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Genre: Rock

The Fray Lyrics - by Popularity

1 You Found Me
2 Over My Head (Cable Car) (Live At Gothic)
3 How To Save A Life (Live For MTV.com & VH1.com)
4 Look After You (Live At Red Rocks)
5 Heaven Forbid (Live At Red Rocks)
6 You Found Me Radio Disney Edit
7 Together
8 Trust Me
9 Shadow and a Dancer
10 Be the One (New Song demo)
11 Love Don't Die
12 Enough for Now (Acoustic Version)
13 Heartless (Swinghouse Session)
14 Unsaid
15 Fall Away
16 You Found Me (live With the London Quartet)
17 Oh Come Oh Emmanuel
18 How to Save a Life (live From Webster Hall)
19 The Fighter
20 Kiss Me
21 Heartbeat
22 Look After You (radio edit)
23 Look After You (acoustic)
24 Where You Want To
25 Silent Night
26 Look After You
27 Turn Me On
28 You Found Me (Radio Mix)
29 Tryin’ to Throw Your Arms Around the World
30 She Is (acoustic)
31 Happiness
32 Never Say Never (half guitar solo)
33 Noel
34 Love Don't Die (Single)
35 I Can Barely Say
36 How to Save a Life (New Version)
37 Over My Head (Cable Car) Live
38 How to Save a Life (acoustic)
39 Ungodly Hour
40 Hundred
41 Same as You
42 Oh Come All Ye Faithful
43 Winter Sun
44 Munich
45 How to Save a Life (New)
46 How to Save a Life (from "Grey's Anatomy")
47 Elanor Rigby (acoustic)
48 We Build Then We Break
49 Vienna
50 Give It Away
51 Away in a Manger
52 500,000 Acres
53 48 to Go
54 Maps
55 Cable Car
56 She Is (album version)
57 Never Say Never
58 Oh Holy Night
59 'It's Not Easy Being Skinny'
60 You Found Me (Original Performance Series)
61 Changing Tides
62 Run for Your Life
63 Ready or Not
64 Heartbeat (Live)
65 How to Save a Life (Stripped version)
66 Enough for Now
67 Syndicate (radio mix)
68 Heaven Forbid
69 Never Say Never (Original Performance Series)
70 Singing Low
71 The Wind
72 Why
73 Love Don't Die (KFOG Playspace 2/12/2014)
74 Where the Story Ends
75 Absolute
76 How to Save a Life
77 It's For You
78 Enough for Now (Original Performance Series)
79 How to Save a Life - New Album Version
80 1961
81 Streets of Philadelphia
82 Little House
83 Say When
84 Absolute (Acoustic Version)
85 Never Say Never (live With the London Quartet)
86 Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
87 Ready or Not - WRONG VERSION
88 Here We Are
89 Take Your Time
90 Oceans Away
91 Over My Head
92 Closer to Me
93 Hold My Hand
94 Heartbeat (Single)
95 How to Save a Life (acoustic version from Q101)
96 Over My Head (Cable Car) - Live at The Fillmore
97 Rainy Zurich
98 Hips Don't Lie
99 Fair Fight
100 Syndicate
101 Medley
102 Hurricane
103 Ready or Not (The Fugees cover)
104 Little House (Album Version)
105 Happiness - Live at The Fillmore
106 Be Still
107 City Hall
108 Say When (Acoustic Version)
109 All at Once
110 Keep On Wanting
111 Why (Annie Lennox cover)
112 Streets of Philadelphia (acoustic)
113 Over My Head (Cable Car) - Acoustic [Live]
114 Never Say Never (Lenny B radio edit)
115 Without Reason
116 You Found Me (Acoustic Version)
117 Over My Head (Cable Car)
118 Our Last Days
119 Boulder to Birmingham (Emmylou Harris cover)
120 The Fighter (live at the Filmore)
121 Love Don't Lie
122 Over My Head (Cable Car) (acoustic)
123 How to Save a Life (single mix)
124 How To Save A Live
125 She Is
126 Oceans
127 Break Your Plans
128 Where the Story Ends (Piano version)
129 You Found Me (live at the Filmore)
130 Without Reason (EP Version)
131 How to Save a Life (Live At the Electric Factory)
132 Heartless
133 Some Trust
134 The Great Beyond
135 Dead Wrong
136 Always Away
137 Wherever This Goes
138 Fair Fight (live)
139 How to Save a Life (live at the Filmore)
140 City Hall (EP Version)
141 Fair Fight (Bonus Track)
142 Uncertainty
143 She Is (Stripped Version)

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The Fray Bio

The Fray is a Grammy Award-nominated four-piece piano rock American band from Denver, Colorado. Formed in 2002 by schoolmates Isaac Slade and Joe King, the band released their debut album How to Save a Life in 2005. The band is best known for the song "How to Save a Life", which charted in the top three of the Billboard Hot 100 and was also a top 5 single in Canada, Australia, Ireland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. The Fray also found national success with the song "Over My Head (Cable Car)", which became a top ten hit in the United States and Canada. How to Save a Life was certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America and was also certified platinum in Australia and New Zealand. The Fray recently signed on for the 2008/2009 year as an ambassador for VH1's Save The Music Foundation. They performed at the American Music Awards on November 23, 2008.

The Fray was formed in 2002, and currently consists of Isaac Slade (vocals and piano), Joe King (guitar and vocals), Dave Welsh (guitar) and Ben Wysocki (drums and percussion).

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