The Go-Betweens Lyrics

Genre: Rock

The Go-Betweens Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Make Her Day
2 One Thing Can Hold Us
3 Spring Rain
4 Cut It Out
5 Finding You
6 Streets Of Your Town
7 People Know
8 The Ghost And The Black Hat
9 The House That Jack Kerouac Built
10 People Say
11 Clouds
12 Midnight To Neon
13 To Reach Me
14 Bye Bye Pride
15 The Mountains Near Dellray
16 Was There Anything I Could Do?
17 Careless
18 Bachelor Kisses
19 Spirit Of A Vampyre
20 No Reason To Cry
21 I'm All Right
22 All About Strength
23 Five Words
24 The Clarke Sisters
25 Lavender
26 Love Goes On!
27 Ride
28 The Old Way Out
29 Twin Layers Of Lightning
30 Unfinished Business
31 Surfing Magazines
32 Orpheus Beach
33 Cattle And Cane
34 You've Never Lived
35 Hope Then Strife
36 Born To A Family
37 Going Blind
38 By Chance
39 Part Company
40 Right Here
41 Mrs Morgan
42 Magic In Here
43 When She Sang About Angels
44 As Long As That
45 In The Core Of The Flame
46 The Wrong Road
47 In Her Diary
48 Caroline And I
49 Quiet Heart
50 On My Block
51 Head Full Of Steam
52 Unkind And Unwise
53 Too Much Of One Thing
54 German Farmhouse
55 Love Is A Sign
56 That Way
57 Bow Down
58 Before Hollywood
59 Boundary Rider
60 The Statue
61 The Devil's Eye
62 Slow Slow Music
63 Palm Sunday (On Board The SS Within)
64 Dive For Your Memory
65 Here Comes A City
66 This Night's For You
67 Hold Your Horses
68 Draining The Pool For You
69 Apology Accepted
70 You Can't Say No Forever
71 Darlinghurst Nights
72 Something For Myself
73 It Could Be Anyone
74 River Of Money
75 You Tell Me
76 Crooked Lines
77 He Lives My Life
78 Heart And Home
79 A Bad Debt Follows You
80 Dusty In Here
81 Someone Else's Wife
82 The Clock
83 Spirit
84 Old Mexico
85 Two Steps Step Out
86 Ask
87 I Just Get Caught Out
88 Poison In The Walls

The Go-Betweens Bio

Indie rock band formed in Brisbane, Australia in 1977 by singer-songwriters and guitarists, Robert Forster and Grant McLennan. They were later joined by Lindy Morrison on drums, Robert Vickers on bass guitar and Amanda Brown on violin, oboe, guitar, and backing vocals, before disbanding in late 1989. Forster and McLennan reformed the band in 2000 with a new line-up, McLennan died on 6 May 2006 of a heart attack and The Go-Betweens disbanded again.

In 1988, "Streets of Your Town", the first single from 16 Lovers Lane, became the band's biggest chart hit in both Australia and the United Kingdom (UK). The follow-up single "Was There Anything I Could Do?" was a No. 16 hit on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart in the United States. In May 2001 "Cattle and Cane", from 1983's Before Hollywood was selected by Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) as one of the Top 30 Australian songs of all time. In 2008, 16 Lovers Lane was highlighted on Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) TV's The Great Australian Albums series as a classic example of 1980s rock music.