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Genre: Pop

Taylor Swift Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Sparks Fly
2 One Way Ticket
3 Breathe
4 That's The Way I Loved You
5 I'd Lie
6 Your Guardian Angel
7 Irreplaceable
8 Can I Go With You?
9 Baby, Don't You Break My Heart Slow
10 Missing You
11 Welcome Back Grunwald
12 Umbrella
13 Smokey Black Nights
14 Lucky You
15 Outside
16 Place in This World
17 Your Face
18 There's Your Trouble
19 I Heart Question Mark
20 Your Anything
21 You Got It All... Wrong
22 Wildest Dreams
23 Never Mind (Studio Demo)
24 Sad Beautiful Tragic
25 Come In With the Rain
26 GAC New Artist Special
27 Superman
28 I Heart?
29 Forever & Always
30 Welcome To New York (Karaoke Version)
31 Crazier
32 Long Live (live 2011)
33 Invisible
34 Love Story (Behind the Scenes)
35 Never Grow Up
36 I Know Places (Voice Memo)
37 Love Story (Digital Dog dub)
38 I'm Alright
39 Wildest Dreams (R3hab Remix)
40 Shake It Off: The Ballerinas Scene
41 Mary's Song (Oh My My My)
42 You're Not Sorry
43 How You Get The Girl
44 Need you Now
45 The Lucky One
46 Umbrella (live iTunes SoHo Sessions)
47 Should’ve Said No (2008 ACM Awards Performance)
48 Our Last Night
49 Mine (UK mix)
50 The Best Day
51 Blank Space (Karaoke Version)
52 Love Story (Digital Dog edit)
53 Tim McGraw (radio edit)
54 You Belong With Me
55 White Horse (Behind the Scenes)
56 Ours
57 Blank Space (Instrumental With Background Vocals)
58 Taylor’s 1st Phone Call With Tim McGraw
59 Drive all night
60 Till Brad Pitt Comes Along
61 Shake It Off: The Cheerleaders Scene
62 You’re Not Sorry
63 I Know Places
64 I Knew You Were Trouble.
65 Starlight
66 Mary's Song (Oh My My My) [live iTunes SoHo Sessions]
67 Exclusive! Watch the Recording Session of "Change"
68 You R in Love
69 You Belong With Me (single)
70 Hey Stephen
71 Style (Karaoke Version)
72 Wait for Me
73 You're Not Sorry (CSI Remix)
74 Jump Then Fall
75 You Belong With Me (Behind the Scenes)
76 "On The Set": Behind the Scenes "Mine" Music Video (part 1)
77 Love Story (US Pop mix)
78 My Cure
79 Firefly
80 Shake It Off: Music Video
81 I'm Only Me When I'm With You
82 Out of the Woods (Instrumental With Background Vocals)
83 By The Way
84 The Moment I Knew
85 You Belong With Me (pop mix)
86 Exclusive! In the Studio With Taylor and Colbie Caillat Recording "Breathe"
87 New Romance
88 Sparks Fly (live 2011)
89 Tell Me Why
90 Out of the Woods (Karaoke Version)
91 Back To December
92 Out of the Woods
93 Fifteen
94 Fearless Tour 2009 Photo Gallery
95 Speak Now
96 "Mine" Music Video
97 Love Story (edit)
98 Writing Songs About You
99 Angelina
100 We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (DJ REN MIX)
101 Shake It Off (Instrumental With Background Vocals)
102 Love Story (J Stax edit)
103 All You Had To Do Was Stay (Instrumental With Background Vocals)
104 Who I've Always Been
105 Girl At Home
106 Love Story (pop edit)
107 Behind the Scenes "Mine" Music Video
108 Being With My Baby
109 Mine (live 2011)
110 Santa Baby
111 All You Had To Do Was Stay (Karaoke Version)
112 How You Get the Girl (Instrumental With Background Vocals)
113 Christmases When You Were Mine
114 Fearless Tour 2009 First Show Behind the Scenes!
115 The Last Time
116 I Know Places (piano/vocal)
117 Our Song (album version)
118 Permanent Marker
119 Riptide
120 Hopelessly Devoted To You
121 Love Story (J Stax Full mix)
122 This Love (Instrumental With Background Vocals)
123 Am I Ready For Love
124 State of Grace
125 Should've Said No (album version)
126 Teardrops on My Guitar (radio single version)
127 Ain't Nothin' About You
128 Mean (live 2011)
129 Silent Night
130 Shake It Off (Karaoke Version)
131 Better Than Revenge
132 Welcome To New York (Instrumental With Background Vocals)
133 Fifteen (album version)
134 "Tim McGraw" Video
135 The Story Of Us
136 I Wish You Would (track/vocal)
137 私たちは絶対に絶対にヨリを戻したりしない
138 Stupid Boy
139 Brought up that way
140 Treacherous
141 Clean (Instrumental With Background Vocals)
142 Dark Blue Tennessee
143 Blank Space (Voice Memo)
144 Red
145 Picture to Burn (album version)
146 Our Song (radio single version)
147 Just South Of Knowing Why
148 Ours (live 2011)
149 White Christmas
150 I Wish You Would (Karaoke Version)
151 Dear John
152 Bad Blood (Instrumental With Background Vocals)
153 Tim McGraw
154 Yahoo! Music Performance & Interview Feature of "Tim McGraw"
155 I Know Places (Piano/Vocal) (Voice Memo)
156 Blank Space (guitar/vocal)
157 Love Story
158 Welcome Distraction
159 Closest To A Cowboy
160 What To Wear
161 22
162 Everything Has Changed(Feat.Ed Sheeran)
163 Viva La Vida
164 I Wish You Would (Voice Memo)
165 Eyes Open
166 Love Story (Digital Dog mix)
167 First Grand Ole Opry Performance of "Tim McGraw"
168 Teardrops on My Guitar (pop radio mix)
169 Medley: Back to December / Apologize / You're Not Sorry (live 2011)
170 A Perfectly Good Heart
171 Bad Blood (Karaoke Version)
172 Enchanted
173 All You Had To Do Was Stay
174 Change
175 "Teardrops on My Guitar" Video
176 I Wish You Would (Track/Vocal) (Voice Memo)
