The Dead Milkmen Lyrics

Genre: Rock

The Dead Milkmen Lyrics - by Popularity

1 At The Moment
2 All Around The World
3 How It's Gonna Be
4 Quality Of Death
5 Buried In The Sky
6 Beige Sunshine
7 Labor Day [Previously Unreleased]
8 God's Kid Brother
9 She's Affected
10 Bitchin' Camaro
11 Meaningless Upbeat Happy Song
12 Silly Dreams
13 Melora Says
14 Solvents (For Home And Industry)
15 The Pit
16 Serrated Edge
17 Big Deal
18 I Hear Your Name
19 The Girl With The Strong Arm
20 The King In Yellow / William Bloat
21 Belafonte's Inferno
22 Fauxhemia
23 (Theme From)Blood Orgy of the Atomic Fern
24 The Thing That Only Eats Hippies
25 Caitlin Childs
26 Can't Relax
27 Big Lizard
28 Surfin' Cow
29 If I Had A Gun
30 Shaft In Greenland
31 Some Young Guy
32 The Secret Of Life
33 Bitchin' Camero
34 Passport To Depravity
35 Cousin Earl
36 I Walk The Thinnest Line
37 The Conspiracy Song
38 I'm Flying Away
39 The Great Boston Molasses Flood
40 Earwig
41 I Started To Hate You
42 Methodist Coloring Book
43 When I Get To Heaven
44 Nutrition
45 Now I Wanna Hold Your Dog
46 Tacoland
47 Here Comes Mr. X
48 I Against Osbourne
49 13th Century Boy
50 The Big Sleazy
51 The Blues Song
52 Like To Be Alone
53 Where The Tarantula Lives
54 Anthropology Days [BONUS]
55 Air Crash Museum
56 Beach Party Vietnam
57 Life Is Shit
58 Commodify Your Dissent
59 Part 3
60 Little Man In My Head
61 Swampland of Desire
62 Instant Club Hit (You'll Dance to Anything)
63 Labor Day
64 Wonderfully Colored Plastic War Toys
65 Epic Tales of Adventure
66 I Hate You, I Love You
67 City Of Mud
68 Beach Song
69 Milkmen Stomp
70 Now Everybody's Me
71 Howard Beware
72 Watching Scotty Die
73 Dance With Me
74 Take Me Apart
75 Jellyfish Heaven
76 Stuart
77 RC's Mom
78 Violent School
79 I Hate Myself
80 I Am The Walrus
81 Shapes of Things
82 Swordfish
83 My Many Smells
84 Big Scary Place
85 Do the Brown Nose
86 V.F.W.
87 If You Love Somebody, Set Them on Fire
88 The Badger Song
89 I Tripped Over The Ottoman
90 Rock 'N' Roll Queen
91 If You Love Someone Set Them On Fire
92 Now Everybody’s Me
93 Filet of Sole
94 Laundromat Song
95 Rastabilly
96 Ask Me to Dance
97 I Don't Wanna
98 Wonderfully Coloured Plastic War Toys
99 Peter Bazooka
100 Going to Graceland
101 Dollar Signs In Her Eyes
102 Ringo Buys A Rifle
103 Right Wing Pigeons
104 Big Lizard in my Backyard
105 Fifty Things
106 Nitro Burning Funny Cars
107 Hangman
108 The Guitar Song
109 Happy Is
110 Tiny Town
111 Vince Lombardi Service Center
112 Punk Rock Girl
113 Dean's Dream
114 The Fez
115 Cold Hard Ground
116 Smokin' Banana Peels
117 Sri Lanka Sex Hotel
118 Moron
119 Take Me to the Specialist
120 Brat In the Frat
121 Six Days
122 Lucky
123 Don't Deny Your Inner Child
124 Bad Party
125 Born to Love Volcanos
126 Two Feet Off The Ground
127 Big Time Operator
128 Plum Dumb
129 Milkmen Stomp [Previously Unreleased]
130 Kksuck2
131 Or Maybe It Is
132 Girl Hunt
133 Bleach Boys
134 Spit Sink
135 Rocketship
136 Junkie
137 Tugena
138 Anderson, Walkman, Buttholes and How!
139 In Praise of Sha Na Na
140 Instant Club Hit
141 Everybody’s Got Nice Stuff But Me
142 Gorilla Girl
143 Takin' Retards to the Zoo

The Dead Milkmen Bio

The Dead Milkmen is an American satirical punk rock band formed in 1983 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They consisted of vocalist and keyboardist Rodney Linderman ("Rodney Anonymous"), guitarist and vocalist Joe Genaro ("Joe Jack Talcum"), bassist Dave Schulthise ("Dave Blood") and drummer Dean Sabatino ("Dean Clean").

Beginning within the local underground hardcore scene of the early 1980s, the band established their jangly punk sound, which they coupled with prominent humor delivered in heavy Philadelphia accents. After garnering an underground following through extensive touring and college radio attention, they enjoyed international success on the strength of 1988's "Punk Rock Girl", a single from their Beelzebubba album which entered into MTV rotation. Health problems and an ill-fated stint with the major label Hollywood Records in the wake of their success led to the group's 1995 breakup. In total, they issued eight studio albums, one live record, and numerous peripheral releases before disbanding.

In 2008, the group reunited and began working on new material, with new bassist Dan Stevens replacing the deceased Schulthise. They released The King in Yellow in 2011, their first studio album in 16 years.