The Most Serene Republic Lyrics

Genre: Rock

The Most Serene Republic Lyrics - by Popularity

1 The Protagonist Suddenly Realizes What He Must Do In The Middle Of Downtown Traffic
2 Don't Hold Back, Feel A Little Longer
3 Patternicity
4 You're A Loose Cannon McArthur...But You Get The Job Done
5 Catharsis Boo
6 No One Likes A Nihilist
7 Prologue
8 Failure of Anger
9 Bubble Reputation
10 Jazz Ordinaire
11 Ache Of Goon
12 Epilogue
13 Benefit of the Doubt
14 Heavens To Purgatory
15 You're Not An Astronaut
16 Fantasick Impossibliss
17 Emergency Performance Art Piece
18 Fingerspelling
19 Vessels Of A Donor Look
20 Proposition 61
21 Present Of Future End
22 Not Even Earth's Gravitational Pull Can Bring Us Down
23 Brain Etiquette
24 Phi
25 Where Cedar Nouns And Adverbs Walk
26 Men Who Live Upstairs
27 Zoltar Speaks
28 The Feels
29 The Old Forever New Things
30 Solipsism Millionaires
31 St. Germain
32 All Of One Is The Other
33 Relative's Eyes
34 Career In Shaping Clay
35 The Breath
36 King Of No One
37 Neurasthenia
38 Everything Given to You Is Equally Taken Away
39 Four Humours
40 The Men Who Live Upstairs
41 Clara Bow
42 Oh) God
43 Tragedy Of The Commons
44 Today Is the Day
45 In Places, Empty Spaces
46 Humble Peasants
47 Home of the Rebels
48 Content Was Always My Favorite Colour
49 Compliance
50 Love Loves to Love Love
51 Threehead
52 Why So Looking Back
53 A Mix Of Sun And Cloud
54 I Haven’t Seen You Around
55 Phages
56 Comeuppance
57 Battle Hymn Of The Republic
58 Ontario Morning
59 Anhoi Polloi
60 Pink Noise
61 Sherry And Her Butterfly Net
62 Agenbite Of Inwit
63 Capitalist Waltz
64 Stay Ups
65 Jelly Chamber
66 Multiplication Desks
67 Nation of Beds
68 Shopping Cart People
69 The Church Of Acorns

The Most Serene Republic Bio

Canadian indie rock band based in Milton, Ontario. It takes its name from the sobriquet of formerly independent Venice under the Doges, which was regarded as "The Most Serene Republic of Venice".