177 I Know Places (piano / vocal)
178 Love Story (Digital Dog remix)
179 R-E-V-E-N-G-E
180 Check Out This View
181 Shake It Off (Voice Memo)
182 Come Back... Be Here
183 Treacherous (demo)
184 Mandolin
185 Begin Again
186 Love Story (U.S. Pop mix)
187 Yahoo! Music Performance of "Tim McGraw"
188 Made Up You
189 Better Than Revenge (live 2011)
190 Love Story (Digital Dog Radio Mix)
191 Wildest Dreams (Karaoke Version)
192 Everything Has Changed
193 This Love
194 Fearless
195 "Teardrops on My Guitar" Video Behind the Scenes
196 Blank Space (Guitar/Vocal) (Voice Memo)
197 I Wish You Would (track / vocal)
198 Should’ve Said No (alternate version)
199 Revenge
200 Brand New World
201 American Girl
202 Treacherous" (original demo recording)
203 Red (demo)
204 Long Time Coming
205 Sweeter Than Fiction
206 Ronan
207 Teardrops on My Guitar (acoustic version)
208 GAC Short Cuts Series "A Place in This World"
209 Sweet Tea And God's Graces
210 Last Kiss (live 2011)
211 Love Story Oooh Baby Just Say Yes
212 How You Get the Girl (Karaoke Version)
213 Haunted
214 Wildest Dreams (Instrumental With Background Vocals)
215 White Horse
216 "Our Song" Video
217 Sweeter Than Fiction - From "One Chance" Soundtrack
218 Blank Space (guitar / vocal)
219 Our Song
220 The Diary OF Me
221 We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Simon Mayo's Drivetime Live Session)
222 One Thing
223 Forever Yours
224 Red (original demo recording)
225 You Belong to Me
226 I Wished On A Plane
227 We Are Never Getting Back Together
228 Picture to Burn (radio edit)
229 CMT’s Unplugged at 330 Sessions Video Performance of "Picture to Burn"
230 I Know Places (Instrumental With Background Vocals)
231 Drops of Jupiter (live 2011)
232 Love Story (Stripped)
233 This Love (Karaoke Version)
234 Innocent
235 Clean
236 Perfectly Good Heart
237 "Our Song" Video Behind the Scenes
238 Enchanted/Wildest Dreams (Live)
239 Forever and Always ((Originally Performed By Taylor Swift) [Karaoke Version])
240 Stay Beautiful
241 Shake It Off
242 Never Fade
243 I Know What I Want
244 State of Grace" (acoustic version)
245 Fifteen (Pop Mix Edit)
246 Fall Back On You
247 Today Was A Fairytale
248 We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
249 Fifteen (pop mix)
250 Taylor’s Performance on the Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Tour 2007
251 Didn't They
252 Bette Davis Eyes (live 2011)
253 Beautiful Eyes
254 I Know Places (Karaoke Version)
255 If This Was A Movie
256 I Wish You Would (Instrumental With Background Vocals)
257 Teardrops on My Guitar (pop version)
258 Taylor’s Home Movie
259 This Here Guitar
260 Thirteen
261 Shake It Off: The Band, the Fans & the Extras Scene
262 Teardrops on My Guitar
263 Welcome To New York
264 I Used To Fly
265 All Too Well
266 Safe and Sound
267 Nashville
268 Breathless
269 America's Sweetheart
270 Our Song (Pop mix)
271 Love Story (On the Set Behind the Scenes)
272 Drops Of Jupiter [Live]
273 I Want You Back (live 2011)
274 Picture to Burn
275 Clean (Karaoke Version)
276 Last Kiss
277 Style (Instrumental With Background Vocals)
278 Taylor's 1st Phone Call With Tim McGraw
279 "On The Set": Behind the Scenes "Mine" Music Video (part 3)
280 You Don't Have To Call Me
281 When I’m With You
282 Shake It Off: The Ribbon Dancers Scene
283 Should've Said No
284 Blank Space
285 Style
286 Nashiville
287 I Almost Do
288 SuperStar
289 That's When
290 What Goes Around / I'm Not Sorry
291 The Story of Us (live 2011)
292 Picture to Burn (rock version)
293 White Horse (On the Set Behind the Scenes)
294 Safe & Sound
295 Dear John (live 2011)
296 A Place in This World
297 Wonderland (Karaoke Version)
298 Mine (Single)
299 Wonderland
300 Christmas Must Be Something More
301 Fearless Tour 2009 First Show Behind the Scenes
302 Tell Me
303 Don’t Hate Me For Loving You
304 Shake It Off: The Twerkers & Finger Tutting Scene
305 Should’ve Said No
306 I Wish You Would
307 Miss Invisible
308 Stay Stay Stay
309 The Other Side of the Door
310 Speak Now - World Tour Live Concert (live 2011)
311 Mine
312 Speak Now (live 2011)
313 Forever & Always (piano version)
314 You Belong With Me (On the Set Behind the Scenes)
315 Bette Davis Eyes [Live]
316 Enchanted (live 2011)
317 Cold as You
318 You Are In Love (Karaoke Version)
319 Mean
320 You Are In Love
321 Last Christmas
322 Style (Neon NiteClub Remix)
323 This Is Really Happening
324 We Were Happy
325 Shake It Off: The Animators Scene
326 Mary’s Song (Oh My My My)
327 Bad Blood
328 Blank Space (Music Video)
329 Holy Ground
330 Untouchable
331 Making of "Picture to Burn"
332 Mine Radio Disney Edit
333 Sweeter Than Fiction (From "One Chance")
334 The Way I Loved You
335 Thug Story (CMT Awards)
336 I Want You Back [Live]
337 Haunted (live 2011)
338 Tied Together With a Smile
339 New Romantics (Karaoke Version)
340 Long Live
341 New Romantics
342 The Outside
343 We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Neon NiteClub Remix)
344 Better Off
345 Shake It Off: The Modern Dancers Scene
346 I’m Only Me When I’m With You

