The Kinks - Miscellaneous Album

Artist: The Kinks

Genre: Rock

Album: Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous Lyrics The Kinks
1 Little Queenie
2 Lola
3 A Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy
4 A Well Respected Man
5 Come Dancing
6 Who'll Be The Next In Line
7 One of the Survivors
8 The Last Assembly
9 Somebody Stole My Car
10 Cricket
11 20th Century Man
12 Complicated Life
13 Party Line
14 Days
15 The Village Green Preservation Society
16 Where Have All the Good Times Gone
17 Everybody's Gonna Be Happy
18 Till The End Of The Day
19 I Go to Sleep
20 Celluloid Heroes - (Celluloid Heroes)
21 Destroyer
22 How are You
23 The World Keeps Going Round
24 I'm on An Island
25 You Can't Win
26 I Am Free
27 It's Too Late
28 Jack the Idiot Dunce
29 Just Can't Go to Sleep
30 Preservation
31 I'm Not Like Everybody Else
32 God's Children
33 Susannah's Still Alive
34 Lola (Live)
35 Tin Soldier Man
36 Mindless Child of Motherhood
37 Little Miss Queen Of Darkness
38 Plastic Man
39 Set Me Free
40 Only A Dream
41 Entertainment
42 You Make It All Worthwile
43 Natural Gift
44 Sitting in My Hotel
45 Motorway
46 Celluloid Heroes
47 Top Of The Pops
48 Sitting By The Riverside
49 People Take Pictures Of Each Other
50 Big Sky
51 Last Of The Steam Powered Trains
52 Animal Farm
53 All Of My Friends Were There
54 Johnny Thunder
55 Powerman
56 Session Man
57 Tell Me Now So I'll Know
58 Have Another Drink
59 Don't Forget to Dance (Original Extended Mix)
60 You Can't Stop the Music
61 Education
62 In A Foriegn Land
63 Such A Shame
64 Have A Cuppa Tea
65 Holloway Jail
66 Oklahoma U.S.A.
67 Uncle Son
68 Mountain Woman
69 Kentucky Moon
70 Babies
71 Over the Edge
72 Still Searching
73 Phobia
74 Ducks on the Wall
75 Bernadette
76 Sleepwalker
77 A Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy (US Single Edit)
78 You Do Something To Me
79 Do It Again (Acoustic)
80 Wicked Annabella
81 Stop Your Sobbing
82 Village Green
83 Drift Away
84 Everybody's a Star (Starmaker)
85 Permanent Waves
86 Killer's Eyes
87 Victoria
88 Get Back In Line
89 Love Me Till The Sun Shines
90 She's Got Everything
91 Bright Lights
92 Mr. Wonderful
93 Wonder Boy
94 The Hard Way
95 Back to Front
96 The First Time We Fall In Love
97 Too Hot
98 The Poseur
99 A Little Bit of Abuse
100 Sleepless Night
101 Nothing To Say
102 Denmark Street
103 (Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman
104 Dear Margaret
105 Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues
106 Yo-Yo
107 Headmaster
108 Summer's Gone
109 Around the Dial
110 Young Conservatives
111 Out of the Wardrobe
112 Get Up
113 Stormy Sky
114 Mr. Big Man
115 Full Moon
116 Prince of the Punks
117 Supersonic Rocket Ship
118 End Of The Season
119 The Contenders
120 Strangers
121 This Time Tomorrow
122 Holiday In Waikiki
123 Yes Sir, No Sir
124 What Are We Doing
125 Stop Your Sobbing - Stereo
126 Slum Kids
127 Skin and Bone
128 When I See That Girl of Mine
129 Heart of Gold
130 Word of Mouth
131 Ape Man
132 Once a Thief
133 Some Mother's Son
134 No More Looking Back
135 Celluloid Heroes (Live)
136 A House In The Country
137 There's No Life Without Love
138 Situation Vacant
139 Afternoon Tea
140 Come On Now
141 Animal
142 To The Bone
143 You're Lookin' Fine
144 Alcohol (Live)
145 Brainwashed
146 Holiday
147 Catch Me Now I'm Falling
148 Mr. Churchill Says
149 Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues (Live)
