The Partridge Family Lyrics

Genre: Rock

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The Partridge Family Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Partridge Family Theme (come On Get Happy)
2 That'll Be The Day
3 Money Money
4 It's a Long Way to Heaven
5 Somebody Wants to Love You
6 You Are Always On My Mind
7 Every Little Bit O' You
8 Together We're Better
9 I Think I Love You
10 Walking In the Rain
11 I Would Have Loved You Anyway
12 It's All in Your Mind
13 That's The Way It Is With You
14 Come On Get Happy
15 Singing My Song
16 Whale Song
17 Alone Too Long
18 Love Is All That I Ever Needed
19 Let the Good Times In
20 Where Do We Go From Here?
21 Friend and a Lover
22 Lookin' For A Good Time
23 Ain't Love Easy
24 Roses In The Snow
25 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
26 I Can Feel Your Heartbeat
27 I'm On the Road
28 Something New Got Old
29 There's No Doubt In My Mind
30 Stephanie
31 We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
32 I Heard You Singing Your Song
33 Maybe Someday
34 "Girl, You Make My Day"
35 Morning Rider On The Road
36 How Can I Be Sure
37 Looking Through the Eyes of Love
38 Lay It On The Line
39 Winter Wonderland
40 I'll Never Get Over You
41 I Woke Up In Love This Morning
42 Umbrella Man
43 Cherish
44 When We're Singing
45 How Long Is Too Long
46 Take Good Care Of Her
47 Twenty-Four Hours A Day
48 I'm Here You're Here
49 Baby I Love, Love, I Love You
50 It's You
51 Doesn't Somebody Want to Be Wanted
52 C'mon, Get Happy
53 It Sounds Like You're Saying Hello
54 I Wouldn't Put Nothin' Over On You
55 Summer Days
56 Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
57 Let Your Love Go
58 Oh No, Not My Baby
59 My Christmas Card To You
60 It's One of Those Nights (Yes Love)
61 I'm On My Way Back Home
62 I'll Meet You Halfway
63 Brand New Me
64 I Got Your Love All Over Me
65 Every Song Is You
66 Rainmaker
67 Point Me In the Direction of Albuquerque
68 Come On Love
69 Roller Coaster
70 If You Ever Go
71 You Don't Have To Tell Me
72 Bandala
73 It Means I'm In Love With You
74 There'll Come a Time
75 Echo Valley 2-6809
76 I Really Want to Know You
77 Now That You've Got Me Where You Want Me
78 Warm My Soul
79 Hello, Hello
80 Brown Eyes
81 Now That You Got Me Where You Want Me
82 Only a Moment Ago
83 As Long As You're There
84 One Night Stand
85 As Long As There's You
86 Something's Wrong
87 Last Night
88 She'd Rather Have The Rain
89 I Can Hear Your Heartbeat
90 On The Road
91 Sunshine
92 Love Must Be The Answer
93 Am I Losing You
94 I'll Leave Myself A Little Time
95 To Be Lovers
96 One Day at a Time
97 Storybook Love