The Capstan Shafts Lyrics

Genre: Rock

The Capstan Shafts Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Hearthrobgoblins
2 Main Title Miles Per Famine
3 Qualms Of The Azor Bombers
4 Recovering Cheerleader, Recovering Greenpeace Canvasser
5 Red Scarcity
6 Sincere As A Windchime
7 Felony Wear
8 Personals Surfer
9 Suckers Of Twiddled Thumbs
10 Favorite Eco-Terrorist
11 Good Mood Passes
12 Use The Poets As Barricades
13 A Senator Short Of A Quorum
14 Class War Tease
15 Pome On Pg. 14
16 Tilting At Windchills
17 Gravitational Pollster
18 What Used To Become You (Now Befalls You)
19 Drags Of Grind
20 Some Birds Soaring, Some Roasting
21 Wilds Of Gloryville
22 Perspective Versus Evelyn
23 Gentler Trending
24 Groovy Your World View
25 Goner Alaskas
26 The Origin Of Rain
27 Three Beer Drama
28 Sarasota Vs. The Concrete Poets
29 The Worst Lessons From The Wrong People
30 Snakeskin Belt Through Loose Hoops
31 Tape-Opera
32 Aching Tiny Everywheres
33 Abomination Paint
34 Heart Your Eat Out
35 She Reads Easy
36 Jackie Relief Map
37 Clammy Handed Favors
38 Communists In 19th Century America
39 Datepanties
40 Tombstone In The Poor Choice Graveyard
41 Kiss-You Advocacy
42 (I Dream About You Because) You Have Such Low Standards
43 Cornflower Blues
44 Here Comes Down
45 Saddlebags And The Age Of Jesus
46 Trouble Peddling
47 Precious Dimple Refinement
48 The Strategy Of Daylight
49 Handstander In An Age Of Backflips
50 She's Kick People
51 Get Needy On Me
52 I Don’t Mind You Dragging Me Down
53 The Icecaps Of Mars (Are Just Copying Ours)
54 Successfully Into You
55 Tulipsqueaking
56 The Laziest Gypsies
57 She Makes Amazing Look Stupid
58 A Heart That Never Flies
59 Sacrificial Anode Rod
60 Boxwine Willies
61 Beach Delay, Or Lighten Up, Fuzzhead
62 “Lauren Behold” (A Discussion With A Stripper Over Canadian Style Health Care)
