Television Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Television Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Theme From Rawhide
2 See No Evil
3 Marquee Moon
4 Call Mr Lee
5 The Patty Duke Show
6 Prove It
7 Car 54
8 Little Johnny Jewel
9 Ain't That Nothin' (Remastered)
10 Ain't That Nothin' (Live)
11 Spiderman
12 Elevation
13 The Dream's Dream (Remastered)
14 Little Johnny Jewel (Live)
15 The Brady Bunch
16 Friction (Alternate Version)
17 Adventure (Previously)
18 Friction (Live)
19 See No Evil (Alternate Version)
20 Ain't That Nothin' (Remastered Single Version)
21 Marquee Moon (Live)
22 Marquee Moon - Alternate Version Previously Unissued
23 Ain't That Nothin' (Run-Through) [Hidden Track]
24 Ain't That Nothin' (Remastered Single)
25 Rhyme
26 Venus (Remastered)
27 The Dream's Dream (Live In San Francisco 1978) [Bonus Track]
28 Foxhole (Live In San Francisco 1978)
29 Friction (Remastered)
30 Venus (Live In San Francisco 1978) [Bonus Track]
31 Friction (live at CBGB’s)
32 Friction
33 Elevation (Remastered)
34 Foxhole (Live In San Francisco 1978) [Bonus Track]
35 Ain’t That Nothin’ (single version)
36 Foxhole
37 Guiding Light (Remastered)
38 Careful (Live In San Francisco 1978) [Bonus Track]
39 Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
40 Carried Away
41 Prove It (Remastered)
42 Ain't That Nothin' (Live In San Francisco 1978) [Bonus Track]
43 Knockin' On Heaven's Door
44 Torn Curtain (Remastered)
45 Little Johnny Jewel (Live In San Francisco 1978) [Bonus Track]
46 See No Evil (Remastered)
47 Beauty Trip
48 Glory (Remastered)
49 Friction (Live In San Francisco 1978) [Bonus Track]
50 Careful (Remastered)
51 Love Boat
52 1880 Or So
53 Days (Remastered)
54 Marquee Moon (Live In San Francisco 1978) [Bonus Track]
55 Marquee Moon (Remastered)
56 Guiding Light
57 Foxhole (Remastered)
58 The Dream's Dream (Live)
59 Foxhole (Live)
60 Tiny Toons Theme
61 Venus
62 Carried Away (Remastered)
63 Venus (Live)
64 See No Evil (Remastered Version)
65 Torn Curtain
66 The Fire (Remastered)
67 Careful (Live)
68 Mr Ed

Television Bio

Television is an American rock band, formed in New York City in 1973 and credited as highly influential and seminal.

Television was part of the 1970s New York rock scene, along with musical acts like the Patti Smith Group, The Ramones, Blondie, Richard Hell, and Talking Heads. Although they recorded in a raw manner similar to their contemporaries, minimalizing the use of studio techniques, sound effects and atypical instruments, Television's music was unique and technically proficient, defined by guitarists Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd.

Television's roots can be traced to the teenage friendship between Tom Verlaine and Richard Hell. The duo met at Sanford School in Hockessin, Delaware, from which they ran away. Both moved to New York, separately, in the early 1970s, aspiring to be poets.

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