Three Dog Night Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Three Dog Night Lyrics - by Popularity

1 It Ain't Esay
2 Momma Told Me Not To Come
3 I Can't Get Enough Of It
4 One (Live At The Forum)
5 Bet No One Ever Hurt This Bad
6 Intro Poem: Mistakes and Illusions
7 I’d Be So Happy
8 Good Feeling
9 Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer
10 Let Me Serenade You
11 It Ain't Easy
12 Black And White - Single Version
13 The Family of Man
14 Chest Fever (Live At The Forum)
15 Don't Make Promises
16 Pieces of April (Single Version)
17 Find Someone to Love
18 Joy to the World - Three Dog Night
19 Mamma Told Me (Not To Come)
20 One Man Band
21 Rock and Roll Widow
22 Never Been To Spain - Single Version
23 Sure as I'm Sittin' Here
24 Eli's Coming (Live At The Forum)
25 The Loner
26 One Man Band (Live/1973)
27 'Til the World Ends
28 Mama Told Me Not to Come
29 If You Knew - Demo
30 Play Something Sweet (Brickyard Blues)
31 Your Song
32 Mama Told Me (Not To Come) - Single Version
33 Play Something Sweet
34 Easy to Be Hard (Live At The Forum)
35 Put Out the Light
36 Never Been To Spain (Live/1973)
37 Til the World Ends
38 Joy to the World
39 An Old Fashioned Love Song
40 I'd Be So Happy
41 Good Time Living
42 Eli's Coming - Single Version
43 I Can Hear You Calling
44 I'll Be Creeping
45 Try a Little Tenderness (Live At The Forum)
46 Sitting in Limbo
47 Going In Circles (Live/1973)
48 A Change Is Gonna Come
49 In My Heart
50 Feelin' Alright?
51 Never Dreamed You'd Leave Me in Summer
52 Celebrate
53 One - Single Version
54 Fire Eater
55 One Man Band (Live)
56 On the Way Back Home
57 The Family of Man (Live/1973)
58 Ain't That a Lotta Love
59 Easy to Be Hard
60 That No One Ever Hurts This Bad
61 Jam
62 Peace Of Mind
63 The Show Must Go On
64 Easy To Be Hard - Single Version
65 Sunlight
66 The Family of Man (Live)
67 Ain't That a Lot of Love
68 Midnight Runaway (Live/1973)
69 My Old Kentucky Home
70 Family of Man
71 Rock & Roll Widow
72 Sure as I Am Sitting Here
73 If You Knew
74 Happy Song
75 An Old Fashioned Love Song - Single Version
76 Heavy Church
77 Easy to Be Hard (Live)
78 Mama Told Me
79 Liar (Live/1973)
80 Let Me Go
81 Old Fashioned Love Song
82 Anytime Babe
83 Till the World Ends
84 Play Children Play
85 Shambala - Single Version
86 I've Got Enough Heartache
87 Never Been to Spain (Live)
88 Eli's Coming [Live]
89 Eli's Coming (Live/1973)
90 Cowboy
91 Try a Little Tenderness
92 Can't Get Enough of It
93 Night in the City
94 Liar (single version)
95 Storybook Feeling
96 I'd Be So Happy - Single Version
97 Heaven Is In Your Mind
98 Mama Told Me (Not to Come) [Live]
99 Try a Little Tenderness [Live]
100 Joy To the World (Live/1973)
101 Good Feeling (1957)
102 Shambala
103 Mama Told Me (Not to Come) (Live/1973)
104 Nobody
105 Brickyard Blues (Play Something Sweet) (Live)
106 Singer Man
107 Celebrate - Single Version
108 Feeling Alright
109 An Old Fashioned Love Song (Live)
110 One Is the Loneliest Number
111 Black and White (Live/1973)
112 My Impersonal Life
113 Never Been to Spain
114 Black & White
115 An Old Fashion Love Song
116 Into My Life
117 The Show Must Go On - Single Version
118 It's for You
119 Liar (Live)
120 Intro
121 Pieces of April (Live/1973)
122 You
123 Black and White
124 Going in Circles
125 Chained
126 Feeling Alright - Live At The Forum
127 Chest Fever
128 Celebrate (Live)
129 An Old Fashoned Love Song
130 Out In the Country (Live/1973)
131 Murder in My Heart for the Judge
132 Liar
133 Midnight Runaway
134 Family of Man (Live)
135 Tulsa Turnaround
136 Heaven Is in Your Mind (Live At The Forum)
137 Lady Samantha
138 One (Live)
139 Easy Evil
140 An Old Fashioned Love Song (Live/1973)
141 Ridin' Thumb
142 Eli's Coming
143 Pieces of April
144 In Bed
145 Feelin' Alright (Live At The Forum)
146 Dreaming Isn't Good for You
147 Joy to the World (Live)
148 Yellow Beach Umbrella
149 Jam (Live/1973)
150 Lay Me Down Easy
151 One
152 Out in the Country
153 Show Must Go On
154 Freedom for the Stallion
155 It's for You (Live At The Forum)
156 Circle for a Landing
157 The Family of Man (Single Version)
158 Southbound
159 Play Something Sweet (Brickyard Blues) [Single Version]
160 You Can Leave Your Hat On
161 Sure as I'm Sitting Here
162 Woman
163 Loner
164 The Writings on the Wall
165 Nobody (Live At The Forum)

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Three Dog Night Bio

Three Dog Night is an American rock band. They formed in 1968 with a line-up consisting of Danny Hutton, Cory Wells and Chuck Negron. The three lead singers were backed by Jimmy Greenspoon (organ), Joe Schermie (bass), Mike Allsup (guitar) and Floyd Sneed (drums). The band registered 21 Billboard Top 40 hits (with three hitting number one) between 1969 and 1975. It helped introduce mainstream audiences to the work of many songwriters, including Paul Williams, Hoyt Axton, Laura Nyro, Harry Nilsson, Randy Newman, and Leo Sayer. As of 2014, they are still recording and making live appearances.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_Dog_Night