The Velvet Underground Lyrics

Genre: Rock

The Velvet Underground Albums

The Velvet Underground Lyrics - by Popularity

1 All Tomorrow's Parties (Demo)
2 Rock and Roll
3 Jesus (Closet Mix)
4 Pale Blue Eyes
5 Here She Comes Now
6 Train Round The Bend (Alternate Mix)
7 Head Held High
8 Jesus ("Closet Mix" Version)
9 Sweet Jane
10 What Goes On (Closet Mix Version)
11 That's the Story of My Life
12 Train Round the Bend
13 Ferryboat Bill
14 Oh Gin
15 I Heard Her Call My Name
16 Rock 'n Roll
17 We're Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together
18 Cool It Down
19 The Black Angel's Death Song
20 Pale Blue Eyes ("Closet Mix" Version)
21 Heroin
22 Femme Fatale
23 Coyote
24 I'm Not Too Sorry (Now That You're Gone) [Demo]
25 Venus in Furs
26 All Tomorrow's Parties
27 It Was a Pleasure Then
28 Some Kinda Love (Closet Mix)
29 Some Kinda Love
30 Andy's Chest
31 Little Sister
32 Candy Says (Closet Mix)
33 Beginning to See the Light ("Closet Mix" Version)
34 European Son
35 What Goes On (Closet Mix)
36 Hey Mr. Rain 1
37 Ocean (Outtake)
38 White Light / White Heat
39 Love Makes You Feel Ten Feet Tall (Demo)
40 Prominent Men (Demo)
41 Ride Into The Sun (Demo)
42 Sister Ray
43 Oh! Sweet Nuthin'
44 After Hours
45 Stephanie Says
46 Ocean [Live]
47 Chelsea Girls
48 Lonesome Cowboy Bill
49 Who Loves The Sun (Alternate Mix)
50 Countess From Hong Kong (Demo)
51 Temptation Inside Your Heart
52 One of These Days
53 I'm Sticking With You
54 White Light/White Heat
55 I Found a Reason
56 Run, Run, Run
57 That's the Story of My Life ("Closet Mix" Version)
58 I Can't Stand It
59 I'm Gonna Move Right In
60 Lisa Says
61 I'm Waiting for the Man
62 Lonesome Cowboy Bill (Early Version)
63 Sunday Morning
64 Foggy Notion
65 I'll Be Your Mirror
66 There She Goes Again
67 After Hours (Closet Mix)
68 Beginning to See the Light
69 Coney Island Steeplechase
70 Jesus
71 Hey Mr. Rain
72 Afterhours

The Velvet Underground Bio

The Velvet Underground was an American rock band formed in New York City. First active from 1964 to 1973, its best-known members were Lou Reed and John Cale, who both went on to find success as solo artists. Although experiencing little commercial success while together, the band is often cited by many critics as one of the most important and influential groups of the 1960s. In a 1982 interview Brian Eno made the often repeated statement that while the first Velvet Underground album may have sold only 30,000 copies in its early years, "everyone who bought one of those 30,000 copies started a band."

Andy Warhol managed the Velvet Underground and it was the house band at his studio, the Factory, and his Exploding Plastic Inevitable events. The provocative lyrics of some of the band's songs gave a nihilistic outlook to some of their music.

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