The Lawrence Arms Lyrics

Genre: Rock

The Lawrence Arms Lyrics - by Popularity

1 The Slowest Drink At The Saddest Bar On The Snowiest Day In The Greatest City
2 The Redness In The West
3 Spit Shining Shit
4 Hey, What Time Is ‘Pensacola: Wings of Gold’ on, Anyway?
5 October Blood
6 The Devil's Takin' Names
7 A Boring Story
8 Boatless Booze Cruise Party
9 Bonfire Park
10 There's No Place Like a Stranger's Floor
11 Demons
12 Faintly Falling Ashes
13 Wishful Puppeteer
14 The Profiteers
15 Right As Rain, Pt. 2
16 A Toast
17 Here Comes the Neighbourhood
18 These Pigs Seem to Be Getting the Best of Me
19 Fireflies
20 Nebraska
21 Boat Less Booze Cruise Party
22 Kevin Costner's Casino
23 On With The Show
24 Quincentuple Your Money
25 Chilean District
26 Someday We're All Gonna Weigh 400 Lbs.
27 Outro (Hobo Reprise)
28 100 Resolutions
29 Instransit
30 You Are Here
31 The Old Timer S 2x4
32 The Disaster March
33 Uptown Free Radio
34 Hickey Avenue
35 "I'll Take What's in the Box Monty"
36 Ancheron River
37 Eighteen Inches
38 Seventeener (17th and 37th)
39 Are You There Margaret? It’s Me, God.
40 Seventeener (17th & 37th)
41 Take One Down and Pass It Around
42 Beautiful Things
43 The Devil’s Takin’ Names
44 “I’ll Take What’s in the Box, Monty”
45 The Northside, the L&L and Any Number of Crappy Apartments
46 Acheron River
47 Them Angels Been Talkin’
48 Turnstiles
49 Smokestacks
50 Metropole
51 There’s No Place Like a Stranger’s Floor
52 Another Boring Story
53 Detention
54 Drunk Tweets
55 Are You There Margaret? It's Me, God
56 Joyce Carol Oates Is a Boring Old Biddy
57 A Guided Tour of Chicago
58 The YMCA Down the Street From the Clinic
59 The Old Timer’s 2x4
60 Presenting: the Dancing Machine (The Robot With the Monkey Head)
61 Intro
62 Never Fade Away
63 The Ramblin’ Boys of Pleasure
64 Overheated
65 An Evening of Extraordinary Circumstance
66 Paradise Shitty
67 Introduction (The Ramblin’ Boys of Pleasure Sing the Hobo Clown Chorus)
68 Necrotism: Decanting the Insalubrious (Cyborg Midnight) Party 7