The Cure - Miscellaneous Album

Artist: The Cure

Genre: Rock

Album: Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous Lyrics The Cure
1 Pictures of You
2 10.15 Saturday Night
3 Accuracy
4 Another Day
5 Fire In Cairo
6 Meathook
7 Object
8 So What
9 Subway Song
10 Three Imaginary Boys
11 Just One Kiss
12 Lament
13 Speak My Language
14 The Dream
15 The Upstairs Room
16 At Night
17 In Your House
18 M
19 Secrets
20 Seventeen Seconds
21 Killing an Arab
22 Plastic Passion
23 World War
24 Closedown
25 Homesick
26 Last Dance
27 Prayers for Rain
28 The Same Deep Water As You
29 Untitled
30 Burn
31 More Than This
32 The Taste Of Ink
33 Down Under
34 Never Enough (Big Mix)
35 Out Of Mind
36 You Really Got Me
37 This Is a Lie (Ambient Mix)
38 Taking Off
39 Never
40 Splintered In Her Head
41 Happy the Man
42 Sugar Girl
43 Fascination Street ( Extended Mix )
44 Throw Your Foot
45 The Figurehead (Rhino Studio Demo)
46 One Hundred Years (Rhino Studio Demo)
47 I Dig You
48 I Dig You (Cult Hero Live In the Marquee Club London March 1980)
49 Lost
50 Wrong Number
51 Fear of Ghosts
52 Heroin Face (live)
53 The Exploding Boy
54 Charlotte Sometimes
55 10:15 Saturday Night (Robert Smith Home Demo)
56 Snow In Summer
57 Boys Don't Cry (Chestnut Studio Demo)
58 I'm Cold (Sav Studio Demo)
59 Primary (Red Mix)
60 The Drowning Man (Live in Australasia 8/81)
61 Other Voices (Live 81)
62 The Funeral Party (live 81)
63 All Cats are Grey (live 81)
64 Pillbox Tales
65 Winter (Three Imaginary Boys Studio Outtake)
66 Fire In Cairo (Chestnut Studio Demo)
67 Birdmad Girl
68 Accuracy (live)
69 Subway Song (live)
70 Jumping Someone Else's Train (extra album track)
71 World War (rare album track)
72 Winter (studio out-take)
73 Fire in Cairo (studio demo)
74 10.15 Saturday Night (studio demo)
75 It's Not You (studio demo)
76 Boys Don't Cry (studio demo)
77 One Hundred Years (Live)
78 Give Me It (Live)
79 The Hanging Garden (Live)
80 Going Nowhere
81 A Foolish Arrangement
82 Grinding Halt (home demo)
83 10.15 Saturday Night (home demo)
84 I Just Need Myself (studio demo)
85 I'm Cold (studio demo)
86 Your God Is Fear
87 Labyrinth
88 The Promise
89 I Just Need Myself (PSL Studio Demo)
90 10:15 Saturday Night (Chestnut Studio Demo)