63 Lemondrop Hamstrung
64 Froth Of July
65 Hominid Stickler
66 The Onetime Milwaukee Suicide
67 The Giving Earth And Her Oils Of Love
68 To The Dreamy Pop Icons
69 The Giddy Tramps Marching Orders
70 The Complete History Of England
71 The Flowering Universe Confounds
72 Barnacle Geese
73 The Failure Of History
74 More Faults Than The Tharsis Region
75 From Revelation Skirts
76 Scripted Ass Collisions
77 Cavacade Of Sulk
78 When Gold Brick Twins
79 Get Honest
80 Favorite Enabler
81 Lower Costa Rica
82 Can’t You Tell A Slow Burn Woo When You Ignore One?
83 Contrary’s Mom
84 The Battle Of Metaphor
85 Brush Cleaning Boy
86 Proletariat Glow
87 Girl To Scoff World's Ills
88 Alien Hand
89 Your Hipper Default Settings
90 Goodlie Oddthoughts Journal Of Woe
91 Phase Appraisals
92 Sometimes The Horns
93 Sunshine Profligate
94 Tart Collaborative
95 Quiet Wars
96 Posters For Cat Disappeared
97 Sonny And Cher
98 Mosquito Net Worth
99 Brightest Page In The History Of Man
100 Camel Lightyears
101 She Sees The Good In Everyone
102 He Would Die For You (If It Were Up To Me)
103 Trick Years
104 Goddess Of Provisional Affinity
105 Testy And Half-Baked
106 Big Oil Hackery
107 The Ballad Of Kid Butane
108 Five Reasons For Moonshots
109 Drunken Eagles West Coast Bash
110 Hit Me Like The Greatest Car Song
111 Sick Of Green
112 Particularly Mindsticking
113 Our Southern Ambitions
114 Grapples And Orangutangs
115 Your Wasted Is A Talent Here
116 Dukes Of The Ugly Sound
117 Failed Budhist Retreat Come-On
118 Hopeful Grows The Molehill
119 Her Novel 'Canal Zone Poetry'
120 Virgin Queen Of The Cattlemen
121 Several Dozen Engines
122 Bluejean V. Debs
123 Second The Devils Esplanade
124 Felony War
125 Chandelier Of Bad Ideas
126 Save My Down For A Sadder Day
127 The Complete History Of Greenland
128 Get Your Cat Out Of My Sunbeam
129 Everyone Plants Trees
130 Days From Work
131 No Downer For The Skein
132 Defenstration Makes Good Neighbors
133 Second Porches Can Be Closer To Mars
134 Cruel Streak Andes
135 No. 5 Aluminum Lake
136 God Is In My Bitchseat
137 Dreamily Very Later
138 Little World Saver
139 The Tragedy Of Empiricism
140 Crownchafings
141 Don’t Let The Motorcyclists
142 How Could China Fail?
143 The Complete History Of Ruth, Nevada
144 Shiny New Chain
145 Fates Hammer, Hollows And Powderkegs
146 Tanning Wrong
147 Drop Dead Innocuous
148 Lucky Monkey Briefs
149 Sleepcure Theory Advancer
150 Better Get A Dream Out Of This
151 The Days Don’t Pass In Wonder
152 Polyestershines
153 They Call Me Kid Butane
154 Versus The World-Hater
155 Alien Like Paraguay
156 Sealed With A Kiss, Opened With A Crowbar
157 Trickier The Wisdom
158 Boy To Take You Nowhere
159 All Your Little Happenings
160 Avoiding Daddys On The Floor
161 I Don’t Like The Movies
162 Ethanol Its Cracked Up To Be
163 Too Much Shit (and Not Enough Ass)
164 Leftcoast Intolerant
165 My Family Was Welsh. I’m Just Tired
166 Vegans And Meteors
167 Kinder Springs
168 Carbon Neutral Enterprise
169 Northern Me!
170 Half-Drunk And Assless
171 American Volume
172 Death To The Martyrs
173 Miss Stelliferous
174 She’s The Moon Hoax
175 Dumb Bastard Parade
176 Skirt Inversions
177 Behemoth To A Flame
178 Some Good Factory Ass
179 St. Paul?
180 If She Quivers?
181 Evelyn Halfstep?
182 Dying Sun
183 “Cheery Magdelene”
