The Veronicas Lyrics

Genre: Rock

The Veronicas Lyrics - by Popularity

1 What's Going On?
2 4 Ever
3 Good Times
4 We Are One
5 This Is How It Feels - Amended Version
6 I Don't Wanna Wait
7 Teardrop
8 Untouched (Napack - Dangerous Muse dub)
9 Untouched (Live)
10 Grown-Up Christmas List
11 Everything (Bonus Track)
12 Wannabe
13 Untouched
14 Don't Say Goodbye - feat. Tania Doko Non-Album Track
15 This Is How It Feels
16 4ever (Cicada Remix)
17 When It All Falls Apart (album version)
18 This Is How It Feels (Live)
19 Cruel
20 Untouched (Listen Deep Remix)
21 All About Us
22 Cry
23 Hook Me Up
24 4ever - Live In Australia - 2006 Revolution Tour
25 Change the World
26 Take Me On the Floor (Live)
27 Heavily Broken (live)
28 4ever (Bonus Track)
29 Teenage Millionaire
30 Burin' Up
31 We're Not Gonna Take It
32 Stay
33 This Love
34 Everything I'm Not - Live In Australia - 2006 Revolution Tour
35 Everything I'm Not (Jason Nevins radio mix)
36 Everything (Live)
37 Everything I'm Not (Jason Nevins remix edit)
38 Change the World (Bonus Track)
39 Born Bob Dylan
40 When It All Falls Apart (Lost In Space Remix)
41 When It All Falls Apart (Simlish)
42 4ever (Morel's Pink Noise Edit)
43 Take Me On the Floor
44 When It All Falls Apart - Live In Australia - 2006 Revolution Tour
45 Revolution
46 Popular (Live)
47 Everything I'm Not (album version)
48 Untouched (Listen Deep Remix) [Bonus Track]
49 Always
50 Untouched (Single Edit)
51 Untouched (Eddie Amador club remix)
52 4ever (Claude le Gache dub)
53 Popular
54 Revolution - Live In Australia - 2006 Revolution Tour
55 Untouched (Designer Drugs remix)
56 Mouth Shut (Live)
57 4ever (E Smoove club)
58 Cross My Heart
59 Mad Love
60 How Long
61 4ever (album version)
62 4ever (Morel's Pink Noise dub)
63 Revenge Is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were)
64 Leave Me Alone - Live In Australia - 2006 Revolution Tour
65 4ever (L.E.X. PCH Edit)
66 Revolution (Live)
67 Untouched (Eddie Amador Remix Edit)
68 Spirits and Sin
69 More Like Me
70 Did Ya Think
71 Hook Me Up (Tommy Trash Remix)
72 Lolita (Single)
73 Someone Wake Me Up
74 Heavily Broken - Live In Australia - 2006 Revolution Tour
75 4ever (E Smoove Club Edit)
76 Revenge Is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were) [Live]
77 Untouched (Von Doom Radio)
78 Sugar Daddy
79 Cold
80 4ever (L.E.X. P.C.H. Mix)
81 4ever (Mac Quayle Break Edit)
82 Leave Me Alone
83 Heavily Broken
84 Wrong
85 When It All Falls Apart
86 Secret (Live)
87 Untouched (Designer Drugs Remix Edit)
88 Everything I'm Not (video)
89 Let Me Out
90 Untouched (Napack - Dangerous Muse remix)
91 It's Showtime
92 All I Have
93 I Could Get Used to This
94 Till I Say It's Over
95 Secret
96 Mother Mother (Live)
97 Untouched (Napack - Dangerous Muse Remix Edit)
98 Making of "Everything I'm Not" Video
99 You and Me
100 4ever (Claude le Gache mixshow)
101 Untouched (Von Doom mixshow)
102 4Ever
103 Nobody Wins
104 Everything I'm Not (Jason Nevins Extended Mix)
105 Mouth Shut
106 Hook Me Up (Live)
107 The Wild Side
108 Untouched (Unplugged)
109 Line of Fire
110 4ever (Morel's Pink Noise mix)
111 Everything I Need
112 Worlds Apart
113 Everything I'm Not
114 Speechless
115 Everything I'm Not (Jason Nevins Electromagnetic Dub)
116 A Teardrop Hitting the Ground
117 This Love (Live)
118 Us Against The World
119 Hollywood (Non-Album Track)
120 Sanctified
121 4ever (L.E.X. PCH mix)
122 Fall So Hard
123 Faded
124 Pop: When It All Falls Apart
125 On Your Side
126 Everything
127 Everything I'm Not (Eddie Baez Mix)
128 4ever (Mac Quayle Break mix)
129 4ever (Live)
130 The Wild Side (Karaoke Version)
131 Insomnia (Non-Album Track)
132 Did You Miss Me (I'm a Veronica)
133 Untouched (Eddie Amador dub)
134 Insomnia
135 In My Blood
136 In Another Life
137 Everything I'm Not (Claude le Gache Edit)
138 4ever (Claude le Gache extended vocal)
139 Everything I'm Not (Live)
140 Lolita
141 Everything (Non-Album Track)
142 You Ruin Me
143 Hook Me Up Album (Track by Track)
144 Untouched (Album Version)
145 Hollywood
146 Everything I'm Not - Live Amended
147 Goodbye to You
148 Heavily Broken (Live Version)
149 Mother Mother
150 All I Have (Live)
151 4Ever 2009
152 Everything I'm Not (Eddie Baez Mix Edit)
153 If You Love Someone
154 4ever (Claude Le Gache Vocal Edit)
155 Double Trouble
156 This Is How It Feels - Live Amended
157 I Can't Stay Away
158 Revolution (Live Version)
159 With Love
160 When It All Falls Apart (Live)
161 Everything I'm Not (Claude Le Gache Club Mix)
162 Untouched (Von Doom Club)
163 Related Theme Song
164 Forever
165 Untouched (Von Doom club mix)

The Veronicas Albums

The Veronicas Bio

The Veronicas are a pop-rock band based in Australia. The band was formed in 2005, in Brisbane, Australia, by twin sisters Jessica and Lisa Origliasso.

They have just released two studio albums since forming three years ago, the first being The Secret Life Of... in 2005. The debut album went on to peak at #2 on the Australian charts and gain an ARIA certification of four times platinum, for 280,000+ sales. The Secret Life Of... spawned five singles, including three top ten singles in Australia.

The duo released their second album Hook Me Up in 2007, it also peaked at #2 on the Australian charts, earning a certification of two times platinum. The album has had four Australian top ten singles released from it to date. The album's title track, "Hook Me Up", was The Veronicas' first number one single in Australia.

Born to Italian (Sicilian)-Australian parents on 25 December 1984, they grew up in Albany Creek (northwest of Brisbane, Australia), where they attended Ferny Grove State High School and Wavell State High School. At an early age the girls expressed interest in performing; they participated with small local papers in shows on television and radio.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Veronicas