Third Day Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Third Day Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Born Again
2 Revelation
3 Who I Am
4 Praise Song
5 Never Bow Down
6 Call My Name
7 Sing a Song
8 Mountain Of God
9 You Make Me Mad
10 Nothing Compares
11 Your Love Oh Lord
12 Let Me Love You
13 40 Days
14 You Are Mine
15 Show Me Your Glory
16 Come On Back to Me
17 Consuming Fire
18 Tunnel
19 I've Always Loved You
20 I Wanna Sing
21 Offering
22 Love Song
23 You Are so Good to Me
24 Alien
25 When the Rain Comes
26 Ready
27 Cry Out To Jesus
28 Your Love Endures
29 'Til the Day I Die
30 Blackbird
31 This Is Who I Am
32 Slow Down
33 Movin on Up [From the Second Chance]
34 God of Wonders
35 Eagles
36 This Song Was Ment For You
37 I Believe
38 Jesus, Light Of The World
39 Thief
40 Give Love
41 King of Glory
42 Come Together
43 Believe
44 Blessed Assurance
45 Take It All
46 Saved
47 Get On
48 I Got a Feeling
49 Agnus Dei
50 It's a Shame
51 Did You Mean It
52 Carry My Cross
53 Holy Spirit
54 Sky Falls Down
55 How Do You Know
56 Run To You
57 I See Love
58 The Victory
59 Lift Up Your Face
60 I Don't Know
61 Long Time Comin'
62 He Is Alive
63 It's Alright
64 I Deserve?
65 Innocent
66 Mama
67 May Your Wonders Never Cease
68 Take Me Back
69 Don't Give Up Hope
70 She Sings In Riddles
71 Otherside
72 In Jesus Name
73 What Good
74 My Hope Is You
75 Love Heals Your Heart
76 Nothing at All
77 Forever Yours
78 Children Of God
79 This Song Was Meant For You
80 Lead Us Back
81 Born In Bethlehem
82 Peace
83 Christmas Like A Child
84 Rise Up
85 Time's Running Out On Me
86 Everywhere You Go
87 Hit Me Like A Bomb
88 I Will Always Be True
89 Maker
90 The First Noel
91 Take My Life
92 Morning Has Broken
93 Follow Me There
94 Kicking and Screaming
95 Victorious
96 Silent Night
97 Your Love Oh Lord (Psalm 36)
98 Gone
99 Wire
100 Your Love Is Like A River
101 I Know You Can
102 Merry Christmas
103 Give Me A Reason
104 Don't Say Goodbye
105 All the Heavens
106 O Come All Ye Faithful
107 I'll Be Your Miracle
108 Rockstar
109 These Thousand Hills
110 Caught Up In Yourself
111 Father of Lights
112 Away In A Manger
113 Gomer's Theme
114 Thank You All
115 Make Your Move
116 Agnus Dei/Worthy (live)
117 The One I Love
118 My Hope Is You 2006 (New Recording)
119 More To This
120 Can't Take The Pain
121 Sound Of Voice
122 My Hope Is You (live)
123 Praise The Invisible
124 I Will Hold My Head High
125 Creed
126 Surrender
127 Thief (live)
128 A Star
129 Arise
130 You're Everywhere
131 Give
132 My Heart
133 Trust In Jesus
134 Blind
135 Consuming Fire (live)
136 Underwater
137 Show Me Your Glory (live)
138 Your Love Is Like A River (Live)
139 I Need a Miracle
140 My Hope Is In You
141 I'ts alright
142 What Have You Got To Lose
143 Love Song (live)
144 Nothing Compares (live)
145 Mountain of God (Live)
146 I Can Feel It
147 The Everlasting
148 Took My Place
149 Still Listening
150 Sound Of Your Voice
151 Soul On Fire
152 Medley - Give/Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus/With Or Without You/Your Love Oh Lord (live)
153 Born Again (Live)
154 Keep On Shinin'
155 Forever
156 San Angelo
157 You Are My Everything
158 Just To Be With You
159 I Got You
160 Angels We Have Heard On High
161 Spirit
162 Billy Brown
163 Take My Life (live)
164 Soul On Fire (Live)
165 Communion
166 For The Rest Of My Life
167 Manger Throne
168 City On A Hill
169 Your Words
170 Anything
171 Have Mercy
172 Children of God (Live)
173 Livin' for Jesus
174 What Child Is This?
175 I Want To Believe In You
176 Better Is One Day
177 Sing Praises
178 Carry Me Home
179 Our Deliverer
180 Alien (Live)
181 How's Your Head
182 Offering (Live)

Third Day Bio

Third Day is a CCM band formed in Marietta, Georgia during the 1990s. The band was founded by lead singer Mac Powell and guitarist Mark Lee. The other band members are bassist Tai Anderson and drummer David Carr. The band's name is a reference to the biblical account of Jesus rising from the dead on the third day following his Crucifixion.

Third Day began in 1991, when singer Mac Powell and guitarist Mark Lee finished studying at McEachern High School in Powder Springs, Georgia. They had already played together in a garage band called Nuclear Hoedown, but now wanted to form a band where they could express their faith in God. Powell and Lee added a keyboard player named Billy Wilkins, and dedicated their time to write songs and perform around the state of Georgia.

As the band completed its line-up, they also started playing steadily around the South-east area. They also started playing at an Marietta venue called the Strand Theatre. The management of the local decided to sign the band to a new independent record label called Gray Dot Records. That same year, the band released the album Third Day, which ended up selling 20,000 copies. Shortly after, Reunion Records signed the band to a multi-album deal.

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