The Datsuns Lyrics

Genre: Rock

The Datsuns Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Cruel Cruel Fate
2 Pity Pity Please
3 Somebody Better
4 Fink for the Man
5 Eye Of The Needle
6 You Build Me Up (To Bring Me Down)
7 In Love
8 Waiting For Your Time To Come
9 That’s What You Get
10 Blacken My Thumb
11 Stuck Here For Days
12 Creature of the Week
13 Highschool Hoodlums
14 Don't Come Knocking
15 Maximum Heartbreak
16 Looking Glass Lies
17 Cry Crybaby
18 O Woe Is Me
19 All Aboard
20 Sun in My Eyes
21 Messin' Around
22 Such A Pretty Curse
23 Deep Sleep
24 Girls Best Friend
25 Blood Red
26 Harmonic Generator (Radio 1 Live - Steve Lamacq Evening Session)
27 Hey! Paranoid People
28 Sittin' Pretty
29 You Can't Find Me
30 Emperor's New Clothes
31 Sittin' Pretty (Radio 1 Live - Steve Lamacq Evening Session)
32 MF from Hell
33 Get Up! (Don't Fight It)
34 Too Little Fire
35 Fink for the Man (Radio 1 Live - Steve Lamacq Evening Session)
36 Cherry Lane
37 Lucille
38 Kick & A Bang
39 MF from Hell (Live from the Astoria)
40 Lady
41 I Got No Words
42 Sky Is Falling
43 Gods Are Bored
44 Human Error
45 Harmonic Generator
46 Motherfucker From Hell
47 One Eye Open
48 Brain Tonic
49 Hey! Paranoid People! (What's In Your Head)
50 What Would I Know
51 What I've Lost
52 Caught in the Silver
53 Harmonic Generator (Radio 1 Live Maida Vale session)
54 Your Bones
55 At Your Touch
56 Hong Kong Fury
57 Bad Taste
58 Sittin' Pretty (Radio 1 Live Maida Vale session)
59 Ready, Set, Go!
60 Freeze Sucker
61 That Sure Ain't Right
62 Claw Machine
63 Fink for the Man (Radio 1 Live Maida Vale session)
64 Yeah, Yeah, Just Another Mistake
65 Who Are You Stamping Your Foot For?
66 Shaky Mirrors
67 System Overload
68 500 Eyes
69 So Long

The Datsuns Bio

The Datsuns are a hard rock band from Cambridge, New Zealand, formed in 2000. To date they have released six albums and several singles, most of which have charted in New Zealand and/or the United Kingdom. Deep Sleep, their latest record was released in October 2014.

In 1995, while still at school, Rudolf de Borst (vocals, bass), Phil Somervell (guitar), and Matt Osment (drums) formed a band under the name Trinket. Christian Livingstone joined the band in 1997 as a second guitarist. They entered and won the 1999 89FM Battle of the Bands competition in Hamilton, New Zealand.

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