The Maine Lyrics

Genre: Rock

The Maine Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Mr. Winter
2 You Left Me
3 I Must Be Dreaming
4 Christmas Of 1984
5 Whoever She Is
6 Kiss And Sell
7 Santa Stole My Girlfriend
8 Everything I Ask For
9 We All Roll Along
10 This Is The End
11 Sad Songs
12 The Town's Been Talkin'
13 Take What You Can Carry
14 Book Of Me And You
15 Like We Did (Windows Down)
16 American Candy
17 (Un) Lost
18 I Wanna Love You (Akon Cover)
19 Pour Some Sugar On Me (Def Leppard Cover) [Bonus Track]
20 Pour Some Sugar On Me
21 Saving Grace (Take 2)
22 Growing Up (Live Acoustic)
23 Waiting for My Sun to Shine
24 Another Night On Mars
25 Miles Away
26 Count'em One, Two, Three
27 Pour Some Sugar On Me (Def Leppard Cover)
28 Book of Me and You (Home Recording)
29 Ice Cave
30 I'm Leaving
31 In Darkness And In Light Score
32 Ho Ho Hopefully
33 Hold on, We're Going Home
34 English Girls
35 You'll Never Know
36 These Four Words
37 Count 'Em One, Two, Three (EP)
38 Washroom Color
39 Some Days (Single)
40 My Heroin
41 Bitch Better Have My Money
42 Rock and Roll
43 Last Christmas (WHAM! Cover)
44 We'll All Be...
45 Forever Halloween
46 Daisy (EP)
47 Growing Up (Live Acoustic Song)
48 Don't Give Up On Us (Single)
49 Ugly On the Inside
50 You're Still the One
51 Saving Grace
52 Fucked Up Kids
53 Love & Drugs
54 Shake It (EP)
55 While Listening to Rock & Roll ...
56 Take Me Dancing
57 So Criminal
58 Love Yourself
59 Growing Up
60 Whoever She Is (Home Recording)
61 I Wanna Love You (Original By Akon)
62 The Town's Been Talkin' (EP)
63 My Heroine
64 Lovely Sad
65 Vanilla
66 Happy - Explained
67 Listen To Your Heart
68 Free (Home Recording)
69 Last Christmas
70 The Way We Talk (Back Ted N-Ted Remix) [Bonus Track]
71 Undressing The Words (EP)
72 Time
73 Raining in Paris
74 Bliss
75 Kennedy Curse - Explained
76 Don't Stop Now
77 I Must Be Dreaming (Acoustic) [Bonus Track]
78 You Get What You Give
79 Untangle Me (B-Side)
80 Give Me Anything (EP)
81 I'm Sorry
82 Room With No Windows
83 These Four Words - Explained
84 Inside Of You
85 Right Girl (Acoustic) [Bonus Track]
86 Steal My Sunshine
87 Inside of You (Acoustic) [Bonus Track]
88 I Wanna Love You
89 Identify
90 Perfectly out of Key
91 With A Little Help From My Friends
92 Fuel To The Fire
93 Love and Drugs
94 Good Love
95 Color
96 Some Days
97 Visions
98 Pack Of Smokes
99 Give It To Me
100 Run
101 Shake It
102 Hello World
103 Untangle Me
104 Don't Give Up On "Us"
105 Same Suit, Different Tie
106 As Long as You Love Me
107 Right Girl
108 White Walls
109 If I Only Had The Heart
110 Goodbye
111 I’m Sorry
112 Misery
113 My Hair
114 I Wanna Love You (Akon Cover) ( Compilation)
115 Every Road
116 Girls Do What They Want
117 Birthday in Los Angeles
118 The Way We Talk
119 I Want You
120 Don’t Give Up On Us
121 When I'm At Home
122 24 Floors
123 Girls Just Want to Have Fun (feat. Adam Lazzara)
124 Right Girl (acoustic version)
125 Blood Red
126 Give Me Anything
127 F**Ked up Kids
128 When I’m At Home
129 Thinking of You
130 Diet Soda Society
131 Life Like This
132 Inside of You (acoustic version)
133 Into Your Arms
134 Time To Go
135 Kennedy Curse
136 We Change, We Wait
137 Happy
138 Free
139 Jenny
140 (Un)Lost
141 Am I Pretty?
142 Girls Just Want to Have Fun

The Maine Bio

The Maine is an American rock band from Tempe, Arizona. Formed in 2007, they released EP Stay Up, Get Down in the same year. On December 11 2007, The Maine made their debut with a five song EP called The Way We Talk produced by Matt Grabe. Their first full-length album, Can't Stop, Won't Stop was released in the summer of 2008, following their next holiday release in December 2008 ...And A Happy New Year. they have released 2 full length albums.On July 13, 2010, The Maine released the single Inside of You from their second full-length album, Black & White, selling 22,634 copies in its first week.

The Maine was started by bassist Garrett Nickelsen and drummer Pat Kirch in 2007. The band's name originates from the song "Coast of Maine" by Ivory. Singer John O'Callaghan joined soon after, along with Ryan Osterman and Alex Ross. Together they released the EP Stay Up, Get Down. Shortly thereafter Ryan and Alex left for unknown reasons, but were replaced with Kennedy Brock and Jared Monaco. The Maine signed to Fearless Records and on December 11, 2007 made their debut with a five song EP called The Way We Talk, produced by Matt Grabe. Their first full-length album, Can't Stop, Won't Stop, was produced by Matt Squire and was released in the summer of 2008, just before the band toured with Good Charlotte and Boys Like Girls. Their next release was a holiday EP in December 2008 titled ...And A Happy New Year, produced by Matt Grabe. The EP included three new original tracks and a cover of the Wham! song "Last Christmas". In 2009, the band signed to Warner Bros. Records. In July 2009, the band performed on the Vans Warped Tour. In December 2009, The Maine released This Is Real Life, their first published book. It consists of written memoirs from the band as well as photography by Dirk Mai.

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