Television Personalities Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Television Personalities Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Closer To God
2 Everything She Touches Turns To Gold
3 Ex-Girldfriend Club
4 I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives (Original)
5 If I Could Write Poetry
6 You Are Loved
7 Bright Sunny Smiles
8 Magic Playground
9 Come Back To Bed
10 Evan Doesn't Ring Me Anymore
11 Strangely Beautiful (Chill Out)
12 All The Young Children On Crack
13 Little Woody Allen
14 Where's Bill Grundy Now?
15 Someone To Share My Life With
16 Three Wishes
17 14th Floor
18 Magnificent Dreams
19 It's All About The Girl
20 Mentioned In Dispatches
21 Sometimes I Think You Know Me Better Than I Know Myself
22 People Think That We're Strange
23 Things Have Changed Since I Was A Girl
24 Away Day To Brighton
25 This Angry Silence
26 A Long Time Gone
27 Oxford St, W1
28 God Snaps His Fingers
29 And Don't The Kids Just Love It
30 Part Time Punks
31 You Kept Me Waiting Too Long...
32 Paradise Is For The Blessed
33 A Sense Of Belonging
34 Games For Boys
35 You Don't Want Me
36 Haunted
37 God's Got A Grudge On Me
38 World Of Pauline Lewis
39 Dream The Sweetest Dreams
40 Arthur The Gardener
41 Paradise Estate
42 All The Young Children (Rainbows In Tunnels Mix By LingLing)
43 The Peter Gabriel Song
44 I Was A Mod Before You Was A Mod (Instrumental)
45 JohnPeel Talks About Part Time Punks
46 And How I Learned To Love The Bomb
47 February
48 My New Tatoo
49 I Can See My Whole World Crashing Down
50 Give Me The Gun
51 Silly Girl
52 Velvet Underground
53 My Dark Places
54 The Prettiest Girl In The Wolrd
55 All My Dreams Are Dead
56 She Can Stop Traffic (Black Dice Remix)
57 The Eminem Song
58 She's Only The Grocer's Daughter
59 Girl At The Bus Stop
60 A Girl Called Charity
61 Silly Things Lovers Do
62 The Girl In The Hand Me Down Clothes
63 Say You Won't Cry
64 A Good And Faithful Servant
65 Geoffrey Ingram
66 I'm Not Your Typical Boy
67 Razorblades & Lemonade
68 I Was A Mod Before You Were A Mod
69 Adventure Playground
70 I Get Scared When I Don't Where You Are
71 Now You're Just Being Ridiculous
72 You Don't Know How Lucky You Are
73 Red & Purple Flashes
74 I See Dead People
75 Funny He Never Married
76 Sunshine Tomorrow
77 Morrissey And Weller On Roundtable
78 Jackanory Stories
79 You Kept Me Waiting Too Long
80 Coming Home Soon
81 Honey For The Bears
82 Happy Families
83 Conscience Tells Me No
84 Back To Vietnam
85 Privilege
86 Painter Man
87 If I Should Fall Behind
88 She's My Yoko
89 Why Am I Crying
90 I See Myself In You
91 Parties In Chelsea
92 La Grande Illusion
93 My Dark Places
94 Me And My Big Ideas
95 Isn't It A Pity
96 Are We Nearly There Yet?
97 My Hedonistic Tendencies
98 Painting By Numbers
99 The Room At The Top Of The Stairs
100 Picture Of Dorian Grey
101 The Painted Word (Bonus Track)
102 Walk Towards The Light
103 Another Rainy Day In Manchester
104 Goodnight Mr Spaceman
105 A Picture Of Dorian Gray
106 Scream Quietly
107 Not For The Likes Of Us
108 I Don't Think I Will Ever Cry Again
109 TV On In Bed
110 Salvador Dali's Garden Party
111 Where The Rainbow Ends
112 This Time There Is No Happy Ending
113 Bike
114 You'll Have To Scream Louder
115 All The Things You Are
116 A Memory Is Better Than Nothing
117 Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand
118 We Will Be Your Gurus
119 The Crying Room
120 Mummy Your Not Watching Me
121 The Engine Driver Song
122 PS51
123 Pablo Picaso