91 Lovesong (Acoustic Version)
92 Lovesong [Extended Mix]
93 Young Americans
94 World In My Eyes
95 I Want to Be Old
96 Ocean
97 Halo
98 I Want To Be Old (studio demo)
99 The Loudest Song
100 Meat Hook
101 A Pink Dream
102 Waiting
103 Home
104 Adonais
105 Jumping On Someone Else's Train (Single Version)
106 The Bird Mad Girl
107 Why Can't Be You?
108 Why Can't I Be Me
109 The Exploding Boy (LP Version)
110 Dredd Song
111 Harold and Joe
112 Love Song (Remix Version)
113 The Only One (Mix 13)
114 It's Not You (Chestnut Studio Demo)
115 Pictures of You (Extended Dub Mix)
116 Sadacic (Demo Version)
117 Just Heaven
118 Caterpillar (Flicker Mix)
119 A Forest (live in France 6/80)
120 This Twilight Garden
121 The Walk (Everything Mix)
122 To the Sky
123 A Short Term Effect (Live)
124 Pornography (Live)
125 Cold (Live)
126 One Hundred Years (Studio Demo)
127 The Figurehead (Studio Demo)
128 Hey You!!! (Kevorkian 12" Remix)
129 At Night (live in France 6/80)
130 M (live in Arnhem 5/80)
131 This Morning
132 Fake
133 Close to Me ( Closest Mix )
134 A Chain of Flowers
135 Why Can't I Be With You?
136 Cure - Just Like Heaven
137 Let's Go To Bed (Milk Mix)
138 The Walk (Live)
139 Scared As You
140 The Big Hand
141 Wrong Number (P2P Mix)
142 Signal to Noise (Acoustic Version)
143 Maybe Someday (Acoustic Mix)
144 A Japanese Dream
145 Heroin Face (Single Version)
146 Subway Song (Live In Nottingham)
147 The Edge of the Deep Green Sea
148 Forever
149 Home Sick
150 The Expolding Boy (LP Version)
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The Cure - Miscellaneous Album Lyrics
1.Pictures of You Lyrics
2.10.15 Saturday Night Lyrics
3.Accuracy Lyrics
4.Another Day Lyrics
5.Fire In Cairo Lyrics
6.Meathook Lyrics
7.Object Lyrics
8.So What Lyrics
9.Subway Song Lyrics
10.Three Imaginary Boys Lyrics
11.Just One Kiss Lyrics
12.Lament Lyrics
13.Speak My Language Lyrics
14.The Dream Lyrics
15.The Upstairs Room Lyrics
16.At Night Lyrics
17.In Your House Lyrics
18.M Lyrics
19.Secrets Lyrics
20.Seventeen Seconds Lyrics
21.Killing an Arab Lyrics
22.Plastic Passion Lyrics
23.World War Lyrics
24.Closedown Lyrics
25.Homesick Lyrics
26.Last Dance Lyrics
27.Prayers for Rain Lyrics
28.The Same Deep Water As You Lyrics
29.Untitled Lyrics
30.Burn Lyrics
31.More Than This Lyrics
32.The Taste Of Ink Lyrics
33.Down Under Lyrics
34.Never Enough (Big Mix) Lyrics
35.Out Of Mind Lyrics
36.You Really Got Me Lyrics
37.This Is a Lie (Ambient Mix) Lyrics
38.Taking Off Lyrics
39.Never Lyrics
40.Splintered In Her Head Lyrics
41.Happy the Man Lyrics
42.Sugar Girl Lyrics
43.Fascination Street ( Extended Mix ) Lyrics
44.Throw Your Foot Lyrics
45.The Figurehead (Rhino Studio Demo) Lyrics
46.One Hundred Years (Rhino Studio Demo) Lyrics
47.I Dig You Lyrics
48.I Dig You (Cult Hero Live In the Marquee Club London March 1980) Lyrics
49.Lost Lyrics
50.Wrong Number Lyrics
51.Fear of Ghosts Lyrics
52.Heroin Face (live) Lyrics
53.The Exploding Boy Lyrics
54.Charlotte Sometimes Lyrics
55.10:15 Saturday Night (Robert Smith Home Demo) Lyrics
56.Snow In Summer Lyrics
57.Boys Don't Cry (Chestnut Studio Demo) Lyrics
58.I'm Cold (Sav Studio Demo) Lyrics
