The Triffids Lyrics

Genre: Rock

The Triffids Lyrics - by Popularity

1 When My Heart Breaks
2 My Baby Thinks She's a Train (Live)
3 Open For You
4 Dear Miss Lonely Hearts
5 Too Hot to Move, Too Hot to Think (Live On Adelaide Radio '88)
6 Red Pony
7 Monkey on My Back
8 Chicken Killer
9 Rosevel (Live)
10 Calenture
11 Holy Water
12 Fairytale Love (Live At RMIT Storey Hall '89)
13 Hell of a Summer
14 Embedded
15 Bury Me Deep in Love (rehearsal demo)
16 Hell of a Summer (Live)
17 There Must Be A Curse On Me
18 Kelly's Blues
19 Wide Open Road
20 Beautiful Waste
21 Old Ghostrider
22 Kelly's Blues (rehearsal demo)
23 Tender Is the Night (The Long Fidelity)
24 Burned
25 Better Off This Way
26 Too Hot to Move
27 Raining Pleasure
28 Madeline
29 A Trick of the Light (rehearsal demo)
30 A Trick of the Light
31 Calentura
32 Crucifixion Speech
33 American Sailors
34 Bright Lights Big City
35 Dear Miss Lonelyhearts
36 Hometown Farewell Kiss (rehearsal demo)
37 Save What You Can
38 Branded
39 Mother Silhouette
40 Falling Over You
41 The Seabirds
42 Native Bride (live)
43 Open for You (rehearsal demo)
44 Blinder by the Hour (rehearsal demo)
45 Estuary Bed
46 Hometown Farewell Kiss
47 Hanging Shed
48 Once a Day
49 Goodbye Little Boy
50 Lonely Stretch
51 Field of Glass
52 Vagabond Holes (rehearsal demo)
53 The 107
54 Unmade Love
55 Tender Is the Night (The Long Fidelity) [Alternate Version]
56 Just Might Fade Away
57 Bottle of Love
58 In the Pines
59 Everything You Touch Turns to Time
60 Jerdacuttup Man (rehearsal demo)
61 When a Man Turns Bad
62 Place in the Sun
63 Raining Pleasure (From 'Raining Pleasure' Mini-Album)
64 Tarrilup Bridge
65 The Spinning Top Song
66 Property Is Condemned
67 Bad News Always Reminds Me of You
68 Save What You Can (studio demo)
69 Of the Plaza
70 Stolen Property
71 One Mechanic Town (Live Demo Version)
72 Old Ghost Rider
73 New Year's Greetings
74 Personal Things
75 Bury Me Deep in Love
76 St James Infirmary
77 White Shawl
78 Kathy Knows
79 Nothing Good Is Going to Come of This
80 Do You Want Me Near You
81 Good Fortune Rose
82 Keep Your Eyes on the Hole
83 Baby Can I Walk You Home
84 Everybody Has to Eat
85 Time of Weakness
86 New Years Greetings
87 Love and Affection (Fragment)
88 Suntrapper
89 One Mechanic Town
90 Love the Fever
91 Region Unknown
92 Ballad of Jack Frost
93 Wish to See No More
94 Native Bride
95 Mother Silhouette (Live At the Club In Melbourne '86)
96 Figurine
97 Fairytale Love
98 You Don't Miss Your Water (Till Your Well Runs Dry)
99 Vagabond Holes
100 Too Hot to Move, Too Hot to Think
101 25 To 5
102 Plaything
103 Crucifixion Speech (Live At the Club In Melbourne '86)
104 Not the Marrying Kind
105 Blinder by the Hour
106 Jesus Calling
107 Convent Walls
108 Old Ghostrider (Live)
109 One Soul Less On Your Fiery List
110 Nothing Can Take Your Place
111 Once a Day (Live At the Club In Melbourne '86)
112 Blinder By T!he Hour
113 Jerdacuttup Man
114 Rosevel
115 Born Sandy Devotional (demo)
116 Plaything (Live)
117 Love And Affection
118 Mercy
119 A Trick of the Light (Live On Adelaide Radio '88)
120 Born Sandy Devotional
121 My Baby Thinks She's a Train
122 Life of Crime

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The Triffids Bio

Seminal Australian alternative rock and pop band formed in Perth, Western Australia, in May 1978 with charismatic, David McComb as singer-songwriter, guitarist, bass guitarist and keyboardist. They achieved negligible success in Australia, but greater success in the U.K. and Scandinavia in the 1980s and disbanded in 1989, Some of their best known songs are "Wide Open Road" (February 1986) and "Bury Me Deep in Love" (October 1987); while their 1986 album, Born Sandy Devotional was featured by SBS television in 2007 on the Great Australian Albums series and in 2010 it ranked 5th in the book 'The 100 Best Australian Albums' by Toby Creswell, Craig Mathieson and John O'Donnell.