The Pastels Lyrics

Genre: Rock

The Pastels Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Classic Line-Up
2 On the Way
3 After Image
4 Viaduct
5 Zooom
6 The Viaduct (Ian Carmichael mix)
7 The Hits Hurt (radio mix)
8 Flightpaths to Each Other
9 Kicking Leaves
10 Windy Hill
11 The Hits Hurt (Radio Edit)
12 Cycle (My Bloody Valentine mix)
13 Cycle (My Bloody Valentine Remix)
14 Truck Train Tractor
15 Wrong Light
16 Holy Moly
17 Check My Heart
18 On the Way (The Third Eye Foundation mix)
19 If I Could Tell You
20 Slow Summits
21 Ugly Town
22 Night Time Made Us
23 Rough Riders (Future Pilot A.K.A. mix)
24 Token Collecting
25 Come to the Dance
26 Baby, You're Just You
27 Attic Plan (Saturday Nightlight Mix) (Mouse on Mars)
28 Rough Riders (Make Up mix)
29 Mandarin
30 Secret Music
31 One Wild Moment
32 Been So Long (Digitally Remastered)
33 The Viaduct (Bill Wells mix)
34 Yoga
35 Hitchin' A (Ride)
36 Attic Plan
37 The Viaduct (On the Right Banke of the River mix)
38 Leaving This Island (Jim O'Rourke mix)
39 Rough Riders
40 Anne Boleyn
41 Remote Climbs
42 Nothing to Be Done
43 Baby Honey
44 Different Drum
45 Sit On It Mother
46 Cycle
47 Been So Long
48 I'm Alright With You
49 Breaking Lines
50 Ditch The Fool
51 Frozen Wave
52 The Hits Hurt
53 Thank You for Being You
54 The Viaduct
55 Sittin' Pretty
56 Leaving This Island
57 Unfair Kind of Fame
58 Crawl Babies
59 Worlds of Possibility
60 Swerve
61 Exotic Arcade
62 Fragile Gang
63 Sometimes I Think About You
64 Ride
65 Exploration Team
66 Strategic Gear
67 The Viaduct (Kid Loco mix)
68 Yo-Ga
69 Up for a Bit
70 Mobile Deli
71 Get 'Round Town
72 Attic Plan (Mouse on Mars mix)
73 Baby Honey (BBC live)
74 Address Book
75 Coolport
76 Thomson Colour
77 Remote Climbs (Cinema mix)
78 Leaving This Island (Jim O'Rourke remix)
79 Cycle (MBV Remix)
80 Automatically Yours
81 Summer Rain
82 Magic Nights
83 Basement Scam
84 Remote Climbs (John McEntire mix)

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The Pastels Bio

Group from Glasgow, Scotland, UK. Their early records (1982–85) for labels like Whaam!, Creation, Rough Trade, and Glass Records, had a raw and immediate sound, melodic and amateur, which seemed at odds with the time. But an emerging fanzine culture identified with the group's sound and image, and slowly The Pastels started to influence a new wave of groups, which interested the NME and other UK media.