150 Long Distance
151 Two Sisters
152 I Gotta Go Now
153 Maximum Consumption
154 Deadend Street
155 Attitude
156 Pressure
157 Life On the Road
158 Predictable
159 The Road (Live)
160 Do You Remember Walter?
161 Young And Innocent Days
162 She's Bought A Hat Like Princess Marina
163 Stop Your Sobbin'
164 Ev'rybody's Gonna Be Happy
165 Noise
166 War Is Over
167 Here Comes yet Another Day
168 Picture Book
169 He's Evil
170 Mirror of Love
171 Here Come The People In Grey
172 Black Messiah (Single Remix)
173 Definite Maybe
174 Working at the Factory
175 Cliches of the World (B Movie)
176 Think Visual
177 Welcome to Sleazy Town
178 Bald Headed Woman
179 How Do I Get Close
180 The Video Shop
181 Give the People What They Want (Live)
182 Massive Reductions
183 Missing Persons
184 Lost and Found
185 Baby Face (Live)
186 Low Budget
187 Wonderboy
188 Dandy
189 Dead End Street
190 Too Much On My Mind
191 I'm in Disgrace
192 In A Foreign Land
193 Unreal Reality
194 Hatred (A Duet)
195 Scum of the Earth
196 Second-Hand Car Spiv
197 Ordinary People
198 The Informer
199 Holiday Romance
200 Wall of Fire
201 When Work Is Over
202 Flash's Confession
203 Salvation Road
204 There's a Change in the Weather
205 Good Day (Extended Version)
206 Summer's Gone (Extended Version)
207 Milk Cow Blues
208 Where Are They Now?
209 Demolition
210 Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight
211 Good Luck Charm
212 I Took My Baby Home
213 Introduction to Solution
214 When a Solution Comes
215 You Still Want Me
216 Shepherds of the Nation
217 Oh Where Oh Where Is Love?
218 Flash's Dream (The Final Elbow)
219 Nothing Lasts Forever
220 Underneath the Neon Sign
221 You Make It All Worthwhile
222 A Gallon of Gas (US Single Extended Version)
223 Do It Again
224 Apeman (Live)
225 Gotta Get the First Plane Home
226 This Strange Effect
227 Tired Of Waiting
228 David Watts
229 A Long Way From Home
230 In a Space
231 Got My Feet On The Ground
232 Misery
233 So Long
234 Nobody Gives
235 Hot Potatoes
236 Scrapheap City
237 Don't
238 Surviving
239 Everybody's a Star (Starmaker) [Mono Mix]
240 Scattered
241 Artificial Light
242 UK Jive
243 Repetition
244 On the Outside (1977 Mix)
245 Killing Time
246 On the Outside (1994 Mix)
247 Hay Fever
248 Black Messiah
249 Live Life (UK Album Version)
250 Hardway
251 Long Tall Sally
252 Sitting on My Sofa
253 What's in Store for Me
254 Did You See His Name?
255 Drivin'
256 Muswell Hillbillies
257 Here Comes Flash
258 Sittin' On My Sofa
259 Nothin' In The World Can Stop Me Worryin''Bout That Girl
260 It's All Right
261 Village Green Preservation Society
262 Something Better Beginning
263 Look a Little on the Sunnyside
264 Wait Till The Summer Comes Along
265 Days - New Version
266 A Gallon of Gas
267 Dancing in the Street
268 I Need You
269 National Health
270 Never Met a Girl Like You Before
271 Sitting in the Midday Sun
272 Father Christmas
273 Art Lover
274 Act Nice And Gentle
275 No Return
276 Don't You Fret
277 Aggravation
278 Arthur
279 Mister Pleasant
280 Moving Pictures
281 Sweet Lady Genevieve
282 Finale
283 Rush Hour Blues
284 Shangri-La
285 State of Confusion
286 This is Where I Belong
287 Willesden Green
288 Berkeley Mews
289 Big Black Smoke
290 Polly
291 King Kong
292 The Moneygoround
293 One of the Survivors (Single Edit) [Remix]
294 Mirror of Love (Alternate Mix)
295 I'll Remember
296 You're Looking Fine
297 Most Exclusive Residence For Sale