124 The Man Who Paints The Rainbow
125 Mysterious Ways
126 Part One : Fulfilling The Contractual Obligations
127 When Emily Cries
128 Happy All The Time
129 You Freed My Spirit
130 A Family Affair
131 You Are Something
132 You Are Special And You Always Will Be
133 King And Country
134 Brians Magic Car
135 Coltrane's Ghost
136 JohnPeel Talks About 14th Floor
137 Darkside
138 What If Its Raining?
139 How I Learned To Love The...Bomb
140 Love Changes Everything
141 Strangely Beautiful
142 The Girl Who Had Everything
143 I Was A Mod Before You Was A Mod (Easy Mix)
144 I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives
145 Knock It All Down
146 David Hockney's Diaries
147 That's What Love Is
148 David Hockneys Diaries
149 Mr. Brightside
150 Don't Cry Baby It's Only A Movie
151 Harmony In My Head
152 Salvador Dalis Garden Party
153 Anxiety Blocks
154 Reaching For The Stars
155 The Dream Inspires
156 She Lives For The Moment
157 Diary Of A Young Man
158 I Hope You're Happy Now
159 You're Younger Than You Know
160 A Day In Heaven
161 Lichtenstein Painting
162 All The Midnight Cowboys
163 Sorry To Embarrass You
164 The Whole World Turns Upside Down
165 Sad Mona Lisa
166 I Don't Know What To Say
167 Little Works Of Art
168 Favourite Films
169 None Of This Will Matter When You're Dead
170 The Glittering Prizes
171 No More I Hate Yous
172 Very Dark Today
173 They'll Have To Catch Us First
174 Magnificiant Dreams
175 All The King's Horses
176 Jennifer, Julie And Josaphine
177 I Hear A New World
178 As John Belushi Said
179 I Remember Bridget Riley
180 Hard Luck Story Number 39
181 Me And My Desire
182 Never Understand Me (Here We Go 'Round The Mary Chain)
183 Ex-Girlfriend Club
184 There's No Beautiful Way To Say Goodbye
185 I Hope You Have A Nice Day
186 Tell Me About It
187 Special Chair
188 Posing At The Roadhouse
189 My Very First Nervous Breakdown
190 The Visitors
191 The Painted Word
192 It Had To Happen
193 The Good Anarchist
194 Miracles Take Longer
195 Just Call Me Jack
196 She Can Stop Traffic
197 I Was A Mod Before You Was A Mod
198 This Hart's Not Made Of Stone
199 Something Just Flew Over My Head
200 Sick Again
201 Smashing Time
202 Godstar
203 Here Comes The Rain
204 A Life Of Her Own
205 Girl On A Motorcycle
206 Except For Jennifer
207 Stop And Smell The Roses
208 Not Even A Maybe
209 Look Back In Anger
210 A Stranger To Myself
211 Baby, You're Only As Good As You Should Be

Television Personalities Bio

English group with a varying line-up, The only constant member is singer–songwriter Dan Treacy (b. June 19, 1960), who uses the band as a vehicle for his music. The band's first release (January 1978) was the single "14th Floor / Oxford Street W1". Its second release, the EP Where's Bill Grundy Now? features one of its best-known songs, "Part Time Punks".

 The Television Personalities' first album And Don't the Kids Just Love It was released in 1981. It set the template for their subsequent career: neo-psychedelia, an obsession with youth culture of the 1960s, a fey, slightly camp lyrical attitude, and the occasional classic pop song. Their second album Mummy Your Not Watching Me [sic] demonstrated increased psychedelic influences. Their third album, entitled They Could Have Been Bigger Than The Beatles showed Treacy's sense of humour: the TVPs were never to have any major commercial success in the UK – although their albums sold respectably in Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Television_Personalities_(band)