The King Blues Lyrics

Genre: Rock

The King Blues Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Mr Music Man (single version)
2 When the Revolution Comes
3 Modern Life Has Let Me Down (Live at the Roundhouse)
4 My Boulder (Live)
5 Under The Fog
6 My Boulder (Acoustic)
7 Mr Music Man (original demo version)
8 Let's Hang the Landlord
9 Lets Hang the Landlord (Live at the Roundhouse)
10 What If Punk Never Happened (Live)
11 The Last Of The Dreamers
12 Mr Music Man (Gallows Burning Mix)
13 Mr Music Man
14 Let’s Hang the Landlord
15 Set the World On Fire (Live at the Roundhouse)
16 Underneath This Lamppost Light (Live)
17 Does Anybody Care
18 Mr Music Man (Sartori Remix)
19 Blood on My Hands
20 Headbutt
21 Mr. Music Man (Live at the Roundhouse)
22 We Are Fucking Angry (Live)
23 The Future's Not What it Used to Be
24 Come Fi Di Youth
25 The Sound of Revolt
26 Set the World On Fire
27 I Want You (Live at the Roundhouse)
28 The Streets Are Ours (Live)
29 Off With Their Heads
30 Sound of Revolt
31 Intro
32 We Are Fucking Angry
33 We Are Fucking Angry (Live at the Roundhouse)
34 Shooting Fascists (Live)
35 Starting Fires
36 If I Had a Coin...
37 Chimp in a 3 Piece Suit
38 We Ain't Never Done
39 Dancehall
40 The Streets Are Ours (Live at the Roundhouse)
41 I Want You (Live)
42 Poems & Songs
43 Duck and Cover
44 What If Punk Never Happened
45 I Want You
46 Shooting Fascists (Live at the Roundhouse)
47 Set the World On Fire (Live)
48 Opposable Thumbs
49 Taking Over
50 Out of Luck
51 5 Bottles of Shampoo
52 Underneath This Lamppost Light (Live at the Roundhouse)
53 Modern Life Has Let Me Down (Live)
54 Words
55 Getting Out of Here
56 For You My Darling
57 Sex Education
58 My Boulder (Live at the Roundhouse)
59 Holiday (Live)
60 Taxi Driver
61 Hold On Tight
62 Underneath This Lamppost Light
63 Shooting Fascists
64 Headbutt (Live at the Roundhouse)
65 The Sound of Revolt (Live)
66 Pure Fucking Love
67 Let's Hang the Landlord (album version dirty)
68 My Boulder
69 Everything Happens for a Reason
70 Hold On Tight (Live at the Roundhouse)
71 I Got Love (Live)
72 Headbutt (Dr Meaker remix)
73 I Got Love
74 We Are What We Own
75 Headbutt (Acoustic Version)
76 I Got Love (Live at the Roundhouse)
77 Save the World, Get the Girl (Extra Clean Radio Edit)
78 The Schemers, The Scroungers, And the Rats
79 Modern Life Has Let Me Down
80 Headbutt (main mix)
81 The Sound of Revolt (Live at the Roundhouse)
82 Save the World, Get the Girl (Live at XFM New Year's Eve Party at Brixton Academy)
83 Save the World, Get the Girl
84 Wasted Words
85 Headbutt (Rux remix)
86 Holiday (Live at the Roundhouse)
87 What If Punk Never Happened (Live at the Roundhouse)
88 A New England (Engine Room Acoustic Version)
89 The Streets Are Ours
90 This Is My Home
91 Holiday
92 Headbutt (Live)
93 Hold On Tight (Live)
94 We Do the Ska