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Genre: Rock

The Zombies Lyrics - by Popularity

1 This Will Be Our Year
2 You Make Me Feel So Good
3 Care Of Cell 44
4 Brief Candles
5 Friends Of Mine
6 Gotta Get A Hold Of Myself
7 Beechwood Park
8 Time of the Season
9 Tell Her No
10 Just Out Of Reach
11 New York
12 She's Not There (Live at Metropolis Studios)
13 Soulville
14 I’ll Call You Mine
15 Kenney Everett Interview and Jingle Medley
16 A Moment In Time
17 I'll Call You Mine (single version)
18 I Remember When I Loved Her (Mono Version)
19 Nothing's Changed
20 Can’t Nobody Love You
21 Beechwood Park (Mono Version)
22 Imagine The Swan
23 I Love You (Live)
24 And We Were Young Again
25 Summertime (Live at Metropolis Studios)
26 Rip It Up
27 Whenever You’re Ready
28 Time Of The Season - re-recording
29 Another Day
30 Maybe After He’s Gone (stereo)
31 Time of the Season (Alternative Mix)
32 It's All Right With Me
33 Sticks and Stones (alternate take)
34 A Love That Never Was (Demo Version)
35 I Know She Will
36 Sticks and Stones (Live)
37 Maybe Tomorrow
38 Any Other Way
39 Interview The Zombies Return to University
40 She’s Coming Home
41 Chasing the Past
42 I Do Believe
43 Butcher’s Tale (stereo)
44 I Can't Make My Mind Up
45 I Know She Will (demo)
46 Care of Cell 44 (Live)
47 She Does Everything For Me
48 Can't Nobody Love You (Live)
49 Hold Your Head Up (Live)
50 Now I Know I'll Never Get Over You
51 Let It Go
52 Tell Her No #3
53 Hold Your Head Up
54 Moving On
55 Maybe After He’s Gone (mono)
56 Time of the Season (US Radio Spot)
57 I’ll Call You Mine (stereo mix #1)
58 A Rose for Emily (Live)
59 I Could Spend The Day
60 I Love You (Live at Metropolis Studios)
61 Little One
62 Christmas for the Free
63 You Must Believe Me
64 Breathe Out, Breathe In
65 This Will Be Our Year (From" Retrospective: The Music Of Mad Men" Soundtrack)
66 Rose for Emily
67 Butcher’s Tale (mono)
68 Time of the Season (Mono Version)
69 I Love You
70 I’ll Call You Mine (overdubbed)
71 Maybe After He's Gone (Live)
72 Is This The Dream
73 Can't Nobody Love You (Live at Metropolis Studios)
74 Beyond the Borderline
75 She's Not There
76 Interview Globetrotting Zombies
77 Time of the Season (Re-Recorded)
78 I Want to Fly (Live)
79 Nothing’s Changed (mono)
80 This Will Be Our Year (Mono Version)
81 Leave Me Be
82 I Don’t Want to Know
83 Beechwood Park (Live)
84 Remember You
85 Any Other Way (Live at Metropolis Studios)
86 I Want You Back Again (2015)
87 Whenever You're Ready
88 Just A Little Bit
89 Leave Me Be (backing track) (take 1)
90 Indication (Live)
91 Butcher’s Tale
92 Woman (Demo Version)
93 A Love That Never Was
94 I'll Call You Mine (overdubbed)
95 Brief Candles (Live)
96 Girl Help Me
97 A Rose for Emily (Live at Metropolis Studios)
98 You Make Me Feel Good
99 If It Don't Work Out
100 Pop Profile Colin Blunstone
101 Just Out of Reach (backing track) (take 4)
102 Just Out of Reach (Live)
103 Hung Up On A Dream
104 I’ll Call You Mine (single version)
105 Maybe After He's Gone (Mono Version)
106 The Way I Feel Inside
107 You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me / Bring It On Home to Me
108 Hung Up On a Dream (Live)
109 Sticks And Stones
110 Care of Cell 44 (Live at Metropolis Studios)
111 Wee Baby Blues
112 She's Coming Home
113 It’s Alright
114 Whenever You're Ready (backing track) (take 1)
115 Time of the Season (U.S. Radio Spot)
116 Changes
117 Nothing's Changed (mono)
118 Sometimes (Intro)
119 I'll Keep Trying
120 It’s Alright With Me
121 Changes (Live)
122 Sometimes
123 This Will Be Our Year (Live at Metropolis Studios)
124 Interview The Zombies Find America