298 Mr. Reporter
299 Rainy Day In June
300 (I Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman
301 Living on a Thin Line (Live)
302 Guilty
303 Living on a Thin Line
304 It's Alright (Don't Think About It)
305 You Don't Know My Name
306 Beautiful Delilah
307 Banana Boat Song (Live)
308 I've Been Driving on Bald Mountain
309 Superman
310 Close to the Wire
311 Trust Your Heart
312 Little Bit of Emotion
313 Look Through Any Doorway
314 Lincoln County
315 Rosie Won't You Please Come Home
316 Rock 'n' Roll Cities
317 Ring The Bells
318 Don't Ever Let Go
319 I'm A Hog For You Baby
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The Kinks - Miscellaneous Album Lyrics
1.Little Queenie Lyrics
2.Lola Lyrics
3.A Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Lyrics
4.A Well Respected Man Lyrics
5.Come Dancing Lyrics
6.Who'll Be The Next In Line Lyrics
7.One of the Survivors Lyrics
8.The Last Assembly Lyrics
9.Somebody Stole My Car Lyrics
10.Cricket Lyrics
11.20th Century Man Lyrics
12.Complicated Life Lyrics
13.Party Line Lyrics
14.Days Lyrics
15.The Village Green Preservation Society Lyrics
16.Where Have All the Good Times Gone Lyrics
17.Everybody's Gonna Be Happy Lyrics
18.Till The End Of The Day Lyrics
19.I Go to Sleep Lyrics
20.Celluloid Heroes - (Celluloid Heroes) Lyrics
21.Destroyer Lyrics
22.How are You Lyrics
23.The World Keeps Going Round Lyrics
24.I'm on An Island Lyrics
25.You Can't Win Lyrics
26.I Am Free Lyrics
27.It's Too Late Lyrics
28.Jack the Idiot Dunce Lyrics
29.Just Can't Go to Sleep Lyrics
30.Preservation Lyrics
31.I'm Not Like Everybody Else Lyrics
32.God's Children Lyrics
33.Susannah's Still Alive Lyrics
34.Lola (Live) Lyrics
35.Tin Soldier Man Lyrics
36.Mindless Child of Motherhood Lyrics
37.Little Miss Queen Of Darkness Lyrics
38.Plastic Man Lyrics
39.Set Me Free Lyrics
40.Only A Dream Lyrics
41.Entertainment Lyrics
42.You Make It All Worthwile Lyrics
43.Natural Gift Lyrics
44.Sitting in My Hotel Lyrics
45.Motorway Lyrics
46.Celluloid Heroes Lyrics
47.Top Of The Pops Lyrics
48.Sitting By The Riverside Lyrics
49.People Take Pictures Of Each Other Lyrics
50.Big Sky Lyrics
51.Last Of The Steam Powered Trains Lyrics
52.Animal Farm Lyrics
53.All Of My Friends Were There Lyrics
54.Johnny Thunder Lyrics
55.Powerman Lyrics
56.Session Man Lyrics
57.Tell Me Now So I'll Know Lyrics
58.Have Another Drink Lyrics
59.Don't Forget to Dance (Original Extended Mix) Lyrics
60.You Can't Stop the Music Lyrics
61.Education Lyrics
62.In A Foriegn Land Lyrics
63.Such A Shame Lyrics
64.Have A Cuppa Tea Lyrics
65.Holloway Jail Lyrics
66.Oklahoma U.S.A. Lyrics
67.Uncle Son Lyrics
68.Mountain Woman Lyrics
69.Kentucky Moon Lyrics
70.Babies Lyrics
71.Over the Edge Lyrics
72.Still Searching Lyrics
73.Phobia Lyrics
74.Ducks on the Wall Lyrics
75.Bernadette Lyrics
76.Sleepwalker Lyrics
77.A Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy (US Single Edit) Lyrics
78.You Do Something To Me Lyrics
79.Do It Again (Acoustic) Lyrics
80.Wicked Annabella Lyrics
81.Stop Your Sobbing Lyrics
82.Village Green Lyrics
83.Drift Away Lyrics
84.Everybody's a Star (Starmaker) Lyrics
85.Permanent Waves Lyrics
86.Killer's Eyes Lyrics
87.Victoria Lyrics
88.Get Back In Line Lyrics
89.Love Me Till The Sun Shines Lyrics
90.She's Got Everything Lyrics
91.Bright Lights Lyrics
92.Mr. Wonderful Lyrics
93.Wonder Boy Lyrics
94.The Hard Way Lyrics
95.Back to Front Lyrics
