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Genre: Rock

The Submarines Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Forest Lawn
2 Brighter Discontent (Red Version) [Live]
3 Vote (Our System's Broken)
4 Brightest Hour (Free the Robots remix)
5 Just Like Honey
6 Vote (Our System's Broken) [Live]
7 Peace and Hate (Morgan Page remix)
8 Xavia (Styrofoam remix)
9 This Conversation
10 The Thorny Thicket
11 You, Me & The Bourgeoise
12 Shoelaces
13 Darkest Things
14 Maybe
15 Xavia
16 Fire
17 Your Silent Face
18 Fern Beard
19 My Darling Clementine
20 Ivaloo
21 Shoelaces (Folked Up 4-Track Version)
22 Brightest Hour
23 Peace and Hate
24 The Sun Shines At Night
25 Fire (Folked Out 4-Track Version)
26 Submarine Symphonika
27 Clouds
28 Tigers
29 You, Me and the Bourgeoisie (The Ship Session)
30 1940
31 Vote
32 Where You Are
33 Shoelaces (EP)
34 The Wake Up Song
35 "You, Me & The Bourgeoisie"
36 Plans
37 Just Like Honey (EP)
38 Swimming Pool
39 Brighter Discontent
40 A Satellite, Stars and an Ocean Behind You
41 Brighter Discontent (Red version)
42 Boys Don't Cry
43 1940 (Amplive remix)
44 Anymore
45 Peace and Hate (Summer Fade Version) [Live]
46 You, Me and the Bourgeoisie
47 You, Me & The Bourgeoisie (Tonetiger remix)
48 Birds
49 Modern Inventions
50 You, Me and the Bourgeoisie (iPhone 3G TVCM Song)
51 Epic Air Voyage
52 Brightest Hour (Morgan Page remix)
53 The Good Night
54 Brighter Discontent (Styrofoam Remix)
55 1940 (Section Quartet Mix)
56 Submarine Symphonika (Ra Ra Riot remix)
57 Hope
58 Brighter Discontent (Morgan Page Remix)
59 Peace & Hate (Summer Fade version)
60 You, Me & The Bourgeoisie (Alaska in Winter Remi)
61 Ready or Not
62 Brighter Discontent (Console of the Notwist Remix)
63 Thorny Thicket
64 Submarine Symphonika (Wallpaper remix)

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The Submarines are an indie rock band from Los Angeles, California.

Working as solo artists in Boston, the two members of the band, John Dragonetti and Blake Hazard, were introduced through a mutual friend, Joe Klompus. Dragonetti and Hazard formed a romantic and musical partnership, then took their show to Europe. The relationship lasted for four years, but ended in the fall of 2004 when the pair moved to L.A.

After the break-up, both Hazard and Dragonetti continued writing songs, and because Hazard still recorded her music in Dragonetti's home studio, the pair quickly discovered the songs they had written were about each other and their sadness in having broken up. They decided to work on a few songs together and eventually got back together.

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