125 Don't Cry for Me
126 Interview The Zombies Talk About America
127 She's Not There (Re-Recording)
128 I Want Her She Wants Me
129 Butcher's Tale
130 Walking In the Sun (Undubbed Version)
131 Walking In The Sun
132 I Want Her, She Wants Me (Live)
133 Woman
134 Beechwood Park (Live at Metropolis Studios)
135 What More Can I Do
136 Maybe After He's Gone
137 Will You Love Me Tomorrow
138 Sometimes (Intro Takes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
139 The Way I Feel Inside (Mono Version)
140 Butcher's Tale (Western Front 1914)
141 I Can't Make Up My Mind
142 I Want Her She Wants Me (Mono Version)
143 I Remember When I Loved Her
144 This Will Be Our Year (Live)
145 The Look Of Love
146 I Want Her, She Wants Me (Live at Metropolis Studios)
147 Interview Before They Were Zombies
148 I'll Call You Mine
149 When the Lovelight Starts Shining Through Her Eyes
150 Don't Go Away
151 Any Other Way (Live)
152 Woman (Stereo Mix)
153 I Don't Want to Know
154 The Way I Feel Inside (Rehearsal Version)
155 Smokey Day
156 Butcher's Tale (Live)
157 Goin' Out Of My Head
158 Time of the Season (Live at Metropolis Studios)
159 I’m Going Home
160 Maybe After He’s Gone
161 Sitting In the Park
162 Whenever You're Ready (Live)
163 You Make Me Feel Good (Stereo Mix)
164 It's Alright with Me
165 Hung Up On a Dream (Mono Version)
166 I Must Move
167 Friends of Mine (Live)
168 Road Runner
169 Whenever You're Ready (Live at Metropolis Studios)
170 For You My Love
171 If It Don’t Work Out
172 Interview Colin Talks About the Continent
173 Play It For Real
174 Summertime (Live)
175 Don't Go Away (Mono Version)
176 Indication
177 You've Really Got a Hold on Me / Bring It on Home to Me
178 Friends of Mine (Mono Version)
179 How We Were Before
180 Time of the Season (Live)
181 Summertime
182 Tell Her No (Live at Metropolis Studios)
183 Interview Different Instruments
184 Don’t Cry for Me
185 This Old Heart of Mine
186 Shine On Sunshive
187 She's Not There (Mono)
188 I Love You (Stereo Mix)
189 Can't Nobody Love You
190 Butcher's Tale (Western Front 1914) [Mono Version]
191 She Loves The Way They Love Her
192 Tell Her No (Live)
193 A Rose For Emily
194 Hold Your Head Up (Live at Metropolis Studios)
195 Tell Her No #2
196 She’s Not There
197 Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever
198 Show Me The Way
199 She's Not There (Stereo)
200 She's Not There (Stereo Mix)
201 I Want You Back Again
202 I Can’t Make Up My Mind
203 Brief Candles (Mono Version)
204 I Don't Want To Worry
205 She's Not There (Live)
206 Edge of the Rainbow

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The Zombies Bio

The Zombies are an English rock band, formed in 1961 in St Albans and led by Rod Argent (piano, organ, and vocals) and Colin Blunstone (vocals). The group scored a UK and United States hit in 1964 with "She's Not There". In the USA two further singles, "Tell Her No" and, in 1968, "Time of the Season", were also successful.

Their 1968 album Odessey and Oracle, comprising twelve songs by the group's principal songwriters, Argent and Chris White, is ranked 80 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

The group formed in 1961 in St Albans, England, and gained their initial reputation playing the Old Verulamians Rugby Club in that city. The group was formed while the members were at school. Some sources state that Argent, Atkinson and Grundy were at St Albans School, while Blunstone and White were students at St Albans Boys' Grammar School (since renamed Verulam School). Argent was a boy chorister in St Albans Cathedral Choir.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Zombies