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Toadies is a grunge band from Fort Worth, Texas. The band's lineup consisted of Todd Lewis on vocals/guitar, Mark Reznicek on drums, Lisa Umbarger on bass, and Clark Vogeler on guitar for most of the band's existence. The band formed in 1989 and officially disbanded in 2001 after Umbarger left the group, closing the year with a farewell tour across Texas. After playing periodic concerts in the ensuing years with various bassists, the band reformed in 2008 and is currently touring for their album, No Deliverance, which was released on August 19, 2008.

The Toadies formed in 1989 in Fort Worth, Texas. They began recording a few cassette singles and an EP titled Pleather before gaining fame around the Dallas/Fort Worth area and signing to Interscope Records. Their first full-length album Rubberneck was released in the summer of 1994. The album would go on to produce their most successful single "Possum Kingdom", as well as three more singles in "Away", "Tyler", and "I Come From the Water". The album would become a soundtrack and a constant play on many rock stations during the 1990s, and the track "Possum Kingdom" would go on to still be an occasional play on today's radio, as well as a track in Guitar Hero II.

On May 12, 2008, the Toadies' MySpace blog was updated with an entry announcing the release of their third studio album, No Deliverance on August 19, 2008. It will be the band's first album since 2001's Hell Below / Stars Above, which commercially was a failure. The lead single for the album was announced to be the title track, No Deliverance.

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