184 Old Skull, New Mexico
185 Disko Bay (Good Years Left)
186 Gone City Knock Out
187 Orpheus In His Underware
188 Thinking Done
189 Landfill Dancers
190 Griefseedling
191 Champions Of Equanimity
192 Great Reset Button Of Life
193 Feed Me Flowers
194 Sideagle And Supereagle
195 Cool Green Sinkings
196 The Hell With The Days Again
197 Blue Foreign Cartoons
198 Can’t Climb A Tree (without Breaking A Few Branches)
199 She Can’t Stand The Quiet (Unless It’s Me Shutting Up)
200 Hippolyte My Life
201 My Beautiful Days
202 Whatever, I’m A Miracle
203 Quarantine Lifter
204 Elected Head Of Her Anarchist Group
205 Negative Man, What’s The Anti Matter?
206 Signature Car Funk
207 The Devil's Esplanade
208 Fairwater Triumpalist
209 Anniversaries Of Genodices
210 Good Riddence, Euridice
211 Tackle Factory
212 Asymptonic Freedom
213 Hibiscus Wildzoo Pt. II
214 Half Of The Toys
215 Consumption Violets
216 The Stunted Kind
217 Good Judge Of Witch Flesh
218 A Gal Called Allegory
219 Hearts To The Fore, We Storm Love Castles
220 End Title Miles Per Famine
221 Sweet Lady Of The Calmatives
222 A Bad Childhood And The Commerce Clause
223 Hairtrigger Recess Appointment
224 One Of Us Should Be Further Away
225 93 Approximately
226 The Small Of The Back The Crimewave
227 Moving Wrong
228 Going By Martian Years Now
229 Cuddleparty Renegade
230 Hip/Misguided
231 One World Government (is One Too Many)
232 Shaky Days, Bring Honey
233 Shimmyshake On Monster Islan
234 The Great Instead
235 Interdiction Hips
236 Fixation Protocol
237 Squeals Of Resignation
238 The Day You Called Me Prety
239 Live Nudebranches
240 Your Alone Has So Many More People In It
241 Right On The Malthus
242 Good Morning, Please
243 She Paints With Both Hands
244 Finer Supercathedrals
245 Hip To The Sweet Blue World Again
246 Take Your Coat Off And Stomp For A While
247 Magical Dance Number Scene
248 Better Ways To Hang
249 Half A Bottle And A Full Moon
250 World-Hater Company Song
251 Slow Day For Reasoning
252 Your Wasteds Are A Talent Here
253 Eyeliner Skywriting Etc.
254 Dinosaurs To Drive Off
255 The Wives Of Halloween Whiskers
256 Box Store Apologist
257 Song For Monometallists
258 Auto Naval
259 Wonderful Lottery Ticket Way
260 Pick Your Dystopia
261 Flip Cup Casualties
262 Revenge Sex Theater
263 Love Pundits Bright Future
264 Catch You Next Divorce
265 Low Ceilings For Bedhoppers
266 Carrier State Anthems
267 61 Sideburns
268 Arthouse Floozy
269 Let Your Head Get Wrong
270 Upstairs With The Anti-Christ
271 The Deli Girls Give Me What I Ask For If I Am Careful What I Ask For
272 Sap For Clearcut
273 Middles Of June
274 Fireman Among The Eskimos
275 Among The Many Things Pinned To You Are My Hopes
276 Abandoned Drum Circles
277 The Framers Blameless Enterprise
278 Ogre Finds
279 Sister Artworld Frenzy
280 The Trilateralist Told You Not To
281 The Dig Perpetual
282 My Gal Lo
283 Lessthreatening Day
284 The Lightning Boy
285 Oil Over Greenland! (Morsels Of Fortitude)
286 Light As Mantra
287 Gods Favorite Foreigner
288 Smoking Window Closed
289 Little Burst Of Sunshine
290 Perfect Bound Someday
291 Trouble To Shave
292 The Better She Looks The Less She Will See
293 Anthropecene Stealers
294 Hibiscus Wildzoo Pt. I
295 The Crime At The Anchorage Marina
296 ....and A Patriot's Lament
297 Voting Hopeless
298 Vulture Juice
299 Grindcore Tribals
300 Every Dog Has Its Silver Lining
301 My Family Was Welsh, I'm Just Tired
302 In Favor Of The Trees
303 Petals On An Austin Rose
304 No Threat Of A Good Time
305 The Devil's Gazebo
306 The Gourgestest Of Glorious Suns
307 Most Cultures Were Wrong
308 Sad The Gains Of Statists
309 Versus The Sad Cold Eventually
310 Gift Of Higher Aspirations
311 They Call Me The Etruskan Musket
312 Playing Doctrine
313 Miss Cenozoic
314 Birthdays And Middlenames
315 Show Me Your Sunshine
316 More Lovely Than Likely

The Capstan Shafts Bio

The Capstan Shafts is the musical project of American lo-fi artist Dean Wells. He has been releasing material under the Capstan Shafts name since 1999, through various indie labels such as Yellow Mica, Asaurus and Abandoned Love Records. Most of his albums are very cheap (four or five dollars) or even free.
His songs are typically short, ranging in length from 45 seconds to 2 minutes, and feature a full-band sound of guitars, bass and drums, all of which are played by Wells himself. Every Capstan Shafts release to date has been recorded at home, giving the music a fuzzy lo-fi sound similar to bands such as Guided By Voices and The Mountain Goats. Despite a prolific output of recorded material (his total output amounts to ten EPs and seven full-length albums), Wells has only performed live three times. His recent album Her Versus The Sad Cold Eventually, has led to an upsurge in media interest surrounding The Capstan Shafts; the album was given four very favorable reviews on renowned music-news site Pitchfork Media by Matt LeMay of Get Him Eat Him. Dean Wells has also released a song as Vergel Tears, and has three albums under his own name. On May 2, 2008, Wells opened for The Ruby Suns and Menomena at Middlebury College in Middlebury, VT for WRMC's Sepomana 2008 concert. In 2010 the Capstan Shafts regrouped as a 5 piece band before playing shows across the U.S. east coast. Festivals dates at SXSW and CMJ followed before the band released their first studio LP "Revelation Skirts" for Rainbow Quartz Records. Recently, National Public Radio chose the Capstan Shafts as one of "5 Artists You Should Have Known in 2010"