59.Primary (Red Mix) Lyrics
60.The Drowning Man (Live in Australasia 8/81) Lyrics
61.Other Voices (Live 81) Lyrics
62.The Funeral Party (live 81) Lyrics
63.All Cats are Grey (live 81) Lyrics
64.Pillbox Tales Lyrics
65.Winter (Three Imaginary Boys Studio Outtake) Lyrics
66.Fire In Cairo (Chestnut Studio Demo) Lyrics
67.Birdmad Girl Lyrics
68.Accuracy (live) Lyrics
69.Subway Song (live) Lyrics
70.Jumping Someone Else's Train (extra album track) Lyrics
71.World War (rare album track) Lyrics
72.Winter (studio out-take) Lyrics
73.Fire in Cairo (studio demo) Lyrics
74.10.15 Saturday Night (studio demo) Lyrics
75.It's Not You (studio demo) Lyrics
76.Boys Don't Cry (studio demo) Lyrics
77.One Hundred Years (Live) Lyrics
78.Give Me It (Live) Lyrics
79.The Hanging Garden (Live) Lyrics
80.Going Nowhere Lyrics
81.A Foolish Arrangement Lyrics
82.Grinding Halt (home demo) Lyrics
83.10.15 Saturday Night (home demo) Lyrics
84.I Just Need Myself (studio demo) Lyrics
85.I'm Cold (studio demo) Lyrics
86.Your God Is Fear Lyrics
87.Labyrinth Lyrics
88.The Promise Lyrics
89.I Just Need Myself (PSL Studio Demo) Lyrics
90.10:15 Saturday Night (Chestnut Studio Demo) Lyrics
91.Lovesong (Acoustic Version) Lyrics
92.Lovesong [Extended Mix] Lyrics
93.Young Americans Lyrics
94.World In My Eyes Lyrics
95.I Want to Be Old Lyrics
96.Ocean Lyrics
97.Halo Lyrics
98.I Want To Be Old (studio demo) Lyrics
99.The Loudest Song Lyrics
100.Meat Hook Lyrics
101.A Pink Dream Lyrics
102.Waiting Lyrics
103.Home Lyrics
104.Adonais Lyrics
105.Jumping On Someone Else's Train (Single Version) Lyrics
106.The Bird Mad Girl Lyrics
107.Why Can't Be You? Lyrics
108.Why Can't I Be Me Lyrics
109.The Exploding Boy (LP Version) Lyrics
110.Dredd Song Lyrics
111.Harold and Joe Lyrics
112.Love Song (Remix Version) Lyrics
113.The Only One (Mix 13) Lyrics
114.It's Not You (Chestnut Studio Demo) Lyrics
115.Pictures of You (Extended Dub Mix) Lyrics
116.Sadacic (Demo Version) Lyrics
117.Just Heaven Lyrics
118.Caterpillar (Flicker Mix) Lyrics
119.A Forest (live in France 6/80) Lyrics
120.This Twilight Garden Lyrics
121.The Walk (Everything Mix) Lyrics
122.To the Sky Lyrics
123.A Short Term Effect (Live) Lyrics
124.Pornography (Live) Lyrics
125.Cold (Live) Lyrics
126.One Hundred Years (Studio Demo) Lyrics
127.The Figurehead (Studio Demo) Lyrics
128.Hey You!!! (Kevorkian 12" Remix) Lyrics
129.At Night (live in France 6/80) Lyrics
130.M (live in Arnhem 5/80) Lyrics
131.This Morning Lyrics
132.Fake Lyrics
133.Close to Me ( Closest Mix ) Lyrics
134.A Chain of Flowers Lyrics
135.Why Can't I Be With You? Lyrics
136.Cure - Just Like Heaven Lyrics
137.Let's Go To Bed (Milk Mix) Lyrics
138.The Walk (Live) Lyrics
139.Scared As You Lyrics
140.The Big Hand Lyrics
141.Wrong Number (P2P Mix) Lyrics
142.Signal to Noise (Acoustic Version) Lyrics
143.Maybe Someday (Acoustic Mix) Lyrics
144.A Japanese Dream Lyrics
145.Heroin Face (Single Version) Lyrics
146.Subway Song (Live In Nottingham) Lyrics
147.The Edge of the Deep Green Sea Lyrics
148.Forever Lyrics
149.Home Sick Lyrics
150.The Expolding Boy (LP Version) Lyrics

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