96.The First Time We Fall In Love Lyrics
97.Too Hot Lyrics
98.The Poseur Lyrics
99.A Little Bit of Abuse Lyrics
100.Sleepless Night Lyrics
101.Nothing To Say Lyrics
102.Denmark Street Lyrics
103.(Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman Lyrics
104.Dear Margaret Lyrics
105.Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues Lyrics
106.Yo-Yo Lyrics
107.Headmaster Lyrics
108.Summer's Gone Lyrics
109.Around the Dial Lyrics
110.Young Conservatives Lyrics
111.Out of the Wardrobe Lyrics
112.Get Up Lyrics
113.Stormy Sky Lyrics
114.Mr. Big Man Lyrics
115.Full Moon Lyrics
116.Prince of the Punks Lyrics
117.Supersonic Rocket Ship Lyrics
118.End Of The Season Lyrics
119.The Contenders Lyrics
120.Strangers Lyrics
121.This Time Tomorrow Lyrics
122.Holiday In Waikiki Lyrics
123.Yes Sir, No Sir Lyrics
124.What Are We Doing Lyrics
125.Stop Your Sobbing - Stereo Lyrics
126.Slum Kids Lyrics
127.Skin and Bone Lyrics
128.When I See That Girl of Mine Lyrics
129.Heart of Gold Lyrics
130.Word of Mouth Lyrics
131.Ape Man Lyrics
132.Once a Thief Lyrics
133.Some Mother's Son Lyrics
134.No More Looking Back Lyrics
135.Celluloid Heroes (Live) Lyrics
136.A House In The Country Lyrics
137.There's No Life Without Love Lyrics
138.Situation Vacant Lyrics
139.Afternoon Tea Lyrics
140.Come On Now Lyrics
141.Animal Lyrics
142.To The Bone Lyrics
143.You're Lookin' Fine Lyrics
144.Alcohol (Live) Lyrics
145.Brainwashed Lyrics
146.Holiday Lyrics
147.Catch Me Now I'm Falling Lyrics
148.Mr. Churchill Says Lyrics
149.Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues (Live) Lyrics
150.Long Distance Lyrics
151.Two Sisters Lyrics
152.I Gotta Go Now Lyrics
153.Maximum Consumption Lyrics
154.Deadend Street Lyrics
155.Attitude Lyrics
156.Pressure Lyrics
157.Life On the Road Lyrics
158.Predictable Lyrics
159.The Road (Live) Lyrics
160.Do You Remember Walter? Lyrics
161.Young And Innocent Days Lyrics
162.She's Bought A Hat Like Princess Marina Lyrics
163.Stop Your Sobbin' Lyrics
164.Ev'rybody's Gonna Be Happy Lyrics
165.Noise Lyrics
166.War Is Over Lyrics
167.Here Comes yet Another Day Lyrics
168.Picture Book Lyrics
169.He's Evil Lyrics
170.Mirror of Love Lyrics
171.Here Come The People In Grey Lyrics
172.Black Messiah (Single Remix) Lyrics
173.Definite Maybe Lyrics
174.Working at the Factory Lyrics
175.Cliches of the World (B Movie) Lyrics
176.Think Visual Lyrics
177.Welcome to Sleazy Town Lyrics
178.Bald Headed Woman Lyrics
179.How Do I Get Close Lyrics
180.The Video Shop Lyrics
181.Give the People What They Want (Live) Lyrics
182.Massive Reductions Lyrics
183.Missing Persons Lyrics
184.Lost and Found Lyrics
185.Baby Face (Live) Lyrics
186.Low Budget Lyrics
187.Wonderboy Lyrics
188.Dandy Lyrics
189.Dead End Street Lyrics
190.Too Much On My Mind Lyrics
191.I'm in Disgrace Lyrics
192.In A Foreign Land Lyrics
193.Unreal Reality Lyrics
194.Hatred (A Duet) Lyrics
195.Scum of the Earth Lyrics
196.Second-Hand Car Spiv Lyrics
197.Ordinary People Lyrics
198.The Informer Lyrics
199.Holiday Romance Lyrics
200.Wall of Fire Lyrics
201.When Work Is Over Lyrics
202.Flash's Confession Lyrics
203.Salvation Road Lyrics
204.There's a Change in the Weather Lyrics
205.Good Day (Extended Version) Lyrics
206.Summer's Gone (Extended Version) Lyrics
207.Milk Cow Blues Lyrics
208.Where Are They Now? Lyrics
209.Demolition Lyrics
210.Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight Lyrics
211.Good Luck Charm Lyrics