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Taylor Swift Bio

Taylor Alison Swift (born December 13, 1989) is an American Grammy-nominated country music artist who began her career as a teenager. Signed to the independent Big Machine Records label in 2006, she made her debut on the Billboard country charts with the release of her debut single "Tim McGraw". This song, which peaked at #6, was the first of five singles from her self-titled debut, which was released in late 2006 and re-issued in 2007, and has been certified 3× Multi-Platinum by the RIAA. Following "Tim McGraw" were the #2 "Teardrops on My Guitar", the six-week Number One "Our Song", the #3 "Picture to Burn" and another Number One in "Should've Said No". All five singles from her debut were Top 40 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, as was her song "Change" from the AT&T TEAM USA Soundtrack. Her second album, Fearless, will be released on November 11, and its lead-off single "Love Story" has become her highest Hot 100 hit.

Swift began to regularly visit Nashville, where, at age 12, she wrote songs with local songwriters. Eventually, her family decided to move to an outlying Nashville suburb. Taylor Swift performed at Nashville's premier songwriters' café, The Bluebird Cafe, catching the attention of Scott Borchetta who signed her to his newly-formed record label, Big Machine Records.

Swift's next studio album, Fearless, is scheduled to be released in the United States on November 11, 2008. "Change," a song off the upcoming album, was selected as part of a soundtrack supporting Team USA's efforts in the 2008 Summer Olympics. The song was also featured as part of the soundtrack of NBC's broadcast package of the Games. She also released the lead single from the album, Love Story, on September 12, 2008. The song is accompanied by a music video that is based on Romeo and Juliet. The song has reached #2 on iTunes Store Top Downloaded Songs and #5 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Taylor sang the Star-Spangled Banner at game three of the World Series in Philadelphia, October 25th, 2008.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taylor_swift