The Streets Lyrics

Genre: Electronic

The Streets Lyrics - by Popularity

1 4 O'Clock
2 Geezers Need Excitement
3 The Morning After The Day Off On One
4 Minding My Own
5 The Irony of It All
6 Too Numb
7 Backseat Barz
8 Turn the Page
9 Hotel Expressionism
10 What Is He Thinking?
11 Could Well Be In
12 Has It Come to This? (High Contrast It's Come to This Remix)
13 Not Addicted
14 Get Out of My House
15 Tidy Nice And Neat
16 Stay Positive
17 Cinema Bars
18 Breakbeat Barz
19 The Way Of The Dodo
20 Too Much Brandy
21 Who Got the Funk?
22 Who Dares Wins
23 Blip On a Screen
24 Going Through Hell
25 Never Give In
26 OMG
27 On The Flip Of A Coin
28 In the Middle (Nero remix)
29 Cross That Line
30 Outside Inside
31 All Got Our Runnins
32 Without a Blink
33 Memento Mori
34 Never Went To Church - Live in Manchester 7 Digital
35 On The Edge Of A Cliff
36 It's Too Late (High Contrast remix)
37 Came In Through The Door
38 Trust Me
39 Blip on the Screen
40 Such a Twat
41 Never Went To Church - Acoustic Version
42 The Strongest Person I Know
43 Let's Push Things Forward (Zed Bias dub mix)
44 Without Thinking
45 Roof of Your Car
46 Where My Heart Has Been
47 Fit But You Know It
48 The Escapist
49 Don’t Mug Yourself (live on BDO Sydney 2007)
50 Don't Hide Away
51 Abc
52 Puzzled By People
53 David Hassles
54 Dry Your Eyes
55 Has It Come To This?
56 It’s Too Late (High Contrast remix)
57 Trying to Kill M.E.
58 Those That Don't Know
59 I Love My iPhone
60 Let's Push Things Forward - Live in France
61 Fit But You Know It
62 Let’s Push Things Forward (Zed Bias dub mix)
63 He's Behind You, He's Got Swine Flu
64 Soldiers
65 A Blip On A Screen
66 Has It Come To This? - Live in France
67 Fit But You Know It
68 In the Middle
69 Infamy
70 Empty Cans
71 We Can Never Be Friends
72 Give Me My Lighter Back
73 Has It Come to This? - Original Mix
74 Fit But You Know It
75 Going Through Hell (Diplo remix)
76 Lovelight of My Life
77 Alleged Legends
78 Lock the Locks
79 Your Song
80 Blinded By The Lights
81 Fetty Wap (Instrumental)
82 Weak Become Heroes (Ashley Beedle Love Bug mix)
83 Blinded by the Light (live on BDO Sydney 2007)
84 Heaven For The Weather
85 The Sherry End
86 Don't Mug Yourself
87 Dej Loaf (Instrumental)
88 Sharp Darts
89 If Love Should Go
90 Something To Hide
91 Weak Become Heroes (Röyksopp Memory Lane dub)
92 To Your Face
93 It's Too Late
94 Don’t Mug Yourself (radio edit)
95 Same Old Thing
96 Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way
97 Robots Are Taking Over
98 Give Me Back My Lighter
99 It Was Supposed to Be So Easy
100 When You Wasn't Famous - Live from the Astoria
101 Dry Your Eyes - Radio edit
102 Go Crazy (Instrumental)
103 Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way
104 On the Flip of a Coin (live)
105 Two Nations
106 The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living
107 Let's Push Things Forward
108 Let's Push Things Forward (Live)
109 Blinded by the Lights (Nero remix)
110 Let's Push Things Forward (album version)
111 At The Back Of The Line
112 Prangin’ Out (Pete and Mike’s version)
113 War of the Sexes
114 All Goes Out The Window
115 Never Went To Church
116 Has It Come to This? (Live)
117 Blinded by the Lights (album version)
118 Weak Become Heroes
119 Everything Is Borrowed (live on Jools Holland 09/08)
120 Prangin' Out
121 When You Wasn't Famous
122 Blinded By The Lights - Live From BBC 1's Radio Live Lounge
123 When You Wasn't Famous (Live from Norwich UEA)
124 Blinded by the Lights (The Mitchell Brothers version)
125 Can't Con an Honest John
126 Prangin Out (Pete and Mike's Version)
127 I Love You More (Thank You Like Me)
128 Fake Streets Hats
129 Everything Is Borrowed
130 When You Wasn't Famous (Live from the Astoria) [Bonus Track]

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