 No Deliverance
36 Dig A Hole
37 Heroes
38 Possum Kingdom (Live)
39 Push the Hand
40 I Am A Man Of Stone
41 Cars
42 Nothing to Cry About (Live)
43 No Deliverance (Live)
44 Little Sin
45 Song I Hate
46 Mexican Hairless
47 So Long Lovely Eyes (Live)
48 Mr. Love (Live)
49 Mine
50 Flower
51 Happy Face
52 Hell In High Water (Live)
53 I Burn (Live)
54 Heel
55 Hell In High Water
56 Laments of a Good Man
57 Song I Hate (Live)
58 I Come from the Water (Live)
59 Joey, Let's Go
60 You'll Come Down
61 We Burned the City Down
62 Got a Heart (Live)
63 Hell Below / Stars Above
64 Pink
65 I Want Your Love
66 Get Low
67 Plane Crash (Live)
68 Hell Below/Stars Above
69 Happyface
70 A Forest
71 Magic Bullet
72 Backslider (Live)
73 Quitter (Live)
74 Don't Go My Way
75 Jigsaw Girl
76 Waterfall
77 Animals
78 Little Sin (Live)
79 Summer of the Strange
80 Sweetness
81 Understand
82 Sunshine
83 Little Sin (Cont) [Live]
84 Beside You
85 Mister Love
86 Dollskin
87 Epic Castles
88 Push the Hand (Live)
89 Rattler's Revival
90 Unattractive
91 Stop It
92 In The Belly of a Whale

Toadies Bio

Toadies are an American alternative rock band from Fort Worth, Texas, best known for the song "Possum Kingdom." The band's classic lineup consisted of Vaden Todd Lewis on vocals/guitar, Mark Reznicek on drums, Lisa Umbarger on bass, and Darrel Herbert on guitar. It formed in 1989 and disbanded in 2001 after Umbarger left the group. The band reformed and released an album, No Deliverance in 2008. In 2010, they re-released the album Feeler with Kirtland Records (the album's original release had been denied by Interscope in 1997). The band's latest album, Play.Rock.Music, was released in July 2012.

Toadies began in 1989 in Fort Worth, Texas. They recorded a few cassette self-releases and an E.P. titled Pleather before signing to Interscope Records. Their first full-length album Rubberneck was released in the summer of 1994. It included six singles, "Possum Kingdom" (their most successful) as well as "Mister Love", "Away", "Tyler", "Backslider" and "I Come From the Water". "Backslider" can be heard in the film Black Sheep. "Possum Kingdom" would later become a playable track in the Xbox 360 version of Guitar Hero II.

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