The New Amsterdams Lyrics

Genre: Rock

The New Amsterdams Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Four More Years
2 Has Anyone Seen My Wings
3 Stay On the Phone
4 Maybe I'm A Fool
5 Heaven Sent
6 Idaho
7 Hughes
8 Heaven Sent (Cured)
9 Hover Near Fame
10 Calendar Days
11 Old Enough To Know Bitter
12 Watch the World Cave in (Killed)
13 Full Thunder Moon
14 When We Two Parted
15 Wait
16 Heaven Sent (Killed)
17 That Side of Me
18 Drinking In The Afternoon
19 Past The Pines
20 Drunk Or Dead
21 Adeline, Out of Tune
22 Strangled By The Thought
23 Turn Out The Light
24 This Day Is Done
25 Losing You
26 Asleep at the Wheel
27 Beautiful Mistake
28 Too Many Of A Good Thing
29 Drama Queen
30 Son Of A Prophet
31 Intelligent Design
32 Revenge
33 The Death Of Us
34 The Spoils of the Spoiled
35 From California
36 Without A Sound (Eleanor)
37 A Mile in Your Shoes
38 Poison in the Ink
39 Every Double Life
40 Hanging On for Hope
41 Silverlake
42 The Ballad of Mike & Beth
43 Worse For The Wear
44 The Smoking Gun
45 Stand Here and Bleed
46 Your Look Gave You Away
47 Are You True
48 Bad Liar
49 A Beacon In Beige
50 Hover Near Fame (Live)
51 A Long Event
52 Goodbye
53 A Small Crusade
54 Lost Long Shot
55 The Death of Us (Live at Dubin's House)
56 Suit Sacrifice
57 Your Red Hand
58 Proceed With Caution
59 Lay On The Rails
60 "Dear Lover"
61 The Connoisseur
62 Wears So Thin
63 Your Ghost
64 Fortunate Fool
65 Ex's & Oh's
66 Guitarkansas
67 Watch The World Cave In
68 Story Like A Scar
69 Fountain Of Youth
70 Full Thunder Moon (Cured)
71 Ex’s & Oh’s
72 Lonely Hearts
73 The Blood On The Floor
74 Strangled By the Thought (Cured)
75 Whatever You Say
76 Just So Over You

The New Amsterdams Bio

The New Amsterdams is a Lawrence, Kansas-based American band featuring Matthew Pryor of The Get Up Kids.

The New Amsterdams began as a solo project to then-lead singer for The Get Up Kids, Matt Pryor. In 2000, he released his debut album Never You Mind, which was largely made up of acoustic tracks with sparse accompaniment. However, the album also featured Alex Brahl,Ed Rose, Jake Cardwell & Rob Pope providing extra instrument tracks.

Two years later in January 2002, Pryor released Para Toda Vida, this time sticking almost purely to acoustic guitar, with the exception of a few tracks utilizing harmonica and banjo as well.

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