212.I Took My Baby Home Lyrics
213.Introduction to Solution Lyrics
214.When a Solution Comes Lyrics
215.You Still Want Me Lyrics
216.Shepherds of the Nation Lyrics
217.Oh Where Oh Where Is Love? Lyrics
218.Flash's Dream (The Final Elbow) Lyrics
219.Nothing Lasts Forever Lyrics
220.Underneath the Neon Sign Lyrics
221.You Make It All Worthwhile Lyrics
222.A Gallon of Gas (US Single Extended Version) Lyrics
223.Do It Again Lyrics
224.Apeman (Live) Lyrics
225.Gotta Get the First Plane Home Lyrics
226.This Strange Effect Lyrics
227.Tired Of Waiting Lyrics
228.David Watts Lyrics
229.A Long Way From Home Lyrics
230.In a Space Lyrics
231.Got My Feet On The Ground Lyrics
232.Misery Lyrics
233.So Long Lyrics
234.Nobody Gives Lyrics
235.Hot Potatoes Lyrics
236.Scrapheap City Lyrics
237.Don't Lyrics
238.Surviving Lyrics
239.Everybody's a Star (Starmaker) [Mono Mix] Lyrics
240.Scattered Lyrics
241.Artificial Light Lyrics
242.UK Jive Lyrics
243.Repetition Lyrics
244.On the Outside (1977 Mix) Lyrics
245.Killing Time Lyrics
246.On the Outside (1994 Mix) Lyrics
247.Hay Fever Lyrics
248.Black Messiah Lyrics
249.Live Life (UK Album Version) Lyrics
250.Hardway Lyrics
251.Long Tall Sally Lyrics
252.Sitting on My Sofa Lyrics
253.What's in Store for Me Lyrics
254.Did You See His Name? Lyrics
255.Drivin' Lyrics
256.Muswell Hillbillies Lyrics
257.Here Comes Flash Lyrics
258.Sittin' On My Sofa Lyrics
259.Nothin' In The World Can Stop Me Worryin''Bout That Girl Lyrics
260.It's All Right Lyrics
261.Village Green Preservation Society Lyrics
262.Something Better Beginning Lyrics
263.Look a Little on the Sunnyside Lyrics
264.Wait Till The Summer Comes Along Lyrics
265.Days - New Version Lyrics
266.A Gallon of Gas Lyrics
267.Dancing in the Street Lyrics
268.I Need You Lyrics
269.National Health Lyrics
270.Never Met a Girl Like You Before Lyrics
271.Sitting in the Midday Sun Lyrics
272.Father Christmas Lyrics
273.Art Lover Lyrics
274.Act Nice And Gentle Lyrics
275.No Return Lyrics
276.Don't You Fret Lyrics
277.Aggravation Lyrics
278.Arthur Lyrics
279.Mister Pleasant Lyrics
280.Moving Pictures Lyrics
281.Sweet Lady Genevieve Lyrics
282.Finale Lyrics
283.Rush Hour Blues Lyrics
284.Shangri-La Lyrics
285.State of Confusion Lyrics
286.This is Where I Belong Lyrics
287.Willesden Green Lyrics
288.Berkeley Mews Lyrics
289.Big Black Smoke Lyrics
290.Polly Lyrics
291.King Kong Lyrics
292.The Moneygoround Lyrics
293.One of the Survivors (Single Edit) [Remix] Lyrics
294.Mirror of Love (Alternate Mix) Lyrics
295.I'll Remember Lyrics
296.You're Looking Fine Lyrics
297.Most Exclusive Residence For Sale Lyrics
298.Mr. Reporter Lyrics
299.Rainy Day In June Lyrics
300.(I Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman Lyrics
301.Living on a Thin Line (Live) Lyrics
302.Guilty Lyrics
303.Living on a Thin Line Lyrics
304.It's Alright (Don't Think About It) Lyrics
305.You Don't Know My Name Lyrics
306.Beautiful Delilah Lyrics
307.Banana Boat Song (Live) Lyrics
308.I've Been Driving on Bald Mountain Lyrics
309.Superman Lyrics
310.Close to the Wire Lyrics
311.Trust Your Heart Lyrics
312.Little Bit of Emotion Lyrics
313.Look Through Any Doorway Lyrics
314.Lincoln County Lyrics
315.Rosie Won't You Please Come Home Lyrics
316.Rock 'n' Roll Cities Lyrics
317.Ring The Bells Lyrics
318.Don't Ever Let Go Lyrics
319.I'm A Hog For You Baby Lyrics

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