The Rosebuds Lyrics

Genre: Rock

The Rosebuds Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Cape Fear
2 Concordia Military Club
3 Bow To The Middle: Religion Of Politics
4 Another Way In
5 Hello Darlin
6 Life Like
7 Christmas Clown
8 Boxcar
9 Get Up Get Out
10 Signature Drinks
11 Blackout Choir
12 Nice Fox
13 Go Ahead
14 Silence by the Lakeside
15 Make Out Song
16 Oh It’s Christmas
17 Limitless Arms
18 Hold on to This Coat
19 You Better Get Ready
20 Journey To Christmas Island
21 Second Bird Of Paradise
22 When the Lights Went Dim
23 El Camino
24 In My Teeth
25 Come Visit Me
26 Night of the Furies
27 Is There Room?
28 Sand + Silence
29 Black Hole
30 Without A Focus
31 Wildcat
32 Edmund Street
33 Give Me A Reason
34 In The Backyard
35 Waiting For You
36 The Lovers' Rights
37 I'd Feel Better
38 Blue Eyes
39 Blue Bird
40 Woods
41 Back To Boston
42 I Hear (Click, Click, Click)
43 Mine Mine
44 Shake Our Tree
45 A Story
46 Kicks In The Schoolyard
47 Thru That Door
48 Wait A Minute
49 Hold Hands and Fight
50 Cover Ears
51 My Downtown Friends
52 Hold Me Tight
53 Esse Quam Videri
54 Lovers' Rights
55 Worthwhile
56 Wishes For Kisses
57 When It’s Cold
58 Death Of An Old Bike
59 Unwind
60 Outnumbered
61 Boys Who Love Girls
62 Xmas In New York
63 Looking For
64 I Better Run
65 Let Us Go
66 Drunkard's Worst Nightmare
67 I’m Coming Home
68 Walking
69 Leaves Do Fall
70 Warm Where You Lay
71 Big Heartbreak
72 Lonely Light
73 Tiny Bones
74 Silja Line
75 My Punishment for Fighting
76 Waiting For The Carnival
77 Melt Our Way Out
78 Christmas Dan
79 Border Guards
80 4-Track Love Song
81 Cemetery Lawn
82 What Can I Do?

The Rosebuds Bio

Indie rock band from Raleigh, North Carolina, United States. (They are not the original vocal group the Rosebuds who recorded for George Goldner's Gee Records in the 1950s.) Its current members are Ivan Howard (vocals/guitar/ drums/ bass/keyboards/programming) and Kelly Crisp (vocals/keyboard/drums/guitar/accordion). Billy Alphin had played drums on the album The Rosebuds Make Out, Wes Phillips played drums on the E.P."Unwind", Lee Waters played drums on the record Birds Make Good Neighbors, and Matt McCaughan played the drums on both Night of the Furies and Life Like. Rob Lackey was behind the drum kit during the taping of The Rosebuds Live at the Cats Cradle, a charity only recording sold at cytunes.org to help fight for the prevention of cancer, as well as on the track "Second Birds of Paradise" on "Loud Planes Fly Low."