The 2 Live Crew Lyrics

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

The 2 Live Crew Lyrics - by Popularity

1 2 Live Party
2 Revelation
3 We Want Some Pussy ('89 House Mix)
4 Ghetto Bass
5 We Want Some Pussy (German House Mix)
6 Do the Bart
7 Shake a Lil' Somethin'
8 Check It Out Y’all… (freestyle rappin’)
9 2 Live Party (explicit street version)
10 Banned in the U.S.A. - What Is This? (Much 2 Black mix)
11 We Want Some P--sy
12 Me So Horny (Nasty version)
13 We Want Some Pussy (The Classic Dance)
14 Trow the D (dub mix)
15 We Want Some Pussy (Liberty City Long Hard Mix) [Live In Berlin]
16 Dick Almighty
17 Be My Private Dancer
18 C’mon Babe
19 2 Live Party (radio version)
20 Bass 9-1-7
21 Pop That P--sy
22 Get the Fuck Out of My House
23 We Want Some Pussy (The Classic Dance Mix)
24 Do the Damn Thing (New radio edit) (original Track)
25 Throw the "D"
26 Freaky Behavior
27 We Want Some Pu**y
28 Coolin’
29 2 Live Party (clean version)
30 Get the Fuck Out of My House (House mix)
31 Baby Baby Please (Just A Little More Head) - Just A Little More Head
32 Get Loose Now
33 We Want Some Pussy (Live in Concert)
34 Do the Damn Thing (You Should Be Dancing) (radio edit)
35 Pop That Puxxy
36 Put Her in the Buck
37 You Go Girl
38 C'mon Babe
39 2 Live Party (a cappella clean version)
40 We Want Some Pussy (Liberty City Long Hard mix)
41 Banned In The Usa - Live In Concert
42 PSK '95
43 My Seven Bizzos
44 We Want Some P-ssy (Live In Berlin Extended Mix)
45 Do the Damn Thing (original radio edit) (clean LP)
46 Move Somethin'
47 Hangin' Out
48 S&M
49 I Ain’t Bullshittin’
50 Bulldagger Stole My Bitch
51 Face Down Ass Up
52 2 Live Is What We Are ... (Word)
53 We Want Some Pussy (Westbam remix)
54 Who's F-ckin' Who
55 Do the Damn Thing (You Should Be Dancing) (extended mix)
56 Pop That Pussy
57 Me So Horney
58 Fuck a Gang
59 I Ain't Bullshittin'
60 Who's Fucking Who
61 So Funky
62 Feel Alright Yall
63 Get It Girl
64 F-ck Shop
65 Do the Damn Thing (Puff-Puff-Give) (radio edit)
66 Hoochie Mama
67 Yakety Yak
68 2 Live Party (feat. Three 6 Mafia)
69 2 Live Party (feat. Three 6 Mafia and Freak Nasty)
70 Pretty Woman
71 This Is to Luke From the Posse
72 Me So Horny (Full Metal Jacket)
73 Me So Horny (Luke's Side)
74 C'mon Babe Doo Doo Brown
75 We Want Some Puxxy (Liberty City Long Hard mix / Live In Berlin)
76 Do the Damn Thing (Stallion Strip) (radio edit)
77 Be My Private Dancer (DJ Spin Remix)
78 Bill So Horny
79 We Want Some Pussy (Liberty City Long Hard Mixx Live In Berlin)
80 C'mon Babe (Doo Doo Brown version)
81 Move Somethin (Men at Work)
82 Feel Alright Y'all
83 Pop That P***y
84 Pop That Coochie (Slammin' Sama Remix)
85 Do the Damn Thing (original Nasty LP version)
86 Break It On Down
87 When We Get Them Hoes
88 The F**k Shop
89 We Want Some Pussy (Live in Berlin extended mix)
90 We Want Some Pussy (Hangin With the Homeboys)
91 Coolin' (Yo' Mamma's Side)
92 We Want Some Pussy
93 Shake A Lil' Somethin' (Dj Gusto Mix)
94 Do the Damn Thing (a cappella for Your mix)
95 The Fuck Shop
96 Ravelation
97 Shake a Lil' Somethin' (Mr. Mixx Bonus Beats)
98 Get It Girl (extended mix)
99 Hangin' Out (Boyz n' the Hood)
100 Face Down A-- Up
101 Savage in the Sack
102 Banned In The USA
103 Check It Out Yall (Freestyle Rap)
104 Dirty Nursery Rhymes
105 Be My Private Dancer (Chrome Sparks Remix)
106 Shake a Lil' Somethin' (Radio Mixx)
107 Fuck Shop
108 Yakety Yak (Twins)
109 Baby Baby Please
110 Do the Damn Thing
111 The Real One
112 Man, Not a Myth
113 We Want Some Pussy [Explicit]
114 Bill So Horny (explicit)
115 The Real One (Album Snippets)
116 Cut It Up
117 Get It Girl (extended mix) (Crackhouse)
118 Shake a Lil' Somethin' (Bonus Beats 1)
119 Pop That P-ssy
120 One and One
121 Martinez
122 Do Wah Diddy
123 Bill So Horny (clean)
124 Me So Horny (clean version)
125 Table Dance
126 We Want Some Pu--y
127 Dirty Nursery Rhymes (Crackhouse)
128 Shake a Lil' Somethin' (Instrumental)
129 If You Believe in Having Sex
130 H-B-C
131 Baby Baby Please Just a Little More Head
132 Pop That Coochie
133 Me So Horny (explicit)
134 2 Live Blues
135 Skeeta Man
136 The F--k Shop
137 Pop That Pussy (Major Payne)
138 Be My Private Dancer (Spin Remix)
139 Do Do Brown
140 Banned In The U.s.a
141 Bad Ass Bitch
142 In the Dust
143 Me So Horny (clean)
144 Reggae Joint
145 Me So Horny
146 Drop The Bomb
147 F-ck Shop (Crackhouse)
148 P-a-n
149 We Want Some Pussy!!
150 Too Much Booty in the Pants
151 Strip Club
152 Revelation - Original
153 Who’s Fuckin’ Who
154 2 Live Party (explicit album version)
155 C'mon Babe (Doo Doo Brown mix)

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