This Mortal Coil Lyrics

Genre: Rock

This Mortal Coil Lyrics - by Popularity

1 (Nothing Like) Blood
2 ’Til I Gain Control Again
3 I Want to Live
4 Several Times
5 Fyt
6 I Come and Stand At Every Door (Remastered)
7 I Must Have Been Blind (Remastered)
8 Firebrothers
9 Help Me Lift You Up
10 The Jeweller (Remastered)
11 Bitter (Remastered)
12 ’Till I Can Gain Control Again
13 Acid, Bitter and Sad
14 Carolyn's Song
15 Tarantula (Remastered)
16 Several Times (Remastered)
17 'Till I Can Gain Control Again
18 You & Your Sister
19 D.D. and E.
20 My Father (Remastered)
21 Late Night (Remastered)
22 Song of the Siren
23 Song to the Siren
24 Dreams Are Like Water
25 Come Here My Love (Remastered)
26 Help Me Lift You Up (Remastered)
27 We Never Danced
28 Late Night
29 I Am the Cosmos
30 Strength of Strings (Remastered)
31 Carolyn's Song (Remastered)
32 (Nothing But) Blood
33 You and Your Sister
34 Kangaroo
35 Morning Glory (Remastered)
36 'Til I Gain Control Again (Remastered)
37 The Jeweller
38 I Come and Stand at Every Door
39 Holocaust
40 I Want to Live (Remastered)
41 Dreams Are Like Water (Remastered)
42 Tarantula
43 With Tomorrow
44 Fond Affections
45 Alone (Remastered)
46 I Am The Cosmos (Remastered)
47 My Father
48 Sixteen Days / Gathering Dust
49 Another Day
50 Drugs (Remastered)
51 (Nothing But) Blood (Remastered)
52 Strength of Strings
53 a Single Wish
54 Not Me
55 Song To The Siren (single remastered)
56 Sixteen Days / Gathering Dust (Remastered)
57 Morning Glory
58 The Lace Maker
59 Nature’s Way
60 Mr. Somewhere (Remastered)
61 Kangaroo (Single) [Remastered]
62 I Must Have Been Blind
63 Mr. Somewhere
64 Carolyn’s Song
65 With Tomorrow (Remastered)
66 Come Here My Love (Single) [Remastered]
67 Alone
68 Loose Joints
69 The Lacemaker
70 Ruddy And Wretched
71 Loose Joints (Remastered)
72 Drugs (Single Remastered)
73 Drugs
74 Nature's Way
75 Fire Brothers
76 'til I Gain Control
77 You and Your Sister (Remastered)
78 Acid, Bitter And Sad (Remastered)
79 Come Here My Love
80 Bitter
81 Tears
82 Nature's Way (Remastered)
83 'Til I Gain Control Again

This Mortal Coil Bio

This Mortal Coil was a project led by Ivo Watts-Russell, founder of the British record label 4AD. Although Watts-Russell and John Fryer were technically the only two official members, the band's recorded output featured a large rotating cast of supporting artists, many of whom were signed to, or otherwise associated with, 4AD. About half of the songs released were cover versions, often of 1960s and 1970s psychedelic and folk acts. On each of the band's three LPs, at least one song would also be a cover of a 4AD artist, and most of the original songs were instrumentals.

The name 'This Mortal Coil' is taken from Shakespeare's Hamlet.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/This_Mortal_Coil