The Strawbs Lyrics

Genre: Rock

The Strawbs Lyrics - by Popularity

1 I Turned My Face Into The Wind
2 Man Who Would Never Leave Grimsby
3 Ballad Of Jay And Rose Mary
4 The Vision Of The Lady Of The Lake
5 Copenhagen
6 Pro Patria Suite: Back Along (We Were Young)/All For Each Other/Home Is
7 The Battle
8 The Promised Land
9 Til The Sun Comes Shining Through
10 All The Little Ladies
11 We'll Meet Again Sometime
12 Poor Jimmy Wilson
13 Hanging In The Gallery
14 Two Weeks Last Summer
15 Flying
16 Ghosts: Sweet Dreams/Night Light/Guardian Angel
17 Josephine, For Better Or For Worse
18 No Return
19 Stormy Down
20 I Only Want My Love to Grow In You
21 Another Day
22 Weary Song
23 Heartbreaker
24 The River
25 Lay Down
26 Josephine For Better Or Worse
27 Simple Visions
28 The Winter and the Summer
29 Round and Round
30 Man Who Called Himself Jesus
31 Young Again
32 Vision Of The Lady Of The Lake
33 Fingertips
34 Thank You
35 Out in the Cold (Live)
36 It's Good To See The Sun
37 The Man Who Called Himself Jesus
38 Will You Go
39 Round and Round (Live)
40 Pieces Of 79 And 15
41 Close Your Eyes
42 Revenge (Can Be So Sweet)
43 A Glimpse Of Heaven
44 Backside
45 Tell Me What You See In Me
46 Beneath The Angry Sky
47 Lady Fuchsia
48 Martin Luther King's Dream
49 Oh How She Changed
50 To Be Free
51 Benedictus
52 Witchwood
53 Or Am I Dreaming
54 Little Sleepy
55 Tears and Pavan
56 Where Do You Go (When You Need a Hole to Crawl In)
57 Where Is This Dream Of Your Youth
58 Where Am I
59 The Golden Salamander
60 Where Silent Shadows Fall
61 Part of the Union
62 The Life Auction
63 That Which Once Was Mine
64 Absent Friend
65 Down By the Sea
66 Forever
67 Back On The Farm
68 The Flower and the Young Man
69 I'll Carry On Beside You
70 So Shall Our Love Die?
71 Dancing To The Devil's Beat
72 Out in the Cold
73 Autumn
74 The Weary Song
75 Tokyo Rosie
76 The Hangman and the Papist
77 Still Small Voice
78 Medley: Ghosts/Sweet Dreams/Night Light/Guardian
79 Dragonfly
80 A Mind Of My Own
81 A Boy And His Dog
82 Lay a Little Light On Me (Early Version)
83 Autumn: Heroine's Theme/Deep Summer's Sleep/The Winter Long