The Juliana Theory Lyrics

Genre: Rock

The Juliana Theory Lyrics - by Popularity

1 As It Stands
2 August In Bethany
3 The Black Page
4 Repeating, Repeating
5 Into The Dark
6 Moments
7 Jewel to Sparkle (Live Basement Demo)
8 Shell Of A Man
9 Don't Push Love Away
10 In A Fraction
11 White Days (Live Basement Demo)
12 We're Nothing Without You
13 The Hardest Things
14 To The Tune Of 5,000 Screaming Children
15 This Is Not A Love Song
16 Shotgun Serenade (Live)
17 Top Of The World
18 This Is The End Of Your Life (EP)
19 We're At The Top Of The World (To The Simple Two)
20 The Final Song
21 Music Box Superhero
22 Into The Dark*
23 Trance
24 If I Told You This Was Killing Me, Would You Stop?
25 We Make The Road By Walking
26 Musicbox Superhero
27 I Love You To Death (Drive Safe)
28 Something Isn't Right Here
29 My Heart Is A Soldier
30 Bring It Low
31 Piano Song
32 Leave Like A Ghost (Drive Away)
33 Congratulations
34 White Days
35 Duane Joseph
36 This Is A Lovesong... For The Loveless
37 Do You Believe Me
38 Rainy Day Song
39 Constellation
40 French Kiss Off
41 DTM
42 The Closest Thing
43 Seven Forty Seven
44 Shotgun Serenade
45 10,000 Questions
46 We are at the Top of the World
47 Show Me The Money
48 This Is The End Of Your Life - Music From Another Room Album Version
49 Emotion Is Dead, Pt. 1
50 You Always Say Goodnight, Goodnight
51 P.S. We'll Call You When We Get There
52 Liability - Music From Another Room Album Version
53 Everything
54 Liability
55 This Is The End Of Your Life
56 Piano Song - Music From Another Room Album Version
57 In Conversation
58 Emotion Is Dead, Pt. 2
59 Breathing By Wires
60 Leave Like a Ghost (Live Basement Demo)
61 This Valentine Ain't No Saint (Live Basement Demo)
62 Jewel To Sparkle
63 Understand The Dream Is Over
64 Is Patience Still Waiting?
65 Before I Go
66 This Valentine Ain't No Saint
67 This Is Your Life
68 For Evangeline

The Juliana Theory Bio

The Juliana Theory was an American rock quintet from Greensburg and Latrobe, Pennsylvania. The Juliana Theory signed to Tooth & Nail Records The group later signed to Epic Records for the release of the album Love. The Juliana Theory released their final studio album on independent label Paper Fist before disbanding in 2006. The band played eight reunion shows in Summer 2010.

The Juliana Theory was formed in 1997 by Joshua Fiedler and Neil Hebrank (formerly of the band Noisome) along with Chad Monticue (former singer for Pensive), Jeremiah Momper, and Brett Detar (who also split his time as a guitarist for Zao and Pensive at the time).

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Juliana_Theory