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Genre: Christian

The O.C. Supertones Albums

The O.C. Supertones Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Adonai
2 Grounded
3 What It Comes To
4 Glory Hallelujah
5 Welcome Home
6 20/20
7 Forward To The Future
8 Forever
9 Warmth of the Sun
10 Found
11 Hold On to Jesus
12 Roots
13 On the Downbeat
14 Unknown
15 Lift Me Up
16 Attitude
17 Cult of Cool
18 Fight On
19 Unite
20 Return of the Revolution
21 Refuge (In Conclusion)
22 Father's World
23 Like No One Else
24 Pretty Little Lie
25 We Shall Overcome
26 O.C. Supertones
27 Health And Wealth
28 The Shepherd Is the Lamb
29 Prince of Peace
30 The Wise and the Fool
31 Who Can Be Against Me
32 Exalt
33 So Great a Salvation
34 Dedication
35 Hey Hey Hey
36 Away From You
37 He Will Always Be There
38 Just a Man
39 Pandora's Box
40 All the Way Alive
41 Who Could It Be
42 Jury Duty
43 Grace Flood
44 Dream of Two Cities
45 For the Glory
46 Supertones Strike Back
47 Tonight
48 Radio Plays
49 I Love God
50 Chase the Sun
51 Hallelujah
52 Wake Me Up on Time
53 Never Wanna Fall
54 Faith of a Child
55 Brand New Thing
56 Resolution
57 Louder Than the Mob
58 In Between
59 Let It Go
60 Spend It With You
61 Old Friend
62 Where I Find You
63 Birth Of Uncool
64 Escape From Reason
65 Shut Up And Play
66 Wilderness
67 Perfect Love
68 Sure Shot
69 I Will Follow
70 Far More Beautiful
71 Superfly
72 One Voice
73 Go Go Go
74 Fade Away
75 Down to the River
76 Little Man
77 Transmission
78 Perseverance Of The Saints
79 Everything's Broken
80 All Glory
81 Blood Washed Pilgrim
82 The Kingdom
83 Heaven
84 It's a Good Day to Be from California

The O.C. Supertones Bio

The Orange County Supertones (a.k.a. The O.C. Supertones a.k.a. The Supertones) is a Christian ska band hailing from Orange County, California. The band was signed to Tooth & Nail Records and its imprint, BEC Recordings, before becoming an independent band. The band disbanded in 2005, then reunited in 2010. The reunion was initially to last several shows in 2010, but they have since decided to keep playing several shows a year. The OC Supertones were one of the first widely successful Christian ska bands.

The band began in the early 1990s as Saved. Originally formed by Matt Morginsky, Jason Carson and Tony Terusa while in junior high school, the band played a mix of many styles including punk, rap, metal, disco, and funk. In 1995 they formed as The Orange County Supertones and settled on a ska based sound, similar to Operation Ivy or Mike Park's Skankin' Pickle.

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