The Thermals Lyrics

The Thermals Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Top Of The Earth
2 Every Stitch (Live at Bottom of the Hill)
3 God and Country
4 Not Like Any Other Feeling
5 How We Fade
6 I Go Alone
7 The Sunset
8 Our Trip
9 A Pillar of Salt (acoustic)
10 Returning to the Fold
11 Only For You
12 When I Died (Demo)
13 Faces Stay With Me
14 The Sword by My Side
15 Ballad of Big Nothing
16 No Culture Icons (Ovian remix)
17 Time to Lose
18 Power Lies
19 The Howl of the Winds
20 You Will Find Me
21 God and Country (live)
22 I Know the Pattern
23 It's Trivia
24 You Changed My Life
25 Where I Stand
26 Born to Kill
27 Product Placement
28 Here's Your Future
29 Now We Can See
30 Goddamn The Light
31 Our Love Survives
32 I’m Gonna Change Your Life
33 A Pillar of Salt
34 I Might Need You to Kill
35 I Let It Go
36 My Little Machine
37 Hey You
38 I Don’t Believe You
39 A Pillar of Salt (demo)
40 An Ear For Baby
41 You Dissolve
42 Born Dead
43 If We Don't Die Today
44 I Don't Believe You
45 Returning to the Fold (Live on KEXP)
46 A Stare Like Yours
47 Brace and Break
48 Every Stitch
49 The Great Dying
50 I'm Gonna Change Your Life
51 I Might Need You to Kill (Live on KEXP)
52 End to Begin
53 An Endless Supply
54 When You're Thrown
55 In Every Way
56 Big Dipper [Built to Spill]
57 Here's Your Future (Live on KEXP)
58 St. Rosa and the Swallows
59 We Were Sick
60 Remember Today
61 The Walls
62 I Let It Go (Demo) [Bonus Track]
63 St. Rosa and The Swallows (Live on KEXP)
64 Overgrown, Overblown!
65 When I Died
66 Let Your Earth Quake, Baby
67 Thinking of You
68 The Sword By My Side (demo)
69 A Stare Like Yours (Live at Bottom of the Hill)
70 A Passing Feeling
71 When I Was Afraid (Demo)
72 At the Bottom of the Sea
73 Forward
74 Always Never Be
75 Capture With a Magnet
76 A Passing Feeling (Live at Bottom of the Hill)
77 Hold the Sound
78 Let It Go (Demo)
79 When We Were Alive
80 Keep Time
81 Years in a Day
82 Everything Thermals
83 Brace and Break (Live at Bottom of the Hill)
84 Back to the Sea
85 A Reflection
86 I Called Out Your Name
87 Test Pattern
88 My Heart Went Cold
89 No Culture Icons
90 Back to the Sea (Live at Bottom of the Hill)
91 Power Doesn't Run on Nothing
92 Alone, A Fool
93 When I Was Afraid
94 I Hold The Sound
95 Your Love Is So Strong
96 How We Know
97 Our Trip (Live at Bottom of the Hill)
98 Back to Gray
99 Never Listen To Me
100 Liquid In, Liquid Out
101 You Will Be Free
102 Separate
103 Out of the Old and Thin

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