The Hidden Cameras Lyrics

Genre: Rock

The Hidden Cameras Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Origin:Orphan
2 Log Driver’s Waltz
3 Carpe Jugular
4 In the Union of Wine
5 Follow These Eyes
6 Carpe Jugular (Hard Ton Remix)
7 Kingdom Come
8 Be What I Want
9 Oh, Tonight
10 Music is My Boyfriend
11 Wandering
12 Carpe Jugular (Absolute Remix)
13 Counting Stars
14 Year of the Spawn (Radio Edit)
15 Awoo
16 For Fun
17 Fee Fie
18 The Great Reward
19 Year of the Spawn (Alixander III Remix)
20 The International MMA: The Mild Mannered Army
21 Hump From Bending
22 Heaven Turns To
23 Big Blue
24 Gay Goth Scene
25 Ode to Self Publishing: Fear of 'Zine Failure
26 The Waning Moon
27 Mississauga Goddamn
28 Don’t Make Promises
29 Day I Left Home
30 He Is the Boss of Me
31 I Want Another Enema
32 The International M.M.A.
33 Steal All You Can, Motherfucker
34 Drunk Dancer’s Waltz
35 Boys of Melody
36 We Oh We
37 Golden Streams
38 The Fear Is On
39 Feeling ‘Bout You
40 A Miracle
41 Walk On
42 The Animals of Prey
43 Year of the Spawn
44 Twilight of the Season
45 I Believe In the Good of Life
46 Doot Doot Plot
47 The International M.M.A. the Mild Mannered Army
48 Ordinary Over You
49 Gay Goth Scene (Radio Edit)
50 Bboy
51 Fear Is On
52 Underage
53 Bread for Brat
54 Animals of Prey
55 Mississauga Goddam
56 Builds the Bone
57 Ratify the New
58 Afterparty
59 The Day Is Dawning
60 High Upon the Church Grounds
61 In the NA
62 He Falls to Me
63 The Man That I Am With My Man
64 Ban Marriage
65 Gay Goth Scene (Demo)
66 Smells Like Happiness
67 Breathe on It
68 Colour of a Man
69 Ode To Self-Publishing
70 Ode to an Ah
71 Gay Goth Scene (4-Track Demo)
72 Learning the Lie
73 Day Is Dawning
74 The Little Bit
75 Worms Cannot Swim Nor Can They Walk
76 Dark End of the Street
77 Skin & Leather
78 Lollipop
79 Shame
80 Silence Can Be a Headline
81 Heji
82 You and Me Again
83 Doom
84 Death of a Tune
85 She's Gone
86 That's When the Ceremony Starts
87 Do I Belong?

The Hidden Cameras Bio

Canadian indie pop band. Fronted by singer-songwriter Joel Gibb, the band consists of a varying roster of musicians who play what Gibb once described as "gay church folk music". Their live performances have been elaborate, high-energy shows, featuring go-go dancers in balaclavas, a choir, and a string section.