Thin Lizzy Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Thin Lizzy Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Jailbreak
2 Showdown
3 Still In Love With You (Lynott)
4 Romeo And The Lonely Girl (Lynott)
5 Ballad Of A Hard Man (Gorham)
6 Cowboy Song
7 Don't Believe a Word
8 Spirit Slips Away (Lynott)
9 Whisky in the Jar
10 Sarah
11 Killer On The Loose
12 Eire (Lynott)
13 We Will Be Strong
14 Freedom Song (Lynott, Gorham)
15 The Friendly Ranger at Clontarf Castle
16 She Knows (Lynott, Gorham)
17 Freedom Song
18 Chinatown
19 Got To Give It Up
20 Showdown (Lynott)
21 Genocide (The Killing Of The Buffalo)
22 Having A Good Time
23 Heart Attack (Gorham, Lynott, Wharton)
24 Angel from the Coast
25 Fight or Fall
26 Trouble Boys
27 It's Getting Dangerous (Gorham, Lynott)
28 Bad Reputation
29 Sweetheart
30 Boogie Woogie Dance
31 Mexican Blood (Lynott)
32 Waiting for an Alibi
33 Cruising In The Lizzymobile
34 It's Only Money (Lynott)
35 Baby Face (Lynott)
36 Return Of The Farmer's Son (Lynott, Downey)
37 King's Vengeance (Gorham, Lynott)
38 The Hero And The Madman (Lynott)
39 Don't Believe A Word (Lynott)
40 With Love
41 Southbound
42 Rosalie (Seger)
43 Little Darling
44 Sweet Marie
45 Vagabond Of The Western World (Lynott)
46 Johnny (Lynott)
47 Rocky
48 Honesty Is No Excuse
49 Memory Pain
50 Roisin Dubh
51 Call The Police (Lynott)
52 Sha La La
53 Baby Please Don't Go (Lynott)
54 Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed (Lynott, Gorha
55 Toughest Street In Town
56 Diddy Levine
57 Parisienne Walkways
58 Rockilla
59 Wild One
60 Chatting Today (Lynott)
61 Didn't I
62 Get Out Of Here
63 Bad Habits (Gorham, Lynott)
64 Suicide (Lynott)
65 Wild One (Lynott)
66 Renegade
67 Mama Nature Said
68 Massacre (Lynott, Gorham, Downey)
69 Dancing in the Moonlight (It's Caught Me in the Spotlight)
70 Ray Gun
71 Randolphs Tango
72 Old Flame
73 Do Anything You Want To
74 I Don't Want To Forget How To Jive
75 She Knows
76 Cold Sweat (Lynott, Sykes)
77 Angel From The Coast (Lynott, Robertson)
78 Mexican Blood
79 The Hero and the Madman
80 Old Flame (Lynott)
81 Chatting Today
82 Look What the Wind Blew In
83 Sitamoia
84 Frankie Carroll
85 Angel Of Death (Lynott, Wharton)
86 A Song for While I'm Away
87 Sarah (Lynott)
88 Cowboy Song (Lynott, Downey)
89 My Sarah
90 Slow Blues
91 Rocky (Lynott, Gorham, Downey)
92 Baby Face
93 Eire
94 The Boys Are Back in Town
95 Philomena
96 Angel Of Death (Lynott, Wharton) [lorelei Version]
97 Still In Love With You
98 Shades Of A Blue Orphanage
99 Hey You
100 Angel Of Death
101 Someday She Is Going To Hit Back (Downey, Lynott,
102 Emerald
103 Borderline
104 The Rocker
105 Sweet Marie (Lynott, Gorham)
106 The Rise and Dear Demise of the Funky Nomadic Tribes
107 Return of the Farmer's Son
108 The Farmer
109 Dear Heart
110 Fats (Lynott, White)
111 The Rise And Dear Demise Of The Funky Nomadic Trib
112 Leave This Town
113 The Holy War (Lynott)
114 This Is The One (Lynott, Wharton)
115 Fight Or Fall (Lynott)
116 Vagabond of the Western World
117 Are You Ready
118 South Bound
119 Clifton Grange Hotel
120 Things Aint Working Out Down At The Farm
121 Johnny
122 Hollywood (Down On Your Luck (Gorham, Lynott)
123 Buffalo Gal
124 Clifton Grange Hotel (Lynott)
125 Sugar Blues
126 Heart Attack
127 The Sun Goes Down (Lynott, Wharton)
128 Jailbreak (Lynott)
129 Little Girl In Bloom
130 Baby Drives Me Crazy
131 Half Caste
132 Saga of the Ageing Orphan
133 Night Life
134 Boys Are Back
135 Diddy Levine (Lynott)
136 This Is The One
137 Thunder And Lightning (Downey, Lynott)
138 S&M
139 Gonna Creep Up On You
140 Black Boys On the Corner
141 Jail Break
142 Remembering
143 Whiskey in the Jar
144 It's Only Money
145 Leave This Town (Gorham, Lynott)
146 Dancing In The Moonlight
147 For Those Who Love to Live
148 Genocide (Killing Of The Buffalo)
149 Whisky In The Jar - Full Length Version
150 A Song For While I'm Away (Lynott)
151 Running Back
152 The Pressure Will Blow
153 Song For While I'm Away
154 Broken Dreams
155 Rosalie
156 Old Moon Madness
157 Bandshee (Lynott)
158 Dear Lord
159 Dancing in the Moonlight (It's Caught Me in It's Spotlight)
160 Honesty Is No Excuse (Lynott)
161 Fools Gold
162 Gonna Creep Up On You (Bell, Lynott)
163 The Boys Are Back In Town (Lynott)
164 China Town
165 Randolph's Tango
166 Come Running
167 Remembering (Part Two)
168 Dear Heart (Lynott)
169 No One Told Him (Lynott)
170 Downtown Sundown
171 Johnny the Fox Meets Jimmy the Weed
172 Look What The Wind Blew In (Lynott)
173 Fighting My Way Back (Lynott)
174 Fats
175 Little Girl In Bloom (Lynott)
176 Warriors (Lynott, Gorham)
177 Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The World
178 Dedication
179 Brought Down
180 Massacre
181 Frankie Carroll (Lynott)
182 Romeo and the Lonely Girl
183 Renegade (Lynott, White)
184 Killer Without a Cause
185 Ballad of the Hard Man
186 Ray Gun (Bell)
187 For Those Who Love To Live (Lynott, Downey)
188 Hollywood
189 Mama Nature Said (Lynott)
190 Boogie Woogie Dance (Lynott)
191 No One Told Him
192 Things Ain't Working Out Down At The Farm
193 Dublin
194 A Night In The Life Of A Blues Singer
195 Warrior
196 The Pressure Will Blow (Gorham, Lynott)
197 Opium Trail
198 Black Rose
199 Remembering (Lynott)
200 Someday She Is Going To Hit Back
201 Slow Blues (Downey, Lynott)
202 Borderline (Lynott, Robertson)
203 Cold Sweat
204 Suicide
205 Here I Go Again
206 Rosalie/Cowgirl's Song
207 Me And The Boys
208 Night Life (Lynott)
209 Got To Give Up
210 Soldier of Fortune
211 King's Vengeance
212 Thunder And Lightning
213 It's Getting Dangerous
214 I Need You
215 Things Ain't Workin' Out Down at the Farm
216 Philomena (Lynott)
217 Call the Police
218 Brought Down (Lynott)
219 Silver Dollar
220 Saga Of The Ageing Orphan (Lynott)
221 Fighting My Way Back
222 The Rocker (Bell, Downey, Lynott)
223 Fool's Gold (Lynott)
224 Roisin Dubh (Black Rose): A Rock Legend
225 Banshee
226 S and M
227 Sha-La-La (Lynott, Downey)
228 Spirit Slips Away
229 Buffalo Gal (Lynott)
230 That Woman's Gonna Break Your Heart
231 The Sun Goes Down
232 The Friendly Ranger At Clontarf Castle (Bell : Lyn
233 Silver Dollar (Robertson)

Thin Lizzy Bio

Thin Lizzy are an Irish rock band formed in Dublin in 1969. Two of the founding members, drummer Brian Downey and bass guitarist/vocalist Phil Lynott, met while still in school. Lynott assumed the role of frontman and led them throughout their recording career of twelve studio albums. Thin Lizzy are best known for their songs "Whiskey in the Jar", "Jailbreak" and "The Boys Are Back in Town", all major international hits still played regularly on hard rock and classic rock radio stations. After Lynott's death in 1986, various incarnations of the band have emerged over the years based initially around guitarists Scott Gorham and John Sykes, though Sykes left the band in 2009. Gorham later continued with a new line-up including Downey.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thin_Lizzy