The Saturdays Lyrics

Genre: Pop

The Saturdays Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Why Me, Why Now
2 One Shot
3 Deeper
4 Ego
5 If This Is Love
6 Wordshaker
7 Lose Control
8 Higher
9 Vulnerable
10 Forever Is Over
11 Issues
12 Up
13 Denial
14 Keep Her
15 Work
16 Here Standing
17 No One
18 Open Up
19 Lies
20 Chasing Lights
21 Set Me Off
22 Fall
23 Not Giving Up (Cahill Club Mix)
24 My Heart Takes Over (Soulseekerz Club Mix)
25 The Problem With Love
26 My Heart Takes Over (Rokstone Mix)
27 Christmas Wrapping
28 The Way You Watch Me
29 Gentleman (The Alias Club Mix)
30 What About Us (Guy Scheiman Radio Edit)
31 Promise Me
32 Forever Is Over (Buzz Junkies Edit)
33 Just Can't Get Enough
34 Missing You (original radio edit)
35 If This Is Love (Moto Blanco Club Mix)
36 Gentleman (Single)
37 Not Giving Up (JRMX WeLovePop Remix)
38 My Heart Takes Over (Digital Dog Club Mix)
39 What About Us - Original Album Version
40 Ego (Jason Nevins Club Mix)
41 Work (Phil Tan Radio Mix)
42 Gentleman (2nd Adventure Radio Edit)
43 Gentleman (Focus SOS Remix)
44 Disco Love (Lovebug Club Mix)
45 Wish I Didn't Know
46 Notorious (Karaoke Version)
47 Puppet
48 Please Mr. Postman
49 Issues (MTV Nokia Session)
50 Wildfire (Single)
51 Not Giving Up (JRMX Club Heaven Club Mix)
52 Work (Cahill Full Club Mix)
53 What About Us - Original Album Version
54 Ego (Almighty Radio Edit)
55 Beggin' (Live)
56 Up (Wideboy's Remix)
57 Disco Love (StarLab Disco Club Mix)
58 Ego (EP)
59 White Lies
60 Forever Is Over (Orange Monkey Acoustic Session)
61 Higher (Remix) [feat. Flo Rida]
62 Forever Is Over (The Making Of)
63 Chasing Lights (MTV Live Session At Oxegen Festival 2009)
64 Disco Love
65 Leave a Light On
66 What About Us (original album version)
67 My Heart Takes Over (Steve More Radio Edit)
68 What About Us - Acoustic Live From Transmitter Studios / 2014
69 Ego (Almighty Club Mix)
70 Just Can't Get Enough (Official Comic Relief Song) [Radio Mix]
71 Chasing Lights (Live)
72 Missing You (Cahill remix) (edit)
73 Disco Love (Wideboys Club Mix)
74 Last Call
75 Deeper (Orange Monkey Live Session)
76 One Shot (Starsmith Remix)
77 Love Come Down
78 Missing You (Acoustic Version)
79 Not Giving Up
80 Up (single mix)
81 My Heart Takes Over (Oxford Hustlers Radio Edit)
82 What About Us (album version)
83 Ego (Single Mix)
84 Issues (Radio Mix)
85 Wordshaker (Live)
86 Notorious (Jorg Schmid club remix)
87 What About Us (The Buzz Junkies Club Mix)
88 I Say Ok
89 Here Standing (Orange Monkey Live Session)
90 Karma
91 On the Radio
92 Beggin' (MTV Live Session At Oxegen Festival 2009)
93 Lease My Love
94 What About Us (Acoustic Live From Transmitter Studios / 2014)
95 My Heart Takes Over (High Level Radio Edit)
96 Not Giving Up (extended 12" version)
97 Forever Is Over (Manhattan Clique Remix)
98 30 Days (Ultrabeat remix)
99 One Shot (Live)
100 Notorious (Chuckie Dirty Dutch Club Mix)
101 What About Us (2nd Adventure Radio Edit)
102 Move On U
103 Notorious (Jorg Schmid Radio Edit)
104 Died In Your Eyes
105 Disco Love (StarLab Disco Radio Edit)
106 Forever Is Over (Buzz Junkies Piano Dub)
107 Forever Is Over (Manhattan Clique Dub)
108 Anywhere With You
109 What Are You Waiting For? (Belanger Club Mix)
110 My Heart Takes Over (Richard Dinsdale Radio Edit)
111 Not Giving Up (Cahill remix radio edit)
112 All Fired Up (The Alias Club Mix)
113 What About Us
114 Forever Is Over (Manhattan Clique Edit)
115 Not That Kinda Girl
116 What About Us (Guy Scheiman Club Mix)
117 I Need a Dollar
118 Higher (Fascination Club Remix)
119 One Shot (EP)
120 Disco Love (Lovebug Radio Edit)
121 Forever Is Over (Buzz Junkies Remix)
122 Problem with Love
123 What Are You Waiting For? (LuvBug Club Mix)
124 My Heart Takes Over (Soulseekerz Radio Edit)
125 Not Giving Up (TKNIK radio edit)
126 All Fired Up (Tom Staar Club Mix)
127 Turn Myself In
128 Missing You
129 Notorious
130 What About Us (2nd Adventure Club Mix)
131 Not Giving Up (JRMX WeLovePop radio edit)
132 Higher (Ultimate Club Remix)
133 Forever Is Over (EP)
134 What Are You Waiting For? (The Alias radio edit)
135 30 Days (Ruff Loaderz Club Mix)
136 You Don't Have the Right
137 What Are You Waiting For? (The Alias Club Mix)
138 My Heart Takes Over (Digital Dog Radio Edit)
139 What About Us (live from Transmitter Studios / 2014)
140 All Fired Up (Space Cowboy Remix)
141 Gentleman
142 All Fired Up (Cutmore Killa remix)
143 What About Us (Seamus Haji Club Mix)
144 Disco Love (Wideboys Radio Edit)
145 Higher (Stone Bridge Remix)
146 Notorious (Single)
147 Greatest Hits Megamix
148 30 Days (Bass Ninjas Remix)
149 Don't Let Me Dance Alone
150 Beggin'
151 Up (Live)
152 Work (radio mix)
153 All Fired Up (Extended Mix)
154 Gentleman (Signature's Back To the 90's Radio Edit)
155 Ego (Almighty 12" mix)
156 Missing You (Azedia remix)
157 Wildfire
158 Ego (Jason Nevins Dub)
159 All Fired Up (Single)
160 Not Giving Up (instrumental)
161 What Are You Waiting For?
162 30 Days (Atomic UK Garage Radio Edit)
163 Somebody Else's Life
164 I Can't Wait
165 Issues (Live)
166 Unofficial
167 Notorious (Chuckie Remix Radio Edit)
168 Gentleman (The Alias Radio Edit)
169 Up (Wideboys remix) (edit)
170 Disco Love (Acoustic Live From Transmitter Studios / 2013)
171 All Fired Up
172 Higher (7th Heaven Club Remix)
173 30 Days (EP)
174 When Love Takes Over
175 30 Days (Max Sanna & Steve Pitron Club Mix)
176 What About Us (Album version)
177 Somebody Else's Life (Acoustic)
178 Work (Live)
179 Not Giving Up (radio mix)
180 Notorious (JRMX Club Mix)
181 30 Days
182 My Heart Takes Over
183 Higher - StoneBridge Remix
184 Ladykiller
185 Missing You (Steve Smart Club Mix)
186 What About Us (Single)
187 What Are You Waiting For? (LuvBug radio edit)
188 My Heart Takes Over (Steve More Club Mix)
189 What About Us (Buzz Junkies Radio Edit)
190 I Can’t Wait
191 Why Me, Why Now (Live)
192 Bigger
193 Notorious (Almighty Remix)
194 30 Days (Max Sanna and Steve Pitron remix)
195 Get Ready, Get Set
196 What About Us (Guy Scheiman Dub)
197 Not Good Enough
198 All Fired Up - Karaoke Version
199 Missing You (Cahill Club Mix)
200 What About Us (EP)
201 Flashback
202 My Heart Takes Over (High Level Club Mix)
203 Not Giving Up (Karaoke Version)
204 Somebody Else’s Life (acoustic)
205 Just Can't Get Enough (Live)
206 Not Giving Up (JRMX Club Heaven Radio Edit)
207 Notorious (Chuckie Extended Remix)
208 The Way You Watch Me (The Saturdays-Only Version)
209 Faster
210 What About Us (The Buzz Junkies Radio Edit)
211 Missing You (Cahill remix)
212 Just Can't Get Enough (Radio Mix) [Bonus Track]
213 All Fired Up (EP)
214 Walking Through the Desert
215 My Heart Takes Over (Oxford Hustlers Club Mix)
216 Leave A Light On (The Collective Radio Edit)
217 When Loves Takes Over
218 If This Is Love (Live)
219 Not Giving Up (Cahill Remix)
220 Gentleman (2nd Adventure Club Mix)
221 30 Days (Ruff Loaderz Radio Mix)
222 For Myself
223 What About Us (Seamus Haji Radio Edit)
224 One Shot (Starsmith Mix)
225 Up (Wideboys Remix)
226 Higher (EP)
227 808
228 My Heart Takes Over (Richard Dinsdale Club Mix)
229 Beggin' - Live From BBC 1's Radio Live Lounge
230 My Heart Takes Over (Karaoke Version)
231 Not Giving Up (TKNIK Remix)
232 Gentleman (Signature's Back to the 90's Vocal Remix)
233 30 Days (Karaoke Version)
234 Do What You Want With Me
235 What About Us (Seamus Haji Dub)
236 2 Am
237 Higher feat. Flo Rida
238 Issues (Vince Clarke Club Mix)
239 Notorious (EP)

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The Saturdays Bio

The Saturdays are a British-Irish girl group consisting of five members: Una Healy, Mollie King, Frankie Sandford, Vanessa White and Rochelle Wiseman. They made their recording debut in 2008 under the record label Fascination Records, a sub-division of Polydor Records. Their top ten debut album, Chasing Lights, has produced three UK top ten singles: "If This Is Love", "Up" and "Issues".

The Saturdays were formed by Fascination Records, a sub-label of Polydor Records, in early 2008. Their debut album, Chasing Lights, was recorded during May and June 2008 with input from multiple producers and writers, including Alex Cartana. The group supported Girls Aloud on their Tangled Up Tour before the release of their debut single, "If This Is Love". The single was released in July 2008 and peaked at number eight on the UK Singles Chart